Help Shutting Down Shelter in WV

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    Help Shutting Down Shelter in WV

    I am posting this on here because apparently this shelter run by Carrie Green out of her home needs to be shut down for animal neglect and abuse, please read the story and let me know if there's anyone to call or write to in West Virginia about getting the animals out of there, she has 53 animals in her house that she's trying to adopt out. I really don't know too much about what's going on, other than this girl that adopted a dog from this lady, the dog was very sick and they are still working on getting the dog better.
    The story is as follows:

    My information and sad story are as follows:
    My name is Heather Yanyo (2669 Oakhill Drive, South Park, PA 15129
    412)835-1838). My mother is Linda Warcola (17 Rose Cottage, Silver
    Leaf Drive, Elizabeth, PA 15037 412)751-3785).

    On March 22, 2007 my mother found a puppy listed on
    through Katie's Rescue in Camden-on-Gauley, WV and she contacted the
    woman there in regards to obtaining the puppy. It was discribed as a
    12 week old austrailian sheppard/ sheltie mix in good health available
    for immediate adoption.

    My mother filled out the necessary paperwork and arranged for us to
    drive down and get this puppy.

    The woman from Katie's Rescue arranged to meet us at the Taco Bell in
    Summersville. We didnt think that was suspicious at the time. We
    figured she was quite rural and didnt want us to get lost. (now I
    think my opinion has changed on that.)

    When she telephoned us at noon, she said she was just leaving her home
    and would be at the taco bell in about 45 minutes. (meaning it was a
    45 minute drive for her.) When she arrived, she was driving a Tracker
    (as were we.) and had the "puppy" in a cat carrier in the back. The
    carrier did not appear to be secured to anything and was very likely
    sliding around the back of the vehicle during that 45 minute ride.
    When the dog was taken out of the cat carrier, she was soaking wet. I
    originally thought that she had a water bowl in the carrier with her
    that spilled, but we were told that the woman from the rescue had
    bathed her just before leaving home. She was very wet to the touch.
    45 minutes after a bath, if having been even towel dried she would not
    have been this wet. I can only think that they must not have dried
    her at all. I can not say if there was a towel or anything inside of
    the carrier as I did not get a chance to look.

    We were handed the dog, and looked her over. her eyes, ears and teeth
    seemed clean. Her stomach was not bloated. She did not appear to be
    in any distress when you touched her anywhere. I noticed some
    greenish fluid around her nostrils and questioned the woman about
    that. I was told that she was not sick to her knowledge and that she
    had just been bathed and maybe it was from the soap.
    When asked what she was bathed in, we were told it was baby shampoo.
    Again she stated that she didnt think that there was anything wrong
    with the dog, and that she had recently been vaccinated and wormed.
    (on the 13th of March, 2007)

    All the dog wanted to do was to be held and cuddle up under our chins.
    when we put her down on the ground to see how she walked, she would
    not move. She simply sat down somewhat wobbely and rolled over to
    show her belly. She would not get up, would not walk, and was very
    lethargic. We all agreed that she might just be scared and stressed,
    and she was so cute that it was hard to argue.

    We put her into the kennel we had bought, in the back of OUR tracker
    and paid the woman the adoption fee of 125.00 cash and left to go home
    to Pittsburgh. We offered her several treats, but she showed
    absolutely no interest in them. We of course secured the kennel in
    our car so it would not move, made sure the puppy had a blanket to
    lay on, and my mother sat in the back seat with her on the 4 hour trip

    We stopped several times on the way home, figuring the dog would need
    water and have a need to urinate. When she was put in the grass at a
    rest stop along the way, she simply laid down and rolled over. she
    would not walk on the leash in or out of the grass, and would not go
    to the bathroom. She drank a very small amount of water when it was
    offered to her each time along the way - possibly 5 stops.

    Upon arriving home, she did walk around the yard a bit with my
    mother's older dog who met us at home, but again would not urinate, or
    eat any treat that was offered, finally she went in her kennel a bit
    later and laid down. she did eventually urinate.

    She still appeared to have the greenish fluid coming from her nose,
    and had a slight raspy cough which we noticed a few times on the drive
    home but thought that it could have been a quiet bark. It was around
    5pm and I encouraged my mother to contact her Veterinarian right away
    before they left for the day. The dog was obviously sick. She
    explained the situation to the vet and was able to get an appointment
    for Tuesday at 5pm. She was told to keep the new dog away from other
    animals as it might be contagious.

