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Moving suggestions plz!
Sooo we're moving in less than 2 weeks (ACK!) and I'm starting to get close to hitting the panic button - I really have no idea how to approach this. The details: interstate move of a 3bd, 2 ba house, 2 people, 3 dogs, and a cat moving company has been hired to pack, move, and unload packing...
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rw-Cleo's post grooming romp
Enjoy the goofy-ness! Sorry about the noise on these, I haven't switched the Nikon back to Raw yet...have done so now...I never remember til after I need it...*sigh* I took these after her spring/summer trim down and belly shave...thinned out her breeches and tail...combed her out and shaved her...
Anyone knows of a good mobile app for dog photos?
Hello Everyone, I get my best photos of Simba with a digital SLR but it is bulky and usually not around at the moment something interesting happens. On the other hand, a camera phone is usually around but it is slow to respond and usually misses the action. The picture quality is not all that...
best dog breed to keep deer/critters off of property
My Wife and I live on 3 acres of property that is covered with an invisible fence. We have been having trouble with deer and other critters coming on our land and destroying garden, small trees, et all. We are consider getting a dog to keep the critters off of property and was wonder what would be a...
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How about underwear?
more folding [8D] ... [ ]
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Research project to help improve dog care!
Hello there! I am a researcher working with the company Purina and we are planning a study around how dog owners take care of their pets in hopes of improving the experience for both people and pets! I’m looking for people who are interested in sharing their experiences around dog care in exchange...
dog proof trash can
**Content Removed** Offering items for sale not permitted
Dog bakery name
Friend of mine is looking to start a treat baking business. She is struggling with names so I thought maybe you all would have some ideas. My brain is so fried with everything else going on I can't think of a single idea.
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High Paying Dog Jobs
Hi everyone - I was just wondering if anyone here has a job dealing with dogs, and how much it pays? And if you know of any jobs that pay well? I am just mainly curious, but I want to know because in a few months I am going to school to become a veterinary technician, and I have heard that they don't...
Photo's of your Dog or Horse on a Coffee Mug!
You can get a picture of your beloved Dog or Horse on a Photo Mug! Or Plate, their beautiful. You can Have him or her on a Photo Candle. Check this out...... **Link Removed**
Charity event supporting military K-9s
Please forgive me for having posted this in a couple of sections... I thought everything and anything would give it a little more visibility. Since last Fourth of July, K-9 Support, Inc. has created awareness and collected donations for our brave military dogs and their handlers stationed overseas...
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Dating Site
10 Sure-Fire Ways to Win in Scholarship
10 Sure-Fire Ways to Win in Scholarship 1. Tune Yourself To The Challenge 2. Clarify Essay Contests Rules and Stick To Them 3. Brainstorm Your Ideas 4. Do Your Own Research 5. Organize Your Notes 6. Make Your Introduction Inviting 7. Present Your Own Experience 8. Fit In the Word Limit 9. Consider Grammar...
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AHHH! Someone needs to do this song for Pibbles!
I have been listening to this album all morning and this song is the first song on the album. I was thinking about how someone should do a youtube video of this song with pit bulls. I did a google search to see if I could find a recording of the song online so I could link the song and ask someone if...
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iPad app for bills/calender/organizing....
Is there such a thing? I need an app that will take care of keeping track of all these things, kind of like a reminder, bill tracker, money manager and really good calender all in one. I dont care if I have to pay for it or not. Has anyone found anything like this at all?
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Has anyone tried the electronic cigarettes?
I just ordered some...I figure they have to be better than the real thing, and I can't seem to really WANT to quit the real thing, even though I know I need to. Hoping this might fill the gap...
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Office Dogs of Tabcom
Meet Conway! Pet Dad: Bill works in our Marketing Dept. About Conway: "We think he's about 4 or 5, he was a rescue from Griffen Pond Animal Shelter in Clarks Summit and my wife had to throw a HUGE temper tantrum to get him. (the re were tears and all)" Favorite Snack: His favorite snacks...
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Zelda in the house...
A few weeks ago we added Zelda to the pack and she's doing great! Now that she is settled in I decided to bring her with me to work today to she how she would like office life and she is enjoying her day for sure. Have you added a new dog recently? Maybe you are thinking about it, ask me I can help...