7 Top Dog Breeds With Separation Anxiety

It is stressing to go through the day when your loved ones supposedly separate from you. Did you know that the same thing happens to dogs?
Even though several factors bring about separation anxiety, there are dog breeds that are prone to it. The con side of this behavior is it can lead to severe problems if you don't take responsibility of treating your canine.
Luckily, dog owners can follow simple steps to treat this menace. If you want to know the list of top dog breeds with separation anxiety, here it is:
1. Labrador Retriever
In the United States, this is the most preferred family dog breed. You can quickly identify the breed. If you want a dog breed that likes sporting, then this is an excellent pick for you.
These dogs are intelligent. Police use them as guide dogs. Also, they are used in rescue missions in case of any casualty such as when a building collapses.
With proper training, this kind of dogs can be helpful a great deal. However, they are prone to suffer from anxiety when left alone and hence get on our list of Innovetpet dog breeds with separation anxiety.

2. Cocker Spaniel
This type of a dog breed likes spending most of its time outdoors with its owners. They are the type of dogs that can form great companions. The breed has a beautiful coat, and its ears are lengthy.
Even though this dog barks when an intruder comes into your home, it fails to be a better watchdog because it settles down quickly; it has a characteristic of being fond with people, that's why you can find it happy when walking close to a person.
The downside is that just like Labrador retriever, they are among the dog breeds with separation anxiety.
3. German Shepherd
This dog breed is among the most recognized in the world. It is a high-energy dog breed and to make them fit; they need vigorous exercise.
This dog is referred to as Alsatian in parts of Europe and kept initially as a shepherd dog. Even though the dog has a bunch of reasons to be a perfect pet and companion, you should acknowledge that it is among the breeds with separation anxiety.
You will notice separation anxiety from a dog when it does the following:
• It barks excessively
• It becomes restless
• It develops compulsive behaviors
4. Bichon Frise
The fluffy white-coated and black-eyed Bichon Frise is almost like your little child's toy. This dog has a great deal of love to give apart from being mischievous.
One thing that separates Bichon Frise from other breeds is that it does not shed. Hence, if you are a person with allergies, you should go for these dogs.
Don't leave this dog at home for an extended period because it has a reputation for suffering from separation anxiety. You can expect this dog to adapt to different kind of lifestyles only if you take time to be with it.
5. Vizslas
This breed is among the dog breeds with separation anxiety. If you want to acquire this dog, make sure you make it part of the family; you wouldn't want it to create chaos by being alone.
If you are a couch potato kind of a person, don't get this dog because this dog thrives best when it's in outdoor life. It suits a person who likes swimming, hiking, and an adventure lover.
If you are fond of going to the beach with your family, why not have this distinctively beautiful and unrivaled companion.
6. Dachshunds
Even though they are perfect pets for tiny apartments since they require little breathing room, Dachshunds are among the dog breeds with separation anxiety .
Trained initially as scent hound dogs to hunt rabbits and foxes, the Dachshunds are beautiful with a lively disposition. Its appearance has made it earn varied affectionate nicknames.
Dachshunds are comical and thus are favorite to toy makers and cartoonists. Its main hunting trait is that it has short legs, which enables it to maneuver through channels.
7. Australian Shepherd Dog
This dog breed remains to be a working dog breed though it has a reputation for suffering from separation anxiety. It is a happy dog when it has something to do.
It originated from the western U.S and because of its stern stare and barks; it was originally bred as a herding dog. However, it is a dog that needs plenty of work to stay happy and healthy. You can also read about Innovet Pet Australian Shepherd Mix.
In case you don't make this dog do a job, it might invent its way: guarding the kids, chasing cars, and more. You can know when this dog is suffering from separation anxiety because it will become destructive and loud.
Final verdict
Before getting a dog pet for a companion, you need to know its traits. You have to analyze yourself if you can cater to the dog's exercise to make it avoid separation anxiety.
If you love an outdoor life full of fun and always wants a sporting companion, then choose one of the dog breeds with separation anxiety; you can grow fond to it.

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