My Dog Wants A Cat, And A Horse, And A Baby Pig Apparently

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    My Dog Wants A Cat, And A Horse, And A Baby Pig Apparently

    So, my dog Diego is a huge fan of all other animals. He is very gentle and deferential in that he maintains a respectful distance, smiles, goes into play bow and then in uber-slow motion like a bad actor collapses onto the ground. If the other animal wants to play then he is all for a funny slow-mo game but any "stay away" movements from the other animal and he doesnt engage. So he has tons of cat friends, a rabbit buddy named Priscilla and even had a playdate with a baby pig named Isosceles. He also alerted me to a baby deer that had been born on our property. I wouldnt let him near because it could scare the mother from coming back to the baby, and a baby rabbit whom we had to call wildlife preservation to come take because he was injured. 

     I really do wish we lived on a farm so he could have more encounters - always monitored of course for both animals' safety. I even called some farm sanctuaries around me to ask if we could come by but no one has been interested. Do any of you guys have dogs who make these unlikely friendships? 

    Also, have any of you seen the Nat Geo video of the ape and the hound? I love it!

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