Nutrition & Exercise

Nutrition & Exercise
Puppy food amount
We just got an almost 4 month old golden doodle and are feeding him Diamon Naturals Large Breed Puppy food. The bag says to feed him 4 or 5 cups of food a day. His old owner was doing Purina Puppy Chow :( , 1 cup, 2x a day so I started with 1 cup of Diamond 2x a day. He has had large poops 2-3x a day...
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Favourite dog food
What is your fav dog food?
Letting my dog out when needed
I just got my Bow Wow Button. I love it. I recorded a message in this gadget. When Missy wants to go potty she pushes the button using her paw and the message speaks out loud and clear,"Please open the door for me to go out" It's really cool. You should check it out. I...
Liver Failure Reversal Diet
Hi, I am trying to get the word out to as many dog lovers as possible. Here is my story. Our 9yo female Golden Retriever, Powder (she's a rare white blonde), was sick with liver failure. We had been called home early from a vacation by our pet sitter. When I returned home, she had crawled into...
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Hi, I have been reading up on parsley and dogs. Does anyone add parsley to their dogs diet? I heard a tablespoon of fresh parsley per day for a medium to large dog. If you do use it, why do you use it and have you noticed an improvement in your dog? How do you feed it? I am considering trying this...
Is raw pork OK for dogs?
We have a some feral hog that has been in freezer over a year that we would like to feed the dogs, we plan on cooking the meat. Is it OK to feed the bones raw?
im unsure as to how much i should feed my 6 month old boxer/pitbull...
can someone clue me in please...not just on how much i should feed him but everything in general. please
7 Top Dog Breeds With Separation Anxiety
It is stressing to go through the day when your loved ones supposedly separate from you. Did you know that the same thing happens to dogs? Even though several factors bring about separation anxiety, there are dog breeds that are prone to it. The con side of this behavior is it can lead to...
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My Dog Wants A Cat, And A Horse, And A Baby Pig Apparently
So, my dog Diego is a huge fan of all other animals. He is very gentle and deferential in that he maintains a respectful distance, smiles, goes into play bow and then in uber-slow motion like a bad actor collapses onto the ground. If the other animal wants to play then he is all for a funny slow-mo game...
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What is Animal Digest? What is in it?
I have been trying to find out what Animal Digest exactly is and what animals are the digest from? My husband got a sample of Nature's Recipe Farm Stand Select (a product of Del Monte, maker of kibbles'n'bits). I was looking at the ingredient list and noticed that it contains Animal Digest...
So my dog has been sneezing a lot recently (past week or so), and it seems to increase when hes outdoors in my backyard. and just this morning i woke up and noticed that his nose was slightly swollen. later i came home and his whole nose and eyes were swollen. his eyes were red.
Potato skins
Is it okay to give your dog potato skins...such as sweet potatoes? I have been feeding him regular skins...... now cooking sweet potatoes for tomorrow...... but as I am going thru home cooking reading on the Interenet....there is soooooo much talk about the skins...especially of sweet potatoes.
The easiest way to stop your dog's Bad Breath
We all hate it when it happens. And I believe whether it’s from human or pet it equally irritating and disgusting as well. Yeah, you got me right. I am talking about Bad Breath. I can imagine how blush-making situation it will be when your beloved dog is reclining on its Byte Best chew resistant...
100 Human Foods For Dogs - Great Guide To Keep Handy
I just finished putting this all together and wanted to share with you! It's a list of the top 100 human foods dogs can and can't eat. It's pretty cool, take a look and let me know what you think! Best, Brian
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Choosing a good puppy food
I am loo king for advice on how to pick a good puppy food. I would like to hear opinions and why you like certain foods etc. Thanks in Advance. 12 week old chow he came with B eneful puppy food.
Probably going to get a dog soon
Hi, I've been placed in charge of its diet per my request of my family, so, where should I start with vegan dog nutrition? I know UV has a video on vegan cat nutrition, and I'm otherwise not sure where to start. Furthermore, what other things should I know about dog ownership...
My 4month pit is a very picky eater
I've tried blue...she threw it up.tried eukanuba she vomited once.but she loves Purina puppy chow but it makes her bowels runny.what can I give her?
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potato skins?
i have read in posts that potato skins are very bad for dogs period. i have also read in other posts that potato skins are healthy as long as there are no green spots or eyes. anyone know the truth about potato skins?
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Believe In Yourself
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Ruff guide to walking dog in wellies - infographic
Hey guys I thought I would share with you this cool infographics i did on walking your dog in wellies. No spamming intended I would love to get your feedback! Original can be found here: Thanks!
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