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Splint boots vs sport boots....
Pros vs cons of each? We normally put splint boots on our horses when we ride, but I was looking at a pair of sport boots. What do ya'll think?
What type of games can be played to challenge/exercise dogs
What kind of games can be played with my German shepherd inside the house to exercise her mentally and physically? I play basic games like catch and retrieve but don#%92t always get the retrieve part done correct. It#%92s the wintertime and besides her walks she#%92s looking dim inside the house...
I give up!!!! YOU tell ME what he is! Breed Guessing Game
Ordinarily this wouldn't bother me much, but I swear to doG, EVERY day I've walked Indie for the past 2 weeks, I get people who disagree with me to varying degrees about Indie's stated breed. It's every single day! They're not particularly rude about it and I always preface it with...
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GB Whatsapp 2021Become the Best WA Mod
GB Whatsapp is an alternative to the standard version of WhatsApp, which is more advanced than standard WhatsApp, and is under development with new features every day. In this article, I will cover these features in general and some specifics when you download GB WhatsApp . The appearance...
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Are you a crazy cat person?
How many cats do you have?
Donald Trump or Joe Biden my Dogs will vote? Dogs vote for 2020 US...
Donald Trump or Joe Biden my Dogs will vote? Dogs vote for 2020 US Presidential Election This is the video:
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Fish Oil supplements... you use them?
If so, which ones? The doctor gave Sammy a supplement about 2 months ago when we told him that Sammy scratched a lot. He's not allergic to any of his food/treats, so we were thinking he had some dry skin issues. The supplement worked. I forget the name of it, but we put 1 dropperful into his food...
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Is hardwood flooring a good idea when presence of canine is there...
We are planning on renovating our home and we have a thought for our flooring and that would be to have oak hardwood. Our real concern on having hardwood flooring is our dear pets, Strike and Dew, a BC and a Poodle respectively. They are playful but at the same time much disciplined ones, but they can...
Corgi Video
Corgi Leo. Follow me! I'll show you my flowers. WATCH on YouTube.
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Help...Putting together dog run
I just got back my dog run from my sister, it is one from Costco, it is 13 feet long, 7 wide and 6 tall. But she lost the instructions how to assemble it and as far as I can tell it looks like its missing a peice. Anyway to find instructions on the net? I have looked and looked but have found nuthing...
Remote control toy helicopters
DH wants one for Christmas or his birthday. Anyone have one of these? There's lots of vendors that sell them on the web, I don't know really what to look for. Don't want to spend hundreds... Thanks...
New Puppy!
For those of you who supported us during Shayna's near-fatal bout with IMHA, her subsequent glorious survival for two more years and then her final death from cancer, I am thrilled to be back on this forum with a new puppy! Xuxa arrived almost four weeks ago, has turned our life upside down...
Yet another vacuum question!
I've searched old posts, honest, but I didn't see anything regarding stick vacs for picking up pet hair. Joey's tumbleweed fur on the hardwood floors that are all through my house are driving me batty. Was thinking of getting a stick vac to keep on top of it from day to day. I've looked...
Nikon Camera Question
Ok so my camera has decided to really not preform how I want it to, so I'm in the market for a new one. I am well aware nikon is the way to go from all the chat around here. My question is which one to get!? Budget is really not a problem but I would prefer to stay in the 5-600$ range or so. My pictures...
"You look like a deranged Ewok!"
Daisy and Dallas 4 – “The Haircut” Can a “deranged Ewok” be transformed into a primped and pampered Pugzu? Find out in the latest Daisy and Dallas video! Shot with my 2 darling Pugzus and voiced over by my hilarious...
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Daisy and Dallas in “St. Patrick’s Day” Hello again from those crazy Pugzus, Daisy and Dallas! Just sending over our latest video: “St. Patrick’s Day!” Enjoy!
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Paws Bazaar
Last weekend I went to a bazaar that raises money for an animal shelter  called "ADPA" which is an Institution of Defense and Protection of A nimals, it was a  beautiful event, a lot of people went with their dogs and it was pretty funny, I had my camera with me and I   took a lot of pictures...
Thank you for your service
To our Military I would like to say "Thank you for your service". This includes humans and animals alike. Dogs and Horses and Donkeys and Mules and birds have all played a huge part in protecting our land over the many years we have been a country. To you all thank you for our freedom
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Alvin's Blog ~ the world's cutest dog ~
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.July 4-the way it should be. Warm and sunny (haze from some fires in Canada) with a light breeze. Hour and a half of parade in St Peter, with every piece of fire fighting apparatus within 20 miles, Shriners with little cars, horses, tractors, pretty girls in formals waving, and a few bands, marching...
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