Nutrition & Exercise

Nutrition & Exercise
Ruff guide to walking dog in wellies - infographic
Hey guys I thought I would share with you this cool infographics i did on walking your dog in wellies. No spamming intended I would love to get your feedback! Original can be found here: Thanks!
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Raw Diets the only way to go
Just wanted to let everyone know that I was one of those dog owners that lost 5 young dogs to Menu foods years ago. I got with a vet Dr. TomLonsford who noticed in his small animal practice that the dogs on commercial feed were coming down with abnormal diseases. So he put all his clients on a raw food...
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Crunchy Honey Cinnamon Dog Biscuits
Looking for a fun seasonal treat for your dogs? We just had to share this idea with everyone on community! It is fun, simple and tasty! They sound so good WE want to eat some! :) Crunchy Honey Cinnamon Dog Biscuits Ingredients: 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1/2 cup honey 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 egg...
While working Dodger at home
While working Dodger at home, Maze would do the exercises with us, stating quite loudly that she was not ready to retire from Obedience. So after speaking to my trainer, it was decided that Maze would go back to school. We've spoken to some other students about having Maze in the area, there will...
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Our Beginner Novice debut today wasn't too shabby...
We got a 191 1/2 out of a possible 200, despite me shaking so hard the stewards thought I was going to fall on the figure 8s. LOL We lost points pretty much where I thought we would- I just thought we'd lose a lot more. Somehow, I held it together enough that I didn't cry when we were done.
Well that lasted long..
I retired Maze last season after completing her novice rally O title since I could see that she really didn't enjoy the atmosphere.. So I turned my training focus on to Sandy and Dodger for now while waiting for some tracking classes to open up for Maze. I didn't stop working her, I just didn't...
Training the Supervised Separation for CGC
I need some tips on how to train for this. Luke and I did the CGC yesterday, and he would have passed if not for this section. I sort of knew going into it that if he was going to fail, this was probably it . I couldn't have asked for better performance on the rest of it. He did everything beautifully...
Lapphund or English Coonhound folks WANTED
CROSSPOSTED, from the WKC FB Page: I am looking for contacts for Lapphunds and American English Coonhounds, two of the new breeds eligible for Westminster in February. If you know or if you are a breeder, club member, or knowledgable dog person for these two breeds, please contact me directly....
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National Take a Hike Day - TODAY!
Exercise is so important and there is nothing like a fun hike for you and your pooch. We encourage you to get out with them and hike as much as you can, today especially. I am a huge advocate of exercising your dog, keeps the happy and healthy. I try to hike with my dogs at least 2 to 3 times a week...
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The world's most ridiculous agility dog!
Dahlia and I went to a CPE trial last weekend and had a BLAST. She got two Q's (one in Jackpot and one in Standard) and ended up getting a mini-title because of the Standard Q. We're just Level 1 and so we're just sort of figuring this stuff out. Here's my ridiculously happy...
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Biting his feet until bleeding
Bichon is over 10 years old. Is there anything to prevent them from chewing their own feet? I feel like it is an allergy but what do you do? Also, he was so very ill for over a week. Vet just had no ideas that seemed logical to us. Finally did blood work and the only thing she said was his liver was...
High Liver Enzymes-Need new food suggestions
Both of my dogs went in today to get dentals and Izzy can't get hers because when they did her blood work and she has high liver enzymes. Now they are doing some more blood tests and making me change her diet and put her on medicine. I am going with it for now until I can do some more research. They...
Bravo Dog and Cat Food Recall
Details here;
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Treat Recall
There doesn't seem to be a section for posting recalls like there was on the old forum so I hope this is okay. Kong Aussie sticks have been recalled because of mold. The ones being recalled were only sold at PetSmart. Here's the specifics;
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Pressure Canned Chicken Thighs
I make home made dog food for my dogs, as well. We buy chicken thighs in bulk and then pressure can them for the dogs. I know I am not supposed to feed dogs cooked chicken bones because of the splintering. The pressure canned bones seem very soft to me. The question I have is this: could I blend all...
Friends! Could you help to take a survey about pet food? Thanks! It's...
Dear friends!! I am a student in Edinburgh University, and I am doing my research about ethics in pet food ingredient labeling. Could you help me to fill a survey for me? The survey link is . THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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PrideBites: Play WITH Your Dog!
This is one of the most adorable advertisements that we have ever seen! We, as dog lovers, want nothing more than to play with our dog. For many, playing with your dog is the best part of your day! So take a moment, share a smile and play with your dog! Want to know more about PrideBites? Named "Dog...
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Best kind of dog for for a senior dog??
Right now my dog, Bailey, is on Purina Dog Chow. We would like to change her food from that to something more healthy and good for her. She is a 9 year old yellow lab who weighs about 80 pounds. She is a little overweight and could loose a few pounds :) . She gets walked almost every day and is an indoor...
high fiber recommendations for anal gland problems
my poor 7 month poodle has been having anal gland issues. for the past 2 months or so, they have had to been expressed every 3 weeks or so at the vet.i had him expressed at the beginning of december, but over the holidays i noticed he was scooting a little bit when we were out of town. he didn't...
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Homemade Dog Food
I know I have read some threads about homemade dog food, wondering do any of you make your own? What is a good source for the needed ingredients to make cooked homemade dog food? The reason I am considering this is because I always run into problems with dry dog food, I buy good quality food and it always...
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