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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I am thankful for finding all of you all those years ago when I had so many questions   We have all faced new beginnings and some losses furr babies and humans alike.   Always knowing my Idog friends will be there to lift me up ,share stories , smiles, and sometimes tears , it is comforting to know you all.

    Have a good day and safe travels.

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    happy thanksgiving everyone. Ginger you expressed my thoughts exactly.

    And might I raise a glass to the empty chair at our table today in loving memory of our son. Heres to you Michael.

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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Ginger, you said it perfectly--so I will add my thank you to all my iDog friends.

    Glenda, hugs to you.

    I had a mini-chocolate pie in memory of my Dad--it was his favorite Thanksgiving dessert in his later years. Mom and I had a delicious dinner at noon time at her rehab center. And, Rock was with us. (There were about 10 dogs there--just in Mom's area!) Ronnie and Mozey just has some special treats before they headed to bed.

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    as most of you know mom was moved to a nursing home after her emergency appenectomy. when we went of corse Dixie went as well. the first time I wentto see mom I asked a staff member about bringing Dixie along and the only question was if she barked or would bite. Dixie has had NO training and she does get over excited when she meets people. we talked before we went and despite her deafness she read my mind or my heart and she was PERFECT. Those folks were absolutely thrilled to see my big furry beast!! Many wwre in wheelchairs and every person she saw would greet her. she would approach calmy and politey sit within reach and only if the person encouraged her would lay her big living head in their lap. I was ready to burst I was so darned proud of her!! She honestly behaved....each and every time as if she'd been making these visits for years! sure did take forever to get to moms room from the elevator though. Dixie would not pass a single person without sharing the live.

    Kate (((hugs))) back at you. after almost 5 years, I"think" I've found my peace. I think I will always miss my son. ...I still miss my dad after 38 years. ...but the pain is better. Time does heal the wounds. I hope it will for you too.

    And...I did make a cherry dads fav...but am afraid that one more bite of anything might cause me to explode!

    And why the heck do we do this to ourselves???

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    Good girl Dixie. ((Hugs))  Glenda

    Rock you are a good boy too.

    Have a good day all

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    Dixie might be one of those dogs that just know when people need  a doggie fix.  


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    I think your right Doug

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    Ginger E Phillips

    2:07pm Nov 28

    I had to wait until the kids were told.....

    we are pleased to announce the newest member of our family!

    Introducing "TRISHA"

    yes you heard it right, our Garth has a Trisha ❤️

    She is estimated to be 2 months older than Garth, she is a Lab/Basset X. We have been in adoption proceedings for about three weeks. She loves toys, food ,treats, Garth and most of all she loves to snuggle with Ron. She has fit into our little family and our hearts in the 50 hours since we first saw her in person.

    Finally another girl in the house :)

    I will try to post some pics

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    Go check out our newest furr baby in the gallery.  The slide show is working, not very good pics yet it has been cloudy since we got her but she is a sweet little girl.  We wanted smaller so I guess when all your dogs are 75+ lbs, 55 lbs is smaller :)

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    You really need to post a cuteness warning with that photo. Congratulations.

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    Thanks Doug!

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    how fun! and shes a beauty!

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    Oh my goodness--she is seriously adorable! Trisha, welcome to the iDog family!

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    Hi everyone.  Happy belated Thanksgiving.   Dr. put  my hand in a "spica  splint" ... I have this long fancy-named  (de Quervain's tenosynovitis) -- and the HUGE joke is -- it's a "sports" injury (ME???  ummm ... NOT possible!! LOL)  -- you also get it from texting and "gaming" -- neither of which I do either.  

    *sigh* the doctor says it's from typing (hey I've earned that 146 words a minute!!! LOL) .... so the danged splint has slowed me considerably ... *laughing still* ... but hey ... if the splint will let it heal and make it go away I WILL WEAR IT!!

    Kate -- I'm glad your Mom got her choice of facilities -- that is HUGE.  Glenda -- glad you are doing better (and your Mom too??)

    Tink had her teeth cleaned  Monday (and a couple pulled -- one was a surprise and it probably will rectify some tummy issues she's been having I couldn't nail down).  

    Now I just have to wrap my head around to how to re-organize Christmas  --- even 1500 miles away, my folks had always been central to my Christmas (getting gifts, wrapping, mailing, and then tons of time on the phone with them) ... now it's just David and ME ... I think once I get used to thinking "Oh... MOM would love that .... er ..... *sigh* no ..."  I think David and I will really settle into enjoying  our "just us" holiday

    Hope  everyone's weather is KIND!!