Nutrition & Exercise

Nutrition & Exercise
Dog Training Software
I have created a software that will allow dog trainers to train more dogs and increase their client base. **Link Removed** Thanks,
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Joint supplements for working dogs?
Does anyone give their working dog a joint supplement? Perhaps this enters my head because I come from the horse world -- where it is very common to have our sport horses on a multitude of supplements, joint supplements being very popular. Luke is 3 1/2 and a large breed (Lab/Shepherd -- 27"...
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Warm food vs Cold food
Hi again! So many questions! So little time! So I mix some canned food with the kibble. Since I dont use up the whole can I stick it in the fridge so it wont spoil. So when I take out for the next serving, it is cold. Should I wait for it to get warm (or warm it up myself using our oven) or is...
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Oh no he ate the whole thing - gulp (kpwlee)
So a while back I bought a lamb foreshank that was reduced (in the soon to be alive again rack) froze it and tonight I gave it to B. I went about my business of making dinner and then poof it was gone. Entirely. Searched the room and he has not hidden it. He's only had lamb a few times - I sure hope...
Smoked Oysters
Every now and then I eat smoked oysters and, guess what, my dogs - who won't eat fish oil - love them!!!!!! I'm assuming they are good for my girls as they are high in protein and are packed in cottonseed oil. Any thoughts on this????
how much should I be feeding?
Hello all. New guy here. I have a 4 month old pitt, he is a razors edge pit if that makes any difference. He should grow to around 80-90 lbs. Right now he is around 30lbs. The vet really couldnt offer much advise as to how much I should be feeding him. They said it really depends on how active he is...
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Can Dogs Eat Cheesecake?
Hello All, I am a cheese lover and most of the time I cook chees e items . My dog (Rockey) is 1 year old and I want to know, Can dogs eat cheese items like cake, patty, and etc? Some time back I followed some sites for dog food & nutrition based like this
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Caring for exotic pets: tips for unique species
Do you have experience caring for exotic pets? Offer insights into the specific needs and challenges they present.
7 Top Dog Breeds With Separation Anxiety
It is stressing to go through the day when your loved ones supposedly separate from you. Did you know that the same thing happens to dogs? Even though several factors bring about separation anxiety, there are dog breeds that are prone to it. The con side of this behavior is it can lead to...
Can dog eat cat food
Cat Food: Is It Harmful for dog? It’s no secret that many dogs are crazy about cat food. They like it so much that there are even special devices on the pet market to protect cat food from dog encroachment. Why is this happening, what consequences can it have and should I be worried? ...
Quick And Recommended Foods Dogs Can Eat Every Day
Your dog is your best friend, you will want him to live the fullest, happiest life that he can. Feeding him the best food will not only ensure that he is healthy and happy. This article recommended foods dogs can eat and what dogs can’t eat. Natural foods and fruits are good for pups...
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Is meow cat treats healthy for cats?
I feed my cat these meow cat treats and she likes them but my concern is whether they are healthy for my cat or not.
Multi Purpose Dog Toys
Does anyone have any recommendations of toys for fetch? My dog loves to run and always has tons of energy. I want a multi purpose toy for exercise and play at home. Thanks In advance!
Pet-friendly fitness: exercising with your four-legged companion
Share your favorite ways to stay active with your pet, whether it's jogging, hiking, or even doing yoga together.
​Pets and Technology: Innovative Gadgets and Apps for Pet Care
Pets and Technology: Innovative Gadgets and Apps for Pet Care Discover and discuss technological advancements that enhance pet care, from smart feeders to pet tracking apps.
Puppy food amount
We just got an almost 4 month old golden doodle and are feeding him Diamon Naturals Large Breed Puppy food. The bag says to feed him 4 or 5 cups of food a day. His old owner was doing Purina Puppy Chow :( , 1 cup, 2x a day so I started with 1 cup of Diamond 2x a day. He has had large poops 2-3x a day...
Lure Coursing for non-sighthounds?
My friend has a Sheltie and would like to get her into Lure Coursing. She seems interested in it, whereas she is tired of Obedience, doesn't like Agility and not into Flyball. As far as I know only sighthounds are permitted to Lure Course, but someone told me that occasionally other breeds are...
What is Animal Digest? What is in it?
I have been trying to find out what Animal Digest exactly is and what animals are the digest from? My husband got a sample of Nature's Recipe Farm Stand Select (a product of Del Monte, maker of kibbles'n'bits). I was looking at the ingredient list and noticed that it contains Animal Digest...
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Hi, I have been reading up on parsley and dogs. Does anyone add parsley to their dogs diet? I heard a tablespoon of fresh parsley per day for a medium to large dog. If you do use it, why do you use it and have you noticed an improvement in your dog? How do you feed it? I am considering trying this...
anyone tried these two brands? (holistic recipe and vitality)
i recently got small sample packs of 'HOLISTIC RECIPE for puppy/active pregnant-lactating lamb meal and rice contains green tea' and 'VITALITY lamb and beef' brands i was just wondering if anyone here has tried these brands and if they are any good?