    My mother emailed (my mother does not have long distance phone service
    and therefore can not call to WV.) Carrie at Katie's Rescue on Monday
    evening after speaking to the vet over the phone. She tried to
    communicate the dire need for her to get vet care for the other
    animals in her facility, but did not receive a reply. Her replies had
    previously been quite timely. I was curious as to why she would NOT
    reply to my mother's email regarding the sick dog and the extreme need
    for her to have the other animals checked out. I am still trying to
    give this woman the benefit of the doubt...and so I sent an inquiry
    about adopting on of the dogs she still has listed on pet finder. She
    does not know my name and therefore would not have known I was
    connected to the sick dog "situation". She replied to my email in
    under an hour. She still has not replied to my mother regarding the
    sick dog she delivered, or the health or welfare of the other animals
    in her care to this point, Thursday morning, March 29, 8:30 a.m.

    After my mother's veterinarian examined the dog, she informed my
    mother that the 12 week old puppy she had just adopted was in fact 6 -
    8 months old, as it has all but 2 of it's adult teeth. It is fully
    grown, and is not going to grow into the austrailian sheppard /
    sheltie mix dog my mother had been told she was going to be, and is
    severely ill. The vet stated that she has a very serious upper
    respiratory infection that is very contagious. She also stated that
    the dog must have been sick for quite a while to get to this point.
    The vet also questioned whether or not this dog had come from a puppy
    "mill" because the woman at the shelter stated that she "rescues"
    mostly puppies that the animal shelters are going to euthanize because
    they cant find homes for them. Is it not true that most shelters have
    NO PROBLEM placing puppies but it is often the adult dogs that get put
    to sleep because they are hard to place?

    The dog is now with my mother, on antibiotics, and appears to be doing
    better. Her nose is no longer excreting that greenish fluid, and her
    cough appears to be a bit looser. She still will not eat but has food
    and water IN her kennel. She is still confined to her kennel as my
    mother has an 18 year old sheltie/sheppard who is currently in very
    good health, and we do not want her to be over exposed to this illness.

    I went online and did some research. Katie's Rescue is run by Carrie
    Bay Green and her husband Kenneth out of their home.
    P.O. Box 194, Camden-on-Gauley, WV 26208. Their website states that
    they do not have a formal shelter: We do not have a formal shelter
    building. The animals are cared for in our home where we provide them
    temporary shelter, necessary medical care, and love.

    Currently she has listed 53 dogs and/or puppies on I
    did not have the chance to see her facility, but to me, 53 dogs in a
    family home of any size can NOT be healthy. Also as stated above, our
    veterinarian stated that the respiratory illness of the dog we got was
    HIGHLY contagious. Animals living as she states hers do, would all
    have been exposed and many others might be as sick or worse.

    she also states on her website: We choose to "free feed" which means
    that the animals are allowed to eat as often as they need to. We do
    recommend placing your pet on a feeding schedule once you've adopted it.

    This is a concern obviously because if some of the animals are sick,
    they will not have eaten. If she is free feeding, she will have no
    idea of which dogs are eating and which are not. The dog that we
    received did not seem familiar at all with the food we gave her, even
    though we were told that this was what she had been given at the shelter.

    I have contacted the Police in Webster County, WV, as well as the WV
    State Police and the Fayette County Police but I have been told by the
    local police in Fayette County that there are no animal protection
    agencies in their area and so I have been reporting this to several of
    the agencies listed on the ASPCA's website for animal abuse in WV. I
    was informed yesterday that this woman is a known animal hoarder. Why
    has she been allowed to continue her abusive behavior?!

    I am going to continue to make phone calls and send emails until
    something is done to help these animals!

    Please help us in any way you can! She has 53 animals listed on Pet
    Finder which is going to make the legitimate rescues suffer.
    These animals require veterinary care NOW!

    You may contact me at this email address, or by telephone at 412)835-1838.

    thank you for your concern and your help!
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    • Gold Top Dog
    This turns my stomach---and the link from Gina made it even worse.
    I wish I lived closer or had the power to do something because this is just so wrong.[:(]
    Good luck shutting this woman down.
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