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    Theo had almost a year and a half as an only and he loved it

    When we considered adding another dog we always stopped at th at fact. plus we didn't want him to give up because we had a "repacement".


    Ok. Now you're caught up pn me. So what have YOU been up to the last few years? And where the heck are you living now?

    Yeah, I bought my car thinking I would add a second dog, but I kept hesitating.  Even saw a litter, was offered a 5 month old, and another litter before G was sick.  Consulted her reiki lady who told me G did not want another dog to share me with, but would accept it for me.  lol  Whether one believes in such things or not, I decided that it was Me and G until the end.  We have always lived with other dogs, but a puppy requires soooo much attention and I had the same feeling, Glenda - I did not want her to think it was ok to go because there was someone else getting my attention.  No "replacement" even to this day or ever.  Just a new adventure, if I choose to do it again.

    Man... I hate that she couldn't live forever, but I know she couldn't stay on longer - her body was weaker in that last year.  Although I blame the DES for kicking up the GD lymphoma.  Sigh.  Never enough time, even when you have a long, healthy, adventurous, memorable, life that made an impact.  Others have learned because of what G taught me.

    Lordy, too much sad talk.  I already had to call my town hall this morning to ask them not to send the reminder about her license.  When the town clerk asked me to confirm the dog's name, I choked up... so she said the name for me so I could just say "yes".  I'm crying now just typing it.  It will be 5 months this weekend and sometimes that seems like forever and sometimes it seems like a short time.  The immediate change in seasons made the impact that time just ticks right along....

    As for me, I had been working for a company that restricted internet use, working long hours and spening my evenings and weekends (when I had them) doing whatever with G.  Found a park near us that she loved, since I ended up moving further inland away from the beach. I still live in NH at the moment.  Been back since late 2010 when my sister remarried.  Grandmother died the following year.  Half my nieces and nephews are off to college now, only 2 left at home.  Oldest graduates high school this spring.  He waas diagnosed with leukemia a year ago Christmastime, but is responding really really well to chemotherapy.  His family really rallied around and it shifted some dynamics between the split households.  We have to be grateful he's feeling well and no cancer detected at his visit in October.  He still has to get bone marrow biopsies every 6 mos to monitor it.  Will live with it forever, God willing the chemo continues to work.  Littlest one is about 11 now.

    With Gracie riding "spiritual shotgun" and me turning 40 soon, I'm looking at the second half of my life like "what next?" lol

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    my dear, facing #62 next week 40 sounds awfully young. Mike would have been 38 on the 26th. I turn more ancient on the 30th.

    It is COLD here today. 16 with a windchill of 8 below. Seriously? 14 mph hour winds with gust at 35. Holy spit! E

    Even Dixie did'nt want to be out long. She actually hurried through her potty trips. Such a rare occurrence deserves to be on the calender!

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    my dear, facing #62 next week 40 sounds awfully young.

    Ha!  20 sounds young to me!  It's all perspective.

    I had G since my 27th birthday.  Seems like eons ago.

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    Son was telling me that tile setters don't like doing back splashes. Picky work, bent over and crowded. Says they have problems getting good setters for under several thousands of dollars. per job. Apparently my house went up in value now. The backsplash is a glassy narrow set of strips on a fiber backing. Copper tones and shiny glass, Fun to cut. But it is beautiful. I rewired a switch on the backsplash to run undercounted lights. I impressed me.

    Almost got enough work into the house to sell it now. New windows and doors, roof, appliances (except the copper colored 50 year old oven), utilities. Wife says we will live here as long as possible.

    Wife is now talking about dropping a few trees. A couple of pines in the front manage to shade out the veggie garden and fruit trees until noon. Could be fu. Block off the street and drop a big pine into it.Also have a big locust I would like to drop, but too big a chance it would drop on the roof. When I was young and knew everything, I would have tried it. Now, not so much.

    Watching Sky run across the big flat at the dog park today. Dogs are beautiful little bundles to watch. He loves to run, he loves to meet new people and dogs, and he loves to explore. The exercise is keeping me young and I get to meet new people all the time.

    It's been about 2 years since we lost Piper. The joy remains

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    Cold and windy here--the ferries were cancelled all day because of the winds. Rescheduling a day full of student appointments is a challenge! I explained to the dogs that it was too cold to go for their usual walks--and I think they agreed. They have had fun playing outside in the snow.

