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Facebook people... Add me!
I know there was a thread about this at some point but apparently I missed it. I have had facebook for quite a while and I see that many of you are friends on facebook as well and I am missing out on lots of doggie pictures because I don't have you guys as friends!! Invite me to be your friend, please...
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Take a Moment and Thank our Military Service Members
Regardless of we may feel about the war it is important to let our military know that we love and support them and that we want them all to come home safe. If you can please take a moment to go to this site and send a free post card to our service members serving in harm's way. http://www.letssaythanks...
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Adobe Illustrator and business cards
Does anyone here have experience with adobe illustrator? I wanted to create a design (back and front) for business cards for our leads. If anyone is willing to help me out...maybe we can do a trade? Like...a business card graphic design for a...leash...or two? Maybe? Please?
6 Reasons To Adopt A Mixed-Breed Dog
At the height of the pandemic, when people were working from home or not working at all, the popularity of dog ownership rocketed. So-called designer mixed-breed dogs were especially popular. A mixed-breed dog is really just a fancy name for a mutt! So, what’s so good about a hybrid pup? ...
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Dog Protraits- new business
Hi everyone- I am an artist here in New York (Brooklyn based) and I am starting a new line of portraits of pets. I'm looking for ways to promote these paintings to the dog-owning community of New York- any ideas or connections would be much appreciated! My work can be seen at www.dagmarkent.blogspot...
PhotoShop - Cost?
Where did you get it and how much does it cost? Can I download an older version for cheaper? Any tips, hints and tricks I should know about getting it? I just want to do some pretty basic functions. Any help is appreciated!
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AP NEWS: BERRYVILLE , VA APRIL 5 2007 From the World Wide Web Stanly Police were called today to the Clarke County Fairgrounds to investigate an incident involving a Pit Bull Terrier dog and a 9 year old child. According to witnesses, the child was walking near the show rings unsupervised when she...
School wants to test my son for learning disabilities....
Ooops, posted in the wrong section, can someone move this? I know a couple of people on here have been dealing with similar issues. My first thought is, it's about time, he's in 5th grade now and has been struggling since kindergarten, barely advancing each year. He has been tutored after school...
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New Designer Breeds
I put this in the breeds discussion area, but I think it's more appropriate here- It's satire folks don't take me too seriously. I'm hoping that we can create many more inventive breeds. I really like the idea of mixing the catahoula leopard dog with the karelian bear dog...that way...
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Vet Student Survey
Hello, I am a third year vet student at the Royal Veterinary College. I am doing a resaerch project on canine obesity.Your dog does not have to be overweight to participate in this study and you are more than welcome to complete a survey for each dog. It should take around 10 mintues to complete....
Dog bite paper for school
I am writing a cause and effect paper for school. I am writing it on the causes of dogbites. If anybody could give me some good sites to check out, that would be great.
rw-Need some ideas for my game
For Lily's sleepover I am having them do the Who Am I? game. That's when one person wears a job or type of person on their forehead without knowing what it says..then the others try to get them to say what they are using only gestures or body language. It's usually a lot of fun... I need...
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WWE Star "The Undertaker" Dead In Tragic Accident
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I was trying to capture pics of Tasha's tail and she and Kota started playing....
Splint boots vs sport boots....
Pros vs cons of each? We normally put splint boots on our horses when we ride, but I was looking at a pair of sport boots. What do ya'll think?
What type of games can be played to challenge/exercise dogs
What kind of games can be played with my German shepherd inside the house to exercise her mentally and physically? I play basic games like catch and retrieve but don#%92t always get the retrieve part done correct. It#%92s the wintertime and besides her walks she#%92s looking dim inside the house...
I give up!!!! YOU tell ME what he is! Breed Guessing Game
Ordinarily this wouldn't bother me much, but I swear to doG, EVERY day I've walked Indie for the past 2 weeks, I get people who disagree with me to varying degrees about Indie's stated breed. It's every single day! They're not particularly rude about it and I always preface it with...
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Are you a crazy cat person?
How many cats do you have?
Donald Trump or Joe Biden my Dogs will vote? Dogs vote for 2020 US...
Donald Trump or Joe Biden my Dogs will vote? Dogs vote for 2020 US Presidential Election This is the video:
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Fish Oil supplements... you use them?
If so, which ones? The doctor gave Sammy a supplement about 2 months ago when we told him that Sammy scratched a lot. He's not allergic to any of his food/treats, so we were thinking he had some dry skin issues. The supplement worked. I forget the name of it, but we put 1 dropperful into his food...
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