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Best wishes
We seem to be history. I enjoyed this place while it lasted, and enjoyed getting to know some of you. Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Live long and prosper. Doug
May Day
Once again, we are the proud parents of a clutc h of purple finches. My wife hangs a wreath in our outer entry area, under the roofed area, and every year we get at least one clutch. When I picked up the paper this morning, one of the birds was standing on the edge of the nest watching me. Now, they...
End of April Fools
It is snowing in my yard right now. Snowed overnight on the blooming tulips. Not a pleasant day. The dog park will be all mud. On the plus side, I don't thinkI will mow the lawn today.
Had a nice walk in the WMA down by the river. Snow is mostly gone and the ground was dry. Almost up to freezing. Sky was smiling at the chance to really use the nose and stretch out and run. Good exercise for me too. Changed to Chicken Soup for the Soul dog food. Sky seems to have more energy, which...
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Happy February
Good Morning all, am I surprised to be the first for a Feb thread. We let Rocky's gotcha day go by very quietly, I am sure Ron doesn't even remember what day it is. It was ground hog day in 2008 that we drove 100 miles to go check out that "Newfoundland Pup" that I fell in love...
January (a couple weeks late)
Bel ated Happy New Year everyone. Mom ended up back in the hospital on New Year's Eve day and was just released on Thursday. Seems she had accumulated more fluid in her lungs plus some pneumonia to make things extra special. She was in ICU 4 or 5 days, then moved to the regular unit. The dogs...
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January .
We seem to be fading away. Once, we had an active vibrant community. Then we got improved. Warm weather in MN. Dog park was crowded over the weekend. Actually walked the sidewalks with Sky today. He found a bunny at the park, but called off it easily. He knows they can run faster than he can. ...
Starting to get cold out. Ran Sky at the WMA and the puddles had ice. Grass is still green. We are getting the house resided. The old steel has a lot of years on it and is peeling. Glad I don't have to work outside any more. Apparently my wife is getting old. Her AARP card arrived. Wife...
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It's hard to believe we're already into the first weekend of November! I tried to stay up for the 7th game of the World Series--too late for me, but what a game. Today's a teaching day, so I'm off to class in a bit.
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October-Pumpkin spice and other odd things
Ever watch a Pyrenees play in a mud puddle . Lovely white hair turning brown. Owners face turning white. Our dog park is drying out now, and we can use the Lowes equipment, but one front corner of the park is a bog. Part of the riverside walking trail has washed out and cut the trails width in half for...
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September-Death to mosquitos month
Not walking the river path at the dog park until there is a frost. Gnats go right through the deet. Thanks to several rains a week, we have mosquitos everywhere. Watched a family of tourists taking advantage of the path. They made it about 10 ft into the woods before giving up. It's really too bad...
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Testing - Creating new threads
For those of you who are trying to create new threads. I clicked on "New Topic" and got this. I presume you do the same. Do you get as far as "Preview Post" and "Publish" buttons on the lower right hand side? Or no buttons appear at all? What internet browser...
Creating a thread-Non-moderator attempt
This is a an attempt to create a new thread.
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August .
Sky's pups are finding homes. The girl and one of the males are staying in the extended family. Requested to keep Sky intact for another set of pups next year. Apparently I will be getting some real money for the stud fees. Enough to buy a big wide brimmed hat with a flamingo feather and a spark...
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