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Student time
"Student time is a precious phase of growth and discovery. It's a time of forging lifelong friendships, exploring passions, and expanding horizons. The blend of learning, curiosity, and youthful energy creates an environment like no other. Embracing this period fosters not only academic development...
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GB Whatsapp 2021Become the Best WA Mod
GB Whatsapp is an alternative to the standard version of WhatsApp, which is more advanced than standard WhatsApp, and is under development with new features every day. In this article, I will cover these features in general and some specifics when you download GB WhatsApp . The appearance...
WTF Boxer is a poker pro now lmao
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Fortune Tiger Game
Tiger-fortune is an intriguing website that offers a unique perspective on the Chinese zodiac and the tiger in particular. The site provides insightful information on the characteristics of those born under the tiger sign, as well as tips for enhancing one's good fortune...
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Vet Student Survey
Hello, I am a third year vet student at the Royal Veterinary College. I am doing a resaerch project on canine obesity.Your dog does not have to be overweight to participate in this study and you are more than welcome to complete a survey for each dog. It should take around 10 mintues to complete....
Adobe Illustrator and business cards
Does anyone here have experience with adobe illustrator? I wanted to create a design (back and front) for business cards for our leads. If anyone is willing to help me out...maybe we can do a trade? Like...a business card graphic design for a...leash...or two? Maybe? Please?
10 Sure-Fire Ways to Win in Scholarship
10 Sure-Fire Ways to Win in Scholarship 1. Tune Yourself To The Challenge 2. Clarify Essay Contests Rules and Stick To Them 3. Brainstorm Your Ideas 4. Do Your Own Research 5. Organize Your Notes 6. Make Your Introduction Inviting 7. Present Your Own Experience 8. Fit In the Word Limit 9. Consider Grammar...
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Are you a gambler?
Greetings to all gamblers! Playing in a casino can be dangerous for those who cannot control their gambling tendencies. Players can run into financial trouble while playing at a casino, so it's important to play responsibly and manage your money wisely. I love to play blackjack, if interested check...
Springbok Casino
Springbok Casino, featured on CasinoHex , is a true gem for South African players seeking an exceptional online gaming experience. With its sleek design and extensive game selection, Springbok Casino offers a world-class platform for both new and...
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Pumpkin, the best playmate ever!
Check out these two adorable buddies!
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Playful Cat LOVES Tickles
Joy and happiness! That is all we can feel while watching this playful Persian cat enjoying a good tickle session. Can you think of anything so happy and a kitten getting tickled? Yeah, we can't either. Youtube/Meimei's Persians
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This Cat is Invited To Our Game Night
Anyone who has ever played Janga knows that it can be a nerve wracking experience. That isn't the case for this cat. When you have skills like this it isn't hard to stay cool! You have watch this! Youtube/Alan Palesko
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Chemlawn killed my dog!
Hello fellow Dog Lovers, If you're like me, then you love your dog like a member of your immediate family. How would you feel if your fur child was murdered? Because, ours was... [size=3]Chemlawn killed our beloved yellow Lab, Moose! He was 8 1/2 years old when he died 2 months ago. My kids are devastated...
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Advice please - malnourished dog
Hi, This is probably the wrong place to post this but i figured more people might see it. I need some advice on feeding a severely emaciated dog. Basically he was a stray, though by his temperament and the way he responds to people he was most definitely someone's pet at one point in his life...
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how does puppy choose his/her master?
first day and night with a new puppy my wife and 2 very young daughters [oldest daughter is 4 years old (and youngest is 2 and clueless) so perhaps i should say my wife and oldest daughter finally talked me into allowing a puppy into the home]. I myself was doing quite well without having a dog...
School wants to test my son for learning disabilities....
Ooops, posted in the wrong section, can someone move this? I know a couple of people on here have been dealing with similar issues. My first thought is, it's about time, he's in 5th grade now and has been struggling since kindergarten, barely advancing each year. He has been tutored after school...
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Need ideas for a research topic
I have to write a research paper for my Comp. 2 class, it's not a huge one though - 1,500 words I think.So that part in itself is not so bad. But... we have to pick our own topics, about something that interests US. I hate it when the professors give you this much wiggle room... =/ SO naturally...
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IGGM News before Diablo IV is officially released.
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Puppy likes Cleveland Pear Tree berries - should i worry?
so, we have a Cleveland Pear Tree in our back yard. it is a non-fruiting tree, but it does drop little berries the size of small cherries - they look just like tiny asian pears, have no seeds and are crunchy & clear/green on the inside. our new puppy has taken quite a shine to them and when she's...