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The Herding Group - Videos
The Herding Group, created in 1983, is the newest AKC classification; its members were formerly members of the Working Group. All breeds share the fabulous ability to control the movement of other animals. A remarkable example is the low-set Corgi, perhaps one foot tall at the shoulders, that can drive...
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Medical Alert Systems (Lifeline/Life Alert etc)
As many of you know my mom has been battling Cancer on a off for the past 3 years. With all of the treatments, and long term side effects of the treatments, she has become more weak and frail. It sucks watching your parents age so quickly before your eyes. In the last year, she has fallen at night twice...
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How to choose investment in gold or cryptocurrency?
This is a very good vor. There are certain points that you should pay attention to when deciding which asset to invest in. We will explore the various variables to consider, as well as the differences and risks between gold and cryptocurrencies. You can find all this on the mining in uae website https...
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Has anyone seen the movie/read the book Their Eyes Were Watching God...
I need to know if a certain part that was in the book was in the movie or not, because I don't remember. I'm writing an essay comparing the book and movie, and while I think this part was left out of the movie, I all of a sudden got worried and thought maybe it was there and I am forgetting it...
Pumpkin, the best playmate ever!
Check out these two adorable buddies!
Nikon Camera Question
Ok so my camera has decided to really not preform how I want it to, so I'm in the market for a new one. I am well aware nikon is the way to go from all the chat around here. My question is which one to get!? Budget is really not a problem but I would prefer to stay in the 5-600$ range or so. My pictures...
What is a good book title?
A captivating book title, according to to hire a book writer , will pique your reader's interest. "Don't judge a book by its cover," as the popular saying goes. While this proverb serves as a useful reminder not to place too much emphasis on first impressions, authors and publishers...
Need ideas for a research topic
I have to write a research paper for my Comp. 2 class, it's not a huge one though - 1,500 words I think.So that part in itself is not so bad. But... we have to pick our own topics, about something that interests US. I hate it when the professors give you this much wiggle room... =/ SO naturally...
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Fortune Tiger Game
Tiger-fortune is an intriguing website that offers a unique perspective on the Chinese zodiac and the tiger in particular. The site provides insightful information on the characteristics of those born under the tiger sign, as well as tips for enhancing one's good fortune...
bottoms assortment
Find the ideal fit for each event in our adaptable bottoms assortment. From immortal pants that easily pair with any top to chic skirts that add a hint of polish to your outfit.
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GB Whatsapp 2021Become the Best WA Mod
GB Whatsapp is an alternative to the standard version of WhatsApp, which is more advanced than standard WhatsApp, and is under development with new features every day. In this article, I will cover these features in general and some specifics when you download GB WhatsApp . The appearance...
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Το παρουσιάζει τη λίστα με τα διαδικτυακά καζίνο που απαιτούν την ελάχιστη κατάθεση. Αυτή η λίστα είναι ιδανική για όσους θέλουν να δοκιμάσουν την τύχη τους χωρίς να επενδύσουν πολλά χρήματα. Με την ελάχιστη κατάθεση, μπορείτε να απολαύσετε τα αγαπημένα σας παιχνίδια καζίνο χωρίς τον φόβο...
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Two-colored eyes pinto
Here is my favorite horse from our research group at school ( we have COPD horses and measure effects of hay quality, etc). His name is Jangles and he has one brown eye and one blue eye I don't know if he is a true paint or just a pinto color (what is the difference anyway? I am not a true horse...
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Cute Bailey
Just thought I'd share this. DH went under her head while it was hanging off the couch.
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Dog Protraits- new business
Hi everyone- I am an artist here in New York (Brooklyn based) and I am starting a new line of portraits of pets. I'm looking for ways to promote these paintings to the dog-owning community of New York- any ideas or connections would be much appreciated! My work can be seen at www.dagmarkent.blogspot...
2 weeks sightseeing Interlaken/Lucerne in May
Hi, I'm planning to visit Switzerland starting 13th May for 2 weeks. My bases will be at Lucerne and Interlaken and main purpose is sight seeing (not adventure sports, hiking, trekking etc). However, we want to go to various mountains such as Pilatus, Titlis, Jungfraujoch, Schilthorn and...
Where do you keep your money
To be honest, in life I do not know how to save. Everything I have I spend instantly. For housing in a good area, for delicious food, stylish things and vibrant entertainment. For example, I like to play at the casino , which constantly requires investments...
rw-Cleo's post grooming romp
Enjoy the goofy-ness! Sorry about the noise on these, I haven't switched the Nikon back to Raw yet...have done so now...I never remember til after I need it...*sigh* I took these after her spring/summer trim down and belly shave...thinned out her breeches and tail...combed her out and shaved her...
Springbok Casino
Springbok Casino, featured on CasinoHex , is a true gem for South African players seeking an exceptional online gaming experience. With its sleek design and extensive game selection, Springbok Casino offers a world-class platform for both new and...
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