Training & Behavior

Training & Behavior
Can radius collar keep the canine safe?
The radius shock Collar is the best way to keep the buddy in the boundary yard without pulling leash.
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Can't contact VPN support! What to do?
Greetings to all members of the forum! Many people still think that competent technical support is only needed during the installation phase of a VPN application, but in fact there are many cases when you may need it after. Your question confirms my words. But first you need to make sure that the service...
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Need a way to potty train older rescue dogs for potty training
hello! I am new to the group but I have 3 small dogs 1 being a pom chi, 1 being a Chihuahua, 1 corgi they have a dog door and have 24-hour access to outside. Recently, I have noticed they are going potty in front of the dog door instead of outside they know to go outside, at first I thought cause...
Dog Clickers
Hello everyone I am willing to buy recovery collar for my small dog who had a surgery recently. Please advise a nice comfortable collar -
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How Make Your Dog Be Obedient
To have a dog is a very nice and popular thing. Home pets bring joy and fun to your life. They make it brighter and happier. In addition, this is the most devoted creature in the world! However, there also take place some problems. One of the most difficult aspects of each dog owner is training. It is...
thinks outside is playtime when its potty time
my new pup is having problems he is 4 months old...wehn i take him out on schedule (guessing) about every 5 hours. sometimes when i take him out he just plays...i dont want him to associate potty time with playtime everytrip we go outside. i dont think he understands "potty" or "hurry...
The behaviour interpretation thread
This started on the training/behaviour chatter thread, but it was suggested that it be moved to its own thread so it doesn't get lost in all the chatter. The idea is to post photos, videos or descriptions of dog behaviour such as interactions with people or other dogs. I think it's best if the...
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Independent Thinking - CM revisited
We have one section of the forum on which there is no latitude in terms of disagreement with CM's method, and if members drift over that imaginary line they are immediately reported to the moderators. So, I thought I would create a thread on which it would be fine for people who disagree with Cesar...
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A Guide to ACL Injury and How to Avoid It in Your Dog
A Guide to ACL Injury and How to Avoid It in Your Dog One of the great things about being a dog owner is the energy and enthusiasm your pet can bring to your life. Whether it's daily walks, jogging in the park or accompanying...
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Is anyone having any problems with their dog over reacting?
This is my favorite resource so far:
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Choose The Adequate Size For Harness For Dog Easily
Probably you will agree, that harnesses for puppies are an excellent option. Walking your dog with a harness is safer than leading them by the collar. Using a dog harness instead of a dog collar makes it easier to control and manage any dog, even those with leash manners that aren’t quite perfect. Check...
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Brain Games
Has anyone got any good recommendations for brain games that barley can do, he has been getting very bored recently and needs something to do. He is on restricted walks, so i can't exercise him physically, so i can only exercise him mentally. He is having x-rays in january , so not much longer of...
Stop Jumping on me!
How do I get my pup to stop jumping at me, it's not aggressive or over excited kind of thing, it's more of him putting his muddy feet up onto my chest, just to get my attention, thing is, if he did this with an older person or child, he might knock them over. Plus I'd rather like mud-free...
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Astrology in dogs
As it is known very well, every individual has a different nature. I have found out that one of the main factors influencing the character of our pet is Astrology. Truth is that education and training can do a lot of work, but there is something inborn in dog what almost cannot be changed even if we...
rough playing
About the last week I have been having some problems with Evangeline. We have been working on NILIF, and she has been doing very good with that. She sits before I give her her bowl, she sits before she comes in the house etc. One problem I have been having is, she doesn't listen. If I call her to...
discipline is play time
I got my dog Tater, at an animal shelter, he was three months old, he is now seven months old. He is part Bassett Hound and part Welsh Corgi, When I go to discipline him for biting, he still thinks biting peoples hands is fun, he always thinks i'm playing, so he never takes me seriously. It's...
Play wrestling with dog??
Ok, here's my question. Is it ok to play wresle with your dog?? When I got my black lab he was a bit aggressive with other dogs and he's a big black lab so I never wrestled with him. We play tug of war and train but we don't get down and wrestle. He now has a recovered broken leg from...
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I'm worried about my puppy
Greetings everyone, I am new to basset ownership. My puppy won't come home until the 27th, BUT i am worried about his eyes. He looks cross-eyed. The breeder doesn't appear worried about it and says they'll straighten as his vision strengthens....but I'm not convinced. None of her...
Dog Clickers
Hello everyone We have a small dog and we want to buy a dog clicker. Please advise. Thanks!
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