    Paige, did Gracie have Lyme or another tick borne disease by any chance? A vet at Tufts is studying Lyme and lymphoma--we've had several dogs on the island die from lymphoma after having Lyme. (my springer, one of my parents' chocolate Labs, a friend's dog, etc.).  I am convinced there is a connection--maybe not causal, but maybe a trigger?) Anyways, hugs for you as you move through the days ahead, Are you still doing CGC evals? If so, I'd bring Rock up to NH when he's ready for his. (We're doing everything backwards--but he has figured out positive reinforcement and learning  obedience skills now--yeah! We're working on heel (sit and down are pretty decent--not perfect by any means, but good)--I don't use a lead when I teach heel now (I get tangled) --until we move outdoors--then, I have to have him on lead because he's a coonhound through and through!

    Doug, are you going to get rid of the trees this winter? Brrr...but, isn't locust good for firewood? (I think I remember Dad talking about it--black locust maybe?) Pictures of the backsplashes and other work, please. (And, I loved the picture of Sky in the snow!)

    I didn't realize how beautiful Garth is--I would have fallen in love with the fluff ball, too! Some would say Rock is stubborn--I just say he is very focused (esp. when he is in prey drive mode) and he is bred to be an independent hunter, so he wants to be clear sure he wants to do what I ask him to do. Oh, and he's a goof ball too!! Maybe he's secretly communicating with Garth!?

    Tracy, did you get a lot of snow out there? It's supposedly on the way here and is supposed to arrive this weekend--or not, the weather folks can't tell yet :-)

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    Pic of the backsplash posted.  Black Locust is a hard brittle wood, used for flooring and brush piles.  It;s a dirty tree.  Always cleaning up broken branches.  But it is shade.  I have a few pieces I am drying and will use in some small project.  Rest is on the stack.  Note-there is now under shelf lighting, off an existing switch that formerly controlled the no longer existant garbage grinder.

    Had two lime green jackets left over from Gunther, little used.  Gave one to a young couple at the park-their pup was growing out of his cover.  The other jacket is really small, but there will be somebody there who can use it.  Had a guy running his dog today with no jacket, hat, or gloves and with his sleeves rolled up.  Rest of us were wearing parkas, hats, gloves. boots because it was only 16F.  Frostbite is not cool.  No points given for style in a MN winter.  Results count, and Carhartt is a fashion statement.  Watched a mini moxie chasing a golden doodle for a while.

    Has a fun filled day planned.  Two phones dropped out of the network suddenly, so I was going to get supplies and tools and new phones and set up a new land line system.  Then I found the broken wire.  Twisted together, installed wire nut, taped close.

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    Tried to login via my iPad last night, but the for some reason, it doesn't work (site connection crashes--happens often at this site), so I'm on my laptop this morning. The backsplash is very cool--I love the colored glass.

    A winter storm is on its way, though our snow total estimates are now pretty low right now (6-8 inches). The forecasters seem to change the estimates on a regular basis, so we'll just see what we get. The winds are supposed to be pretty fierce on Saturday into Sunday--a nor'easter. Of course, our house faces east, so we'll get the full force of the winds. The shovels are ready, as is my snow gear.

    The dogs all LOVE the snow, so they will want to go out a lot.

    I hope everyone is safe, warm and well.

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    i was hoping this one would miss you. We're supposed to get flurries Saturday after noon but only a couple inches.....if that. ....Saturday night. Dixie also loves the snow so am counting my blessings!

    I totally agree that a lot of dogs who are said to be stubborn are simply very focused. Dix is like that

    Once I get her attention she'll do whatever I ask even if she's watching a squirrel. I think I'm going to try a whistle with her. She reacts to higher frequencies. So maybe she can be whistle trained. Not sure I need do. Sometimes when we are out and she's finished her toilet she still wants a little exploring time. I notice tjat anytime I drop her lead so I can reach the trash can......not overly fond of holding a fresh steaming nag of poop while we roam......that she will stop moving and just watch me. As soon as I turn around I've got a giant polar bear charging at me only she bounces all the way like Tigger! She is so very bonded with all of us that she wants to know wherw everyone is all of the time.
    Hopefully the boiler guy will be here soon. Todd noticed yesterday morning that the radiators were cold so it went out sometime Wednesday nite. Thought Ryan would be able to figure out the problem but no such luck. I called the landlord when I got home this morning after taxi duty and errands and the guy promised he called promised ASAP. Hope that is MY ASAP and not my sons!
    Hope everyone stays safe and WARM this weekend.
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    We're in the thick of the storm now--lots of wind, snow blowing horizontally out of the east/northeast, and cold wind chills. We're now supposed to get 9-12 inches--nothing compared to the mid-Atlantic states. Good thoughts for all who are in the storm's path--be safe!

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    worried about everyone in the path of this darned storm. Be safe all. Nantucket MA has sustained winds of 40 mph with gusts up to 80! Going to be a lot of storm damage there and elsewhere I'm sure. Not a flake here yet.

