Question about breeder contracts

Hi everyone,

About a year ago my family bought a puppy from a breeder and signed a contract.  Of course it included the standard stipulations about breeding, treatment and what to do in the event that you need to surrender a puppy.  It also included a provision stipulating that we had to prepare for and train her for an agility test of some kind.  We've been working hard to train her on basic obedience, including taking her through several training programs and spending lots of time working with her. She's a good dog and has made incredible strides, but her recall still needs a great deal of work and the test takes place in an open field as well as the woods. I'm very concerned that if we take her to this test, she may catch a scent and not recall properly, we could lose her. We're nervous because the contract stipulates that if she doesn't take this test, they might take her away from us. We've worked hard with her and her issues aren't for lack of time or effort. Does anyone have experience with this? She's a good dog with a great deal of potential and we're only concerned about her safety.  We're quite worked up about the potential of losing our beloved family pet. Thank you in advance for any help that you can offer.