Polls & Surveys

Polls & Surveys
Art Student Survey of Dog Owners
Hello we are a multi-disciplinary team of students from Kendall College of Art and Design the mission of this team is to create a multifunctional dog-focused building that involves retail, co-workring, fitness, and dog training space for all dog owners to enjoy. could you please take our survey so that...
Wet Vs. Dry Dog Fod
Welcome to our Dog Food Survey and thank you for participating! This survey should only take about 3-5 minutes to complete. We are MBA students at Washington University in St. Louis and this research will be incorporated into our Marketing Management final project. Our findings will be presented to a...
Which High School Stereotype is your dog?
LOL thought this could be interesting. Humor me, if you will. Which high school stereotype is your dog? The brain/know-it-all/kid who must shout out all the answers "Ditzy" (or at least pretends to be) Prada toting girl (or guy, LOL - hey, I've seen it) Class clown...
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Playing Tug - Good or Bad?
There are differing opinions on this one, is it safe for dogs to play tug with each other? How about owners playing tug with their dogs? Weigh in let us know what you think.
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How does your dog surprise you?
What funny habits does your dog have? Share your pics and story with us.
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Breed Specific Legislation - Does it work?
What do you see when you this dog? Some may see beauty, others may see danger. Sadly so many Bully Breeds are banned from certain cities, parks, campgrounds and more just because of the breed there are. Do you think dogs should be judge individually? Note: The dog in the image is Rhino, he may look...
Do you like to hike with your pooch? Here are some tips to stay safe...
Hiking Safety Here are some tips to keep you and your pooch safe during autumn hikes. • Be sure to bring along plenty of water. Even though it’s cooler you both can still get thirsty. • After a hike make sure to check your dog’s paws for anything that may get stuck during...
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Discussion:Social Butterfly or Wall Flower?
Do you have a social dog? One that loves dog parks and playing with others. You may have a quiet one who just likes to chill and hang with you or would rather observe. Tell us about your dogs social status.
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Pet Insurance - Discussion
Do you have pet insurance? How do you feel about it?
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Discussion: What Special Rituals Do You Have With Your Dog?
What is one unique thing that you do to make your dog feel special? Do you have special names for them? Treats you only give them at night? Discuss! We want to know! :)
Discussion: How Does Your Dog Deal With Thunder and Lightning?
How does your dog deal with thunder and lightning? Do they have a hiding place? Tell us what they do and what you do for them if they become upset.
Discussion: Dog's First Night
Finding the right furever friend can be quite a process and it doesn't end there. The first day/night that you spend with your dog is always an experience. What was the first day with your dog like? Share your story!
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Discussion: How Do You Pamper?
There are so many ways to show our dogs we care about them. As dog lovers, we are constantly show our best friends that we care about them . Sometime, we can go a little overboard. Admit it, sometimes we spoil our dogs. What is one way that you spoil your dog ? Discuss!
Discussion- Standard vs Retractable: Which Leash Do You Prefer?
Both have their advantages, do you prefer one over the other? Is there one that you find works better for you and your dogs? Ready? Set? Discuss!
How does your dog stay cool on a hot day?
These dog days of summer can be pretty hot sometimes, keeping our pooches cool is important. Post some pics of your pooches enjoying a summer day.
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Tell us your dog's story!
Whether you got your dog from a breeder or a rescue, they all have a story. Why did you pick that particular breeder? Why did you pick "that" puppy? Did you get a mutt or pure bred? Did you go to a rescue or shelter? Tell us about them and share some pics too!
Does your dog bring you positive energy or good luck?
Has a dog changed your life? This is a great story about a rescue that was saved from being put down, then in turn saved a someones life. Marshall is a pit bull who was just in a bad spot, not enough exercise, no training and was surrendered to a shelter because he was just too much dog. Being stuck...
Research project to help improve dog care!
Hello there! I am a researcher working with the company Purina and we are planning a study around how dog owners take care of their pets in hopes of improving the experience for both people and pets! I’m looking for people who are interested in sharing their experiences around dog care in exchange...
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