Rescue & Help

Rescue & Help
temu store
TEMU is a quickly developing web based business commercial center sent off in 2020 that interfaces purchasers and venders around the world. temu store
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Best slots
After I found out about Slots Empire Bonus Codes in Les Calier Gallery, I decided to try my luck. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of games and professionalism of support. They offer various games to satisfy the tastes of each player. I also appreciated their...
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Time lapse of rescued puppy growing up
I was told that if she lived, she’d go deaf and blind, so I decided to record every day we had left
Jacksonville, AR BSL
Apologies if this is a repeat....grrr...irate doesn't begin to cover it! =============================================== By RICK KRON Leader staff writer Time has run out for pit bulls in Jacksonville. The ordinance banning the breed had a 30-day grace period to allow pit bull owners...
Tiny Paws Rescue
Did anyone hear on the news about this rescue? On the news last night 9/30/10 there was a story about Tiny Paws rescue. I googled the name and found a Tiny Paws in a lot of states ,also a lot of people with sad stories. It is so sad when we cant even trust the rescues. I think it was a puppy mill disguised...
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One can't help but notice numerous posts on this forum similar to "People are so Stupid", "What an Idoit", "Parents need to Control this Kids" etc. and having read the stories, most people will agree with the OP. After all, I think we all know there are a lot of idiots...
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Notice: NEW MEXICO Dog Owners
NEW MEXICO: Rabies Medical Exemption Action Alert[/b] -- New Mexico pet owners have launched an effort to get a rabies medical exemption clause inserted into the Rabies Code. Below is a copy of the letter I have faxed to the New Mexico State Veterinarian and below that is a copy of New Mexico resident...
Help Shutting Down Shelter in WV
I am posting this on here because apparently this shelter run by Carrie Green out of her home needs to be shut down for animal neglect and abuse, please read the story and let me know if there's anyone to call or write to in West Virginia about getting the animals out of there, she has 53 animals...
*Help needed* Louisville KY!!
Please write letter to the folks listed below. T his needs immediate attention and support. PLEASE CROSS POST!!! As many of you know, the Louisville Metro Area and all of its animal related organizations are in the "fight of their life." In response to two dog attacks last fall...
Call/write the NFL regarding players with fighting dogs
Crossposted by permission from Muttley Crue: This is an article that I pulled off the NFL web site. Dog owners in America MUST show to the NFL that this is unacceptable behavior. People in America are fired for lesser infractions every day. Michael Vick needs to be suspended WITHOUT Pay until it...
Sports section article re Vick
As a sports fan, I have noticed that the sports section of our local paper has included a number of worshipful reports about Michael Vick’s recent successes on the football field (and we aren’t even in Philadelphia). Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to find this article in today's paper, written...
Help with my Shepherd mix(with what?)
Hi, I am new here and wasn't sure where to post this. I need help finding out what my dog Carson is mixed with. The shelter had him labeled as German shepherd mix. I have been told pit bull or Rhodesian ridge back by others. Carson is a little over two years old.
Meet Sarah-Adoptable Dog
Meet Sarah! Sarah is a Spotlight Dog and currently up for adoption through The Shepherd Help And Rescue Effort . Sarah is approximately 7 years old with beautiful red tones in her black coat with pretty brown boots. Her family could not take care of her anymore and so she was placed into the...
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Question about breeder contracts
Hi everyone, About a year ago my family bought a puppy from a breeder and signed a contract. Of course it included the standard stipulations about breeding, treatment and what to do in the event that you need to surrender a puppy. It also included a provision stipulating that we had to prepare for and...
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Sweet 12 year old Doggie needs a backyard
We have a new baby on the way, live in a small apt and it's impossible to have both the baby and Tasha, our ridgeback/lab mix who needs space to run and play. Also, Tasha doesn't get along with new dogs and there are a lot here in our building. We are running out of ideas. Please help. If you...
My Daily Pit Rant Pic
So many people are afraid of my dog sometimes and it really bums me out.
Lost Female Yorkie
My little 6 lb Yorkie is missing since 7/23. I let her out at 5:30 Monday morning on the 23rd and at the exact minute a bolt of lightening struck and she ran offunder a bush in a panic, When I looked under the bush there was a hole made by ground hogs and she was able to slide under the fence. We have...
Dog accused of hurting another dog at the dog park
This is kind of a long story, but I would like to ask you all for your advice on this matter. Today, we went to the dog park with our dog and my friend's dog. I watched my friend's dog, while my husband kept an eye on our dog. They were never out of our sights and we kept track of them the...
We got our first dog!!!!
We brought bailey home on teusday! She is settling in really well and gets along awesomely with our two cats! She has awesome manners and she listens really well too!! We are very excited to get to know her more! I'll keep you all updated if you all want :) How do you post pictures on here? I'm...