Training & Behavior

Training & Behavior
chihuahua territorial with new dog
recently my 16 yo step daughter moved in with us and brought her 5 yo nuetered Chihuahua Junior with her. he was snippy and growly to begin with, with people and animals, but then we added Axl, a 5 yo papillon, also neutered and it's gotten much worse. Junior REALLY doesnt like Axl to even get near...
Training techniques for teaching basic commands to your pet
Looking for tips on training my pet to obey basic commands. What training techniques have yielded the best results for you?
regressing to pre-trained days...?
We're concerned about shenzi. She's been regressing, and now poops in the house again. She's about 5 mo. now, and we thought she was mostly potty trained. She pooped a couple of times on my keyboard case, and a couple of times in a corner of our bedroom. She is locked up all day in her crate...
harnesses that put no pressure on neck or chest?
Asking for a SAR dog in our group who is very sensitive to anything tight to his neck/trachea (will pass out if hits the end of the leash with a collar on)
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Pet-Friendly home upgrades: Creating a safe environment
What are some essential home upgrades to make my living space safer and more enjoyable for my pet?
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Astrology in dogs
As it is known very well, every individual has a different nature. I have found out that one of the main factors influencing the character of our pet is Astrology. Truth is that education and training can do a lot of work, but there is something inborn in dog what almost cannot be changed even if we...
New rescue dog nipping etc.
Hello, Thank you in advance for your responses. Long story short - we adopted a r escue dog mid July. He checked off all the boxes, 4 years old. This dog was in the shelter (a good one) and struggled, so he was put into a foster home. He was there for almost a year and a half. It was a lady, her...
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Nutrition tips: homemade vs. commercial pet food
What are the pros and cons of homemade vs. commercial pet food? How do you decide which is best for your pet?
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Book Review: How Dogs Learn (Dr Burch & Dr Bailey)
Excellent book! Anyone who is into training their dog, absolute must read! This book is a wonderful and eye opening introduction to the world of dog training. It felt like a psychology refresher course leaving me motivated to contonue working with...
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Pet communication: understanding body language and vocalizations
Share your insights into decoding your pet's body language and vocal cues. How do you communicate with your pet?
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Mother and Son fighting:(
Hi guys, its been awhile since I have been on. We have been busy preparing for the arrival of our first human baby so things have been alittle chaotic. So anyways back in Jan I took in my brothers 2 dogs on top of my 2 dogs because he had to move and couldnt take them. They are mother and son. The mom...
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Crate training: Do dogs become territorial of their crates?
I definitely will be crate training my dog when I some day get one. However, what I am wondering about, is whether dogs become territorial of it if you let it be their little special spot. I want my kids to leave the dog alone when he's in there, but at the same time, if a child reaches in to pet...
Stop Jumping on me!
How do I get my pup to stop jumping at me, it's not aggressive or over excited kind of thing, it's more of him putting his muddy feet up onto my chest, just to get my attention, thing is, if he did this with an older person or child, he might knock them over. Plus I'd rather like mud-free...
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Dog's health
Dog's health Please give me some advice about natural remedies for dog
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The behaviour interpretation thread
This started on the training/behaviour chatter thread, but it was suggested that it be moved to its own thread so it doesn't get lost in all the chatter. The idea is to post photos, videos or descriptions of dog behaviour such as interactions with people or other dogs. I think it's best if the...
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New baby=Overprotective Bulldog! Aggressive!
Well, our little Aiden has been here since September, and I LOVE being a mommy. (To my infant AND Pibbles). properly socialized and trained pit/bulldog mix Stewie has turned into a baby guarding machine. It took about one week of baby being home for Stewie to fall in love with baby Aiden...
Brain Games
Has anyone got any good recommendations for brain games that barley can do, he has been getting very bored recently and needs something to do. He is on restricted walks, so i can't exercise him physically, so i can only exercise him mentally. He is having x-rays in january , so not much longer of...
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How Make Your Dog Be Obedient
To have a dog is a very nice and popular thing. Home pets bring joy and fun to your life. They make it brighter and happier. In addition, this is the most devoted creature in the world! However, there also take place some problems. One of the most difficult aspects of each dog owner is training. It is...
German Shepherd Puppies
There are few things in life more irresistible life. But you should never take a house on impulse. It must be a prudent decision . Bring a puppy home is the same as putting a child in his house man (except German Shepherds mature faster and are more accurate ) . Although German Shepherd puppies are a...
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Why did the San Francisco SPCA Dog Training Academy shut down?
Does anyone know why the San Francisco SPCA Dog Training Academy shut down? This place was known as the "Harvard for dog trainer schools." I wonder if it's viewed as "fly by night" now? Here is the page for the Academy. An article in The Examiner mentions that Academy Director...