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Health & Grooming
Need advice !!! And answers!!!
I have a rottweiler that is obviously p reganant . She is on day 58 from first breeding.I work at a veterinarian clinic so I took her to get x Ray today and to my surprise nothing showed on the x ray no skulls backbones just lots of poop. The doctor that is there as a temp. Said she didn't know what...
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Chronic vomiting with no obvious answers
Hi all, I've been having some problems with my dog vomiting over the past two months or so on an irregular basis and I can't seem to figure it out. I have taken her to the vet and they have put her on a "treatment plan" but I really don't feel like they're treating her...
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Sophie Girl
Now about golden retriever, Sophie. When we adopted Moose and met his foster (former owner) *** asked if he gave me his e-mail address if I would let him know how Moose took the 100 mile trip home with us and how he was doing. I said sure. And I did just that and attached some pictures I took when we...
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Okay, I told of the loss of Honey and how we got the blind Great Pyrenees, Shaggy and his death. We only had that awesome dog for 3 1/2 weeks before hemangiosarcoma took his life. The Texas Great Pyrneees Rescue told us wecould either have our money back, or chose another dog. No question, we wanted...
i need help i dont know why i cant post a photo in the gallery, when i press post it says "duplicate post" and i dont what its happening hahaha, please help me :(
What is wrong?
Glenda, I tried to reply to your post and it would not let me. Kept saying Validation Error, whatever that is. I was saying I don't know here or how to find Nov. chat. How do I find it?
Hello again!
I have been "lost" for a good while. I had trouble getting my posts to post and I finally gave up. Truthfully, I can't remember the last time I was here, so I guess I better go back a ways. Sorry if any of this is old news. First I lost my beautiful golden retreive3r, Honey Aug. 13...
spay that led to death
hi everyone, i am extremely new to this community page. i was wondering if any dog owners lost their dogs due to a torn blood vessel during the surgery. sadly, i lost my 8 month old pitbull last night after taking her to get spayed in the morning. autopsy records showed that she was bleeding internally...
Please Help-Atopic Dermatitis During Fall
hi everybody! I am new and not quite sure how to work everything on here yet, but I hope that I am posting in the right place. My 3 year old weiner/lab i s breaking out in hives, which I believe to be from atopic dermatitis- after all of the stuff I read online, that's all that seems to make...
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my dog chewed the tissue from vaginal hyperplasia
hi, i need help... has anyone had the same happening to their puppy?.. my dog was in her first heat and she had the vaginal tissue protruding, but unfortunatelly before we got a chance to cover it, she chewed it, now it looks like sh redded pieces of tissue . we have to get a surgery, but they're...
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Giardia in the yard
How do you get rid of it? I had one 6 Month old with it, treated then he seemed fine. Next my 5 month old got it (treated both at the same time). It appeared to be gone for a couple weeks, now ire back. I clean the dog poo daily (3dogs), but they run and play and often step in it before I get to it....
Had to take lil Gracie back to the vet today. We got her last Sat, had her @ the vet Mon already....had runny, sometimes bloody poop. The vet said it was changed on environment, water, etc...told me to give her 2cc Pepto, twice a day. We did that, by Tues afternoon, she hadn't pooped judgement...
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Sticky fluid from her uterus
Today, I noticed that my pet, Samira ( Rot 5yrs )
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Possible allergy issues
Could you please share your advice/experience with allergies? Sadie is a 2 1/2 year old hound mix. Recently, she got a hot spot on her hind quarter, rash/pinkness on her belly and underarm area. She also has various itchy, pink spots on other parts of her body. (like a little cut on her leg ) I took...
How to naturally remove tick from dogs?
Hi,I'm Chris, I'm new here, I am a volunteer for an animal rescue charity org here in Cebu, Philippines. I rescued 2 dogs the 2 days ago from a homeowner whose house got burned down in one of the slums here, she called me to collect her dogs but the poor things are riddled with fleas and their...
9 week old - mucus in soft stool in crate at night
my 9 week old pup is crate trained, and sleeps in her crate at night. The last 3 nights, she has defecated in her crate twice a night. I put her on brown rice and boiled chicken for 48 hours, but the problem continues. Help please
High PH and Crystals in Urine..Help!
My almost 3 year old Yorkie started having bladder problems almost 2 months ago. I first noticed because she peed in a few spots in the house. She doesn't have accidents unless she is sick. I took her to the vet and she had a bladder infection and high alkaline urine. It was a 7.5 at that point....
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13 Year Old Chihuahua/Pomeranian with high liver enzymes. Need more...
Ok so I just recently moved to a new area with my dog, Cody. I had to find a new vet when after a couple weeks of being here he started acting very wobbly. He had lost his appetite and some weight. He seemed very out of it and depressed. He was drinking a lot more water and just didn't seem himself...
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Milk Thistle or SAMe?
Aesop is currently on meds for his ouchy elbow. On his premed bloodwork his AST and GGT were slightly elevated. (AST barely so and GGT a little higher, but not at all horrible or alarming) The vet gave me a small bottle of Adenosyl to give and we'll retest in another few weeks. There weren't...
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