Health & Grooming

Health & Grooming
Pet Affiliate Programs: A Guide to Monetizing Your Pet-Related Content
As pet ownership continues to rise, so does the demand for pet-related products and services. For businesses in the pet industry, this presents an excellent opportunity to expand their reach and increase sales through affiliate marketing. Pet affiliate programs allow individuals and businesses to...
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Senior Dog - How do you travel?
Can't believe my GSD is already 9 1/2 years old! I first posted on this site when I got him in 2010, time has gone by so fast. My boy has some bad arthritis in his back and I've noticed lately that he just can't seem to get as comfortable in the car like he used to. I have a Toyota...
7 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Puppy Training
Puppy training how to do? If you want to train your dog and you’re not sure how this is the perfect guide for you. Learn the basic commands that every puppy owner needs. What is the first thing you should do during your puppy training ? Stand in front of your puppy holding some of...
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Best Shampoo for Dogs with Dry Skin: The Top 5
The best shampoo for dogs with dry skin can be hard to find, but with these top 5 choices, you won’t have to look any further. These shampoos have been specially formulated to clean and moisturize your dog’s fur without compromising its natural oils or causing any irritation or allergic reactions. They...
Groomer Job: Petsmart or PetCo?
I'm thinking of working at either Petsmart or PetCo as a groomer's helper, and then eventually a groomer to gain experience. Do you know which company is better to work for as far as grooming goes? I'm leaning more towards PetCo since they only have a one year contract, where as Petsmart...
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New Vaccination Protocol
Has any one looked this over? What are your thoughts?...................................... Dr. Dodd's vaccination protocol is now being adopted by ALL 27 North American veterinary schools. I highly recommend that you read this. Copy and save it to your files. Print it and pass it...
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eating cloth
my dog ate a very thin piece of cloth about 5 inches long from a dog toy 4 days ago. she is eating well, pooping normally and running around. 2 days ago she passed some of it in her poop but I haven't seen any since. I think it may be possible very small pieces have been coming out all along but...
Best Food for Dogs with Allergies
If your dog has allergies, you may wonder which foods are the best to give him to ease his symptoms. Before you ask your vet or run to the pet store, it’s important to first understand the possible causes of your dog’s allergies, as well as the potential treatments and solutions you have at your disposal...
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Beautiful Rottweiler giving birth, this is amazingl!!
I just saw this beautiful video of a rottweiler giving birth to her beautiful puppies and wanted to share it with you guys, nature is so incredible! ►
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Homemade food recipes for dogs may help to reduce the symptoms of...
Sometimes, dogs may suffer symptoms other than itching that may indicate that they are suffering from an allergy, like hair loss, skin infections, hot spots, recurrent ear infections, and increased bowel movements often occur in dogs suffering from allergies.
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Do dogs with Down Syndrome need special treatment?
Can dogs have down syndrome? When it comes to health issues, there are plenty of overlaps between dogs and humans; both dogs and humans can struggle with anxiety , seizure disorders, diabetes, and cancer.
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Phantom pregnancy dogs
hi, has anyone gone through phantom pregnancy dogs? how to treat it without medication and if any medication is available in the market, how to buy th
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Best Dog Food For Chihuahua
It is no doubt that dogs are one of the most loved pets by people. This is because of how amazing they are and that they make to be good companions to people. Owing to that dog owners for dog breed like chihuahuas simply want the best when it comes to the best dog food for Chihuahua breeds. What To Look...
Health Benefits of Living With Pets
Pets can sniff out medical conditions Protects against allergies Pets help us socialize and meet new people Cats Make Men More Datable Pets Owners Have a Healthier Heart Reduce your stress
Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food
Hey, all, My puppy boy (~7 months old Husky/Malamute/GSD mix) has decided that he doesn't care for food. Meaning any food. He stopped touching his raw. Okay, so after a hunger strike, we tried kibble. Nope. Not interested in chicken. Not interested in even the smelliest of foods/treats. ...
My golden itches all the time.
He has itched like crazy, it's gotten worse lately, where if you touch him anywhere, he kinda freezes up and acts like he's being scratched (bad analogy). He has some black powering effects on his skin, but no red rashes, or pustules. I can't really SEE a rash, but the instant he get excited...
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Dog Clickers
Hello everyone I want to buy a toy for my dogs. How about this -
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Anyone here familiar with ACL Surgery? My vet from
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Dog Recovery Collar
Hello Everyone I have a dog who went a surgery few days ago. Please advise if this is good. Looks like soft and comfortable but still any advise will help me choose a better product.
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