    Dixie of course has her paws crossed for lots and lots of snow. Her humans... not so much! She just came in from a potty break and in the course of doing zoomies almost knocked me over twice! Gotta learn to stay out of her way and at full attention when she does zoomies!

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    Snow covers dog droppings!!!.  Of course, that makes March a more interesting month.  Taking Sky to the dog park and cleaning up there has kept my yard cleaner, but you still have to get out once in a while with a scoop and a bag.  Done for this month.  

    Play season at Mankato State U is restarting this weekend with that family favorite, Antigone.  The story of a family trying to find its way through a few problems, and solving them all by killing each other.  I am really not a fan of Greek tragedy.  The Oedipus series is really a downer

    Some kids are showing up at the park with their young pups.  Fun to watch the pups gain confidence and move out to play with the other dogs.  Amazing how many people don't train their dogs to come when called.  I feel like a show off when I whistle and turn to walk to the gate and Sky meets me there, then walks out at heel-no leash- and enters the truck on command.  He may be learning to not put a paw into my coffee cup when I slow down.  I had a cup of expensive hot chocolate/caramel to drink at the park, and he spilled it all on my mats.  Truck smells great.  Then he steps ahead next day and washes his foot with my coffee.  And eats french fries from the big bag while I am driving.  Good thing he's cute.

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    LOL at Skys helping himself to your food and drink! Dixie has been know to do the same which is why ahe is crated if she need to leave the vehicle.

    Not a flake fell here from the huge storm. Thankfully. Got some pretty stiff wends and cold temps but everything stayed on.We pick up every time Dixie poops but there ate often a few remaining bits and by the time I grab a second bag the bits are oombedded in the frozen snow. Won't be a fun job when spring cpmes!

    Doug you should show ogg the awesome job you've done withSky. Youve earned tthat right

    Off to see my PA soon. Doc got snowed in someplace on Friday. I think they need to give me my own room as much time as I spend there.

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    I can't seem to check in more than once a week, so I get behind on all the news.  Hopefully things will be a bit calmer by mid-February.  There's just too much going on at work this month, as well as several shelter meetings, visitors, and tasks at home.

    Paige, your story about the lost-and-then-found Pyr at the time of Gracie's passing was really touching.  What a special experience for you to be able to meet her afterwards.  I also loved your description of having Gracie with you riding "spiritual shotgun."  I always feel that everything I'm motivated to do with my volunteer work at the shelter is because of Tonka's inspiration and presence in my life (even if it's no longer a physical one).

    Kate, I saw that the storm was going to affect coastal regions more than inland, so I was hoping you weren't getting totally walloped.  We had very nice weather all weekend -- some light rain, but very warm temps, and some tiny spots of sun here and there.  I was in an all-day training conference on Saturday, but we had to go outside to change classrooms, and it was so pleasant out that I was tempted to skip class!  We're seeing plenty of crocus and daffodil greens popping up everywhere, so there will be good signs of spring in the next 2-3 weeks.

    Doug, the backsplash is beautiful.  That's the kind I'd like to have if we ever re-do our kitchen.  I've seen that style in a few tour homes around here, and I love it.  I had to laugh at your description of Sky "sampling" your snacks and drinks in the truck.  DH has learned the hard way that Ruby is quite skilled at sampling things herself if he leaves anything in the truck with her, even for a moment.  Opportunistic eaters, that's for sure!

    I've got so much to do at work before Jan. 31st that it's giving me agita.  I best get back to it.  Have a good week all!

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    Tracy, it helped me a lot, that day in particular.  I just had PRAYED for days for the heat to break and for us to have a nice day together.  That was the first breezy nice not-humid day and she had to leave her body so we couldn't go run on the beach or in the field as I'd hoped.  Doing something productive and being outside made me feel a little better, figuring her spirit was with me if her physical self could not be.

    Kate, I still do CGCs sometimes.  I normally do them at my club's show  in January (the one where I saw a former idogger!) but without Gracie as my back-up distraction dog (and not enough volunteers to help) I didn't do one this year.  My friend had been volunteering her dog as distraction dog  But at my last CGC in October, I let him go home and switched to Macie because I could see the volunteer's dog was waaaay too wiped out.  Turned out he had developed "severe to extreme DCM" (heart condition)  He ended up dying in early December.  Sigh.  Too many good dogs leaving.

    Luckily I missed all the snow last week by going to visit my sister in the PNW.  I got to see Lani and her dogs, too! The weather was great and we went for such a nice hike with her dogs.  She has an amazing setup in her house/yard for her dogs!!  They're so loved and adorable!