2016 start


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    2016 start

    Nice day. In the 20s with a gentle wind. Sky really needs to run. He keeps walking up to us and hitting us with his toys. Going to hit a swamp or WMA when the games start.

    Up late, specially for old folks. Got home at 1:30 AM. No drinking, but too much beef. Friends have a new BBQ and they cooked a prime rib roast. I may eat again later in the day, but just not hungry yet.

    All the time with friends and family comes with a down side. The little plague vectors did their worst, and I am getting congested and drippy. A great combo if you use a CPAP. A cough can hurt-the mask blows away, but is on elastic bands so it does come back.

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    Doug, sorry to hear you're getting a cold!  The BBQ sounds delicious. I made it to about 10:30 pm--feel asleep, and then Ronnie and Mozey decided they wanted to go out for a quick potty break about 1 am. It's overcast today but the temps are above freezing. The weekend is supposed to be sunny, followed by really cold weather on Monday and Tuesday.

    Glenda, are you feeling any better? Are the docs sure it's allergies you're dealing with?? I didn't have any black-eyed peas, so I made a lentil soup with kale and a ham bone--as close as I could get to what we used to eat for the new year in NC.

    Happy new year to everyone!

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    apparently i am getting old.  An hour of trudging through a foot of snow in a grassy field and I get tired.  Sky, on the other hand, was just getting warmed up.  But we left anyways.  Before pulling on to the highway, I stopped for a sign, and another hunter pulled in and rolled his window down, so we talked a bit.  And watched two birds fly across the highway.  And I watched another walking in a snowmobile track in the ditch.  Oh well. I still had a good day.  Dog approaches deep snow and heavy grass as a joyful experience.  He is just so biddable .  I can get him to stop and sit from over a hundred feet, so I can catch up to him.  It impresses me.  Then you say "free" and he relaunches.

    Going to the dog park today.  Need to pick up a couple of scripts and the park is on the way.  The two expensive prescriptions managed to run out on the same day.  See how the new year prices are,

    Eating a hot dog at my desk.  Little dog at my knees, head pivoting to see how much hot dog is left.   He wins.

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    getting old wouldn't be so bad if we could hang on to our younger energy.

    Have been having occasional issues with the car battery. Went to go out this morning for my early morning meat run and the car was dead. Finally found a neighbor awake so got it jumped and was on my merry way. Until i came out of the store 30 or 40 minutes later to a dead car. Again. I keep cables in the car but still had to ask a total stranger for help. Naturally the battery warranty was expired. Darned good thing I'm a smart shopper and got meat for next to nothing since the battery was over $140. At least this one has a three year full replacement warranty. Geesh.

    Cold here today and going to get even colder. ..as in highs in the 20's and sub zero lows. I sence an inc rease in the price of fuel oil coming on. Have been enjoyed having it at


    I've got a big pot pot of chili simmering and sourdough bread bowls fresh out of the oven. Can't wait for dinner.

    Hope everyone is safe, warm and recovered from New Years Eve.

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    Sounds like mostly mellow NYE celebrations -- lots of food involved, which is how we mark  most holidays now.  DH prepared so much brisket that we invited a couple friends to come over for some.  They left about 10:30pm, but neighbors were shooting off fireworks, so we didn't go to sleep until nearly 12:30am.  

    Yesterday our other neighbors had their annual NY Day open house with gumbo and black eyed peas (along with all kinds of side dishes the guests bring), so we grazed there for lunch.  Delicious!  

    Later I met my friend and her mother for a movie.  Her Mom turned 89, and she is in incredible shape.  We decided to get a bite after the movie, and normally my friend and I would walk the 2-3 blocks, but I assumed my friend would suggest driving for her Mom's sake.  Nope -- she wanted to walk, despite the 30-degree temps, and I didn't even have to slow my pace!  She doesn't use a cane or anything.  She's the same age as my MIL, but even at 79 my MIL was far more feeble than that.  

    Yes, we do find ourselves slowing down in many ways as we age (especially compared to our energetic, younger dogs!), but we can try to keep moving as much as possible so we maintain good balance and some flexibility.  

    I read yesterday about a woman who doesn't make NY resolutions -- she comes up with a "mantra" instead.  This year hers is "Move More."  She said resolving to go the gym 5 days a week or something is too hard to keep, but "Move More" can be simple daily things like taking the stairs, parking the car a bit further away from the store entrance, etc.  Definitely easier than a gym commitment!  I was thinking what my mantra should be, and given what we've been through last year moving my MIL and sorting/distributing her excess belongings, I think I'll make mine something like "Purge It" or "Clear It Out,"  Closets, cupboards, garage -- full of so  many things we can donate, sell, redistribute, etc.  Who will do it for us when we're gone?  No kids, so we better do it now!

    Glenda, I hope your 2016 started out with NO visit to the ER and that you're feeling better very soon.  Doug, keep that hot tea and lemon (or something stronger!) brewing, and you'll flush those cold germs away.  More cold and sun today -- nice brisk walk before lunch, now I'm going to do a ton of ironing.  What a fun activity!

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    Hi all --  finally Florida has figgered out it's supposed to be "winter" -- all week it's been humid as heck and near 90 (no sun ... just swimming to the car).  Rain this morning (we actually needed it)  and cooler.  

    Yesterday was an "anniversary" for David and I.  *smile*  20 years ago on January 2 we had our first "date"  (he was in the UK, I was here, but it was "planned" as in "How about if we meet about 6:00 your time in Worlds Chat?"  LOL -- it took us a whole year (and a LOTTA thousands of miles) to get married (try planning a wedding via email, particularly when you're 42 and half the guests are in Scotland LOL).  We don't routinely "celebrate" the Jan 2 -- but it was a good giggle this year.  Heck we still email each other WAY more than most do LOL  I'm certainly blessed.  

