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What to do with Igor?
Check out this very heartwarming story of having to leave their pup in a kennel while they go away on vacation. Taking a family trip is suppose to be happy and exciting, but not for Igor's family, they were very sad about having to leave him in a kennel. So Dad, steps up and does something amazing...
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What celebrity who loves dogs do you like the most?
Hi friends! I am working on a digital product with my team that enlaces dogs' adoption and abuse issues. We do that to encourage people to donate to charities and adopt animals (rather than buying them). We are going to involve a celebrity into the promotion and product itself, and still considering...
JUNE-it's here
The month is off to a good start. Sunny, cool beautiful weather. You wake up and want to get going. Then, I remind myself that I am retired and tomorrow is as good a day to do something as today. My yard is so lush and green. Mowed it last Thus, had to mow again today. Just pretend the rider mower is...
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Harley Quinn: Future Vogue Cover
I know, I know. I am pretty bias because she is in fact my dog, but I really think that my Harley as a future as a model. I mean look at how posh she is, even in this candid shot. It's pretty flawless if you ask me. ;)
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Happy Birthday, Harley Quinn!
In honor of Harley's birthday and Bring Your Dog to Work Week, we decided to celebrate with a PARTY! Check out some of the dogs enjoying a fun morning of cake and treats! These pooches really know how to party. Do you celebrate your dog's birthday? Pre party set up The...
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Does your dog like to swim?
During these "dog days of summer" most dog enjoy a cool dip in a pool or a lake. Do you take your dog swimming? Share your stories and pics with us.
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Happy Father's Day
I just wanted to tell all our dads out there to have a great day!
The Yulin Dog Festival Of China
Hello everyone! I just thought I would share with you some things going on in China with dogs. As some of you may know, each year China hosts a festival in Yulin. It is a dog meat festival. They capture and kidnap poor innocent dogs from their owners homes, and they kill them. And in one of the worst...
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May Flowers...lets chat
Hope everyone is having a beautiful May Day... Ours started at 39 degrees but is supposed be sunny and warm all day. Already in the 60's. Hoping for a beautiful weekend, have some yard stuff to do and need a pretty weekend. Have a good day and don't get tangled in the May Pole
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Do you have a tattoo of your pet?
We'd love to see them.
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Happy April Fools Day
Happy April Fools Day!!! I have spoken with a few "fools" today, lol! Rocky ate well last night and ate more Vienna sausages again this morning. Ron took him in to the hospital, they wanted to keep him for the day and keep some fluids going. He was so happy to be home last night I am sure they...
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Happy Friday
Hope everyone is having a great day! What are your plans for the weekend?
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Some Motivation <3
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Zelda - Just Chillin'
This is our German Wire-Haired Pointer, Zelda she is 12 years old and is doing great in her senior years. She really blends in nice with the furniture sometimes she's hard to see. We love her and she always makes us smile.
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Cat Gets Brain Freeze
Feeling down? This is something you need to watch! Cat tries ice cream for the first time and hilarity ensues!
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Doberman attacks family - Pit Bull defends them and kills the attacker
Yeah. HERE'S THE STORY: My friend was walking her pit bull ON LEASH, with her 5 children. A harmless family walk. Her neighbor has an over-sized doberman that has shown to be growly and mean while in its fenced in backyard. My friend never messes with the dog. Well, while she was out walking...
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Hi All! My Name's Mandu (It mean's Dumpling)
Hi there, I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm a little dachshund/chihuahua mix adopted from the Pasadena Humane Society. Cheers!
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Can a Breeder spay/neuter before selling you the puppy?
I was curious, shelters spay and neuter puppies as young as 8 weeks before they're adopted out, but veterinarians advise against it due to health risks. My question is, if shelters do it could a breeder also sell you an 8 week old puppy that has already been altered upon your agreement to but the...
Making a inside dog a outside dog
We have a one year old Boston terrier he will not potty train poops and pees in crate and house it makes my house smell bad and I have too small kids feed up with him I don’t want to get rid of him so I want to move him outside he has a house and is outside all day any way he likes it is his house...
Hello!! Anyone Remember Me??
Hi everyone. Yup it has been a LONG time.... Occasionally I try to lurk but I have to admit the new site confuses me. I still have 4 dogs. Belle is now 11, Teddi is 8, Quinn is 5 and Gabby is now 4. Time flies. We have been SO busy with the two little monkeys. Between agility, hunt tests (spring/summer...