Senior Dog - How do you travel?

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    Senior Dog - How do you travel?

    Can't believe my GSD is already 9 1/2 years old! I first posted on this site when I got him in 2010, time has gone by so fast.

    My boy has some bad arthritis in his back and I've noticed lately that he just can't seem to get as comfortable in the car like he used to. I have a Toyota Matrix hatchback and have a back seat hammock setup. At times he'll attempt to lie down but gets up immediately and seems to be the most comfortable when sitting with his rump against the seat, nose out the window. This is fine for short local trips.

    However, I take a long road trip annually and am planning to leave in a couple of weeks. Today I did a test run to see how he would do with the long-trip setup; both rear seats down with his memory foam bed in the entire back cabin. During the test run, he just couldn't get comfortable and stood on all fours the entire ride.

    Wanted to hear from fellow arthritic dog owners on your car configuration / bedding setup, for your road trips.

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    I also love to travel, but the most tiresome part of traveling was flying. That's why I recently tried business class flights to the United Kingdom  And you know, I forgot for fear, the flight was so comfortable that I didn't even notice it.