Training & Behavior

Training & Behavior
4 Dog Training Mistakes to Avoid
Are you training your little pooch in the best possible way? Well, a perfectly trained dog sounds so good, but it is easier said than done. Even if everything goes right, mishaps happen during the training. How many times have you been embarrassed when your furry friend misbehaves in the park? Sometimes...
Basic Dog Training For New Dog Owners
So you’ve decided to train your dog? What do you do? Are you a first time dog owner? If so, then what do you do? In the event that you’ve never had a canine, the entire venture can be seem overpowering. Perhaps you’ve already started and now you’re wishing could take some Dogs 101 (or Puppies...
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Hey guys! I just started a new YouTube channel on Dog Training and was hoping some fellow dog lovers could leave me some feedback on it!! My channel is called JDog Dog Training, thanks so much!!! I super appreciate it!!
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How Make Your Dog Be Obedient
To have a dog is a very nice and popular thing. Home pets bring joy and fun to your life. They make it brighter and happier. In addition, this is the most devoted creature in the world! However, there also take place some problems. One of the most difficult aspects of each dog owner is training. It is...
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Selection of Dog Beds
When it comes to buying dog beds online, I always focus on the basic info like size, shape, and meterials. However recently I've found out there are many kinds of pet beds and different sorts have its particular function. And now I sum it up and try to state those for you. Orthopedic dog beds...
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over excitement
Lovely young ( nearly 2) spayed female who really wa nts to play . When she's off lead can get overexcited and starts jumping at me and biting. T oday, her bites were extremel y hard and, although I was wearing a thick coat, managed to bruise my arm. I'm starting to think I'd be better not...
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Prozac for dogs
hi I have just had to put my Jack Russell who is nearly 3 on Prozac . We are on week 5 and thank god it looks likes he is starting to settle down I am hoping to see a change in him as he is very nervous and scared of everything which resulted in him going for people and dogs It's hard when...
Opinions/experiences on barrier alarms
Have you ever used a barrier alarm to keep a dog out of garbage. (Specifically garbage that is in an island cabinet.) What's your experience?
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Housebreaking the Great Pyrenees?
I fell in love with a Great Pyrenees I found roaming the streets. The soft white fur, brown soulful eyes and loveable disposition set my little heart a flutter. When I returned him to his owner, they said they were trying to find someone to take him. They gave me his papers and tags and assured me that...
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pit boxer potty
hi, I have a boxer pit mix. she's 9 mouth I love her and just got her. she is doing great on the leash and is just getting socialized with dogs and humans. she was locked in a bathroom for her hole life and had to us a porch to potty "( Im getting her use to going out and coming in a lot...
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My baby refuses to come inside!
We rescued a husky around a year and a half ago. Up until 8 weeks ago, he's mostly been an inside dog-sleeping beside my bed every night. We have a fenced in backyard and he's refusing to set foot in the house. We had a burglary a few weeks before that and installed a wireless home security system...
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Check Out My Kennel
Hi, Please reply here or message me to add you to my kennel called Passion For Paws Dog Training. A great place for help with training, fostering and more. Hope to see you!
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Indoor Transitioning To Outside
We have two dogs, a 5 year old black lab mix and a 9 year old lab/mastiff mix. They've pretty much been indoor dogs their whole life. However, next month we will be moving in with my parents for about 6 months while we save to buy a house. My dad has been pretty clear that th dogs can't...
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Aggresive or not??
Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing great. I have a border collie mix and I love her with all my heart. I have OCD and have a big fear that my dog will ever become aggresive, because then I have failed her. Generally she is very good with dogs especially on the beach, and plays very nicely. Walking...
Dogs Are Fighting
Hi I just joined this site. I have 3 dogs. My 2 oldest are about 3. My wife and I just moved about 3 weeks ago and they got in 2 bad fights. Actually sitting in the vet parking lot now while my one dogs gets stitches. They never fought like this till we moved. Any information on this would be very helpful...
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Dog and Sandals :)
This is a game that my dog loved very like. after one month of training, it has done that. My dog did it look like? All in this video : if you have a dog like that ? let's show for me P/s: My english speaking is not fluent, sr :p
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My dog behavior is becoming aggressive
I would like to nip this in the bud if possible. I have a 1 1/2 year old chihuahua and italian mini grey hound . Female spayed. She came to us from a rescue place that fed her only 1 time a day and was very skinny and shy. She was afraid of everything. Through the last year she has become less afraid...
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Chow Chow crate size
I was wondering if anyone had a Chow Chow and what crate size they purchased for them. I see that different web si tes say 36 vs 42.
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7and a half weeks old and...
I'm a little concerned about my new puppy, she's 8 weeks and a couple of days ago (we've had her almost a week...) she began to follow my pant legs when I was walking around the house and has begun to lunge at them (not in a playful manner like she does with her toys...) growling angrily...
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Crate training a mature dog
Hello everyone. To get straight to the point, I am seeking advice on training a dog that is 5 years old. Belle is on a leash in the garage or freely roaming the fenced in backyard, never allowed in the house. She is a mixture of what seems to be lab & pit, approximately 40-50lbs. "Why crate...