    We saw Star Wars at midnight on NYE -- I stayed awake -- David didn't (that's typical -- he is NOT a movie person).  But then, I typically can't "fall asleep"  watching anything, nor reading.  My brain switch is somehow different.  I have to stop doing anything to go to sleep.  (including petting the dog LOL)

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    happy sort of anniversary Callie.

    Just when I start to think I see light at the end of the tunnel nope. Here comes another train. This whole thing had already gotten really old. Will have to call the kids and let them know I can't risk the trip for the party. Not happy about that but I'm guessing they'd rather have a live spare granny for the little one.

    Rather hard to stay upbeat at this point.

    But.....YAY Dixie!!!!! She pottied in short order this morning and dididn't even stop to watch the snow flakes fall! Some days I swear this dog is ADD! today was a real gift. Cold than a well diggers rear in january, windy and snowing so I was not up for an extended stay!

    Doug hope you are feeling better.

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    Glenda -- I get it.   There ARE days when it is just plain danged hard  -- and  "whining" isn't your style any more than mine (and even THAT gets really old!).  There were many days in the last few years when I wanted to crawl into a hole backwards and just pull the hole in after myself.  And doing things to "avoid" problems (like not going to something like seeing the kids)  just plain sucks.  But I'm going to turn on the light at the end of the tunnel again for you and I personally promise to break the arm of the one who tries shutting the danged thing off as a 'cost cutting' measure!!  Even if you feel like you're gonna trip over that one foot you put ahead of the other keep doing it ok?? *cyber hugs don't hurt*

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    the good news is that I don't wake up feeling exhausted now. That's huge. The bad nnews is that the arn rash is back and the chest is redder and warmer today. Sigh. Tired of sitting around doing nothing and yep. Whining is getting old too.

    Think I'll go pack away the Christmas stuff on the dining room table so I have room to finish tufting Ryan's Christmas quilt.

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    Tracy, I love the idea of a mantra in place of a resolution! Glenda, how are you??

    My Rock (Treeing Walker Coonhound) went AWOL this morning to go coon hunting (without permission, of course!). After I had a mini-heart attack when I realized he had somehow gotten out, I got in the pickup to go look for him. About a mile down the road, a friend who has a beagle knew exactly where he was--he had heard Rock baying. (His beagle sounds the same when it is on a rabbit trail.) So, I went and found him "honking" away at the base of a tree. All is well. I do need to find out what command the hunters might have used with him to call him off the tree--he didn't want to

    leave at first. (Though, as I think about it,  doubt the hunters would call the dog off the tree--rather, they'd shoot the racoon and let the dog finish the job.) I don't think there was a racoon in "his" tree, but who knows? I have to say, I am falling in love with the breed. They are completely different from Labs and springers--but in good ways. I've learned that he's not stubborn, just really focused and very nosey/inquisitive. He is also supposed to work independently  when hunting. He finishes his first Pet Therapy internship next week, which is becoming a good job for him. We'll (hopefully) start the second internship by the end of the month. This week, I learned that the nursing home is a great place to practice generalization (places and people) for some of the obedience commands we have been practicing. He is finally interested in training treats, which is making a big difference!

    I hope everyone is well and the new year is off to a good start.

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    I am wonderful!  Found out this evening (via skype since I couldn't travel for the gender reveal party) the my very first grandbaby is A GIRL!!!  Isabella Rose is due in early June.  I am sooooo excited!

    And (drumroll) the allergic reaction, likely to a medication, put my immune system in high gear and triggered severe exzema.  Crazy as this sounds, I need to take a lukewarm bath or shower 3 x a day and while still wet apply vaseline to seal in the liquid and then a crazy expensive (as in almost $600) steroid cream.  And its working.  After the first bath and treatment I woke up this morning and my skin is far less red and ugly, but it wasn't itching, burning or hurting!  Rather a pain spending so much time in the bathroom, but at this point if it works I'm thrilled.  And it seems to be working.  Oh, also on antibiotics for 10 days.

    Gosh Kate, I bet you were really freaked when you noticed your missing boy.  I've found with Dixie that she isn't so much stubborn, but also very focused on the job her ancestors did....patrolling her territory, knowing who and what has been there and keeping her flock safe.  I agree too that new to us breeds can be a lot of fun.  It doesn't hurt that she's sweet and oh so lovable either!

    Did I happen to mention that I'm getting and grandDAUGHTER?

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    Glenda I am SO glad you've "turned the corner" -- the shower helps open the pores and then the Vaseline after "covers" the steroid which makes it work harder.  

    TAKE MILK THISTLE!!!!  Even coming thru the skin this is hard hard on the liver.  

    And a grand-***DAUGHTER*** -- whooooeeee -- you got all your good news at once!!

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    -15F in my back yard-air temp, not wind chill.  That is just plain cold.  Glad I am not going to the Packer-Vikings football game.  They don't let you bring in beverages, and the stadium is open top.  Saw a Vikings game in person when I was a kid.  Snow on the seats.  The Purple People Eaters were enjoying it.  Dad and my uncle had a thermos of cocoa that we weren't allowed to drink from-we had our own.  Anyways, it is definitely winter in MN.  Uff da.  Ran into St Peter yesterday, and had a good time driving.  Iced roads with finger drifts.  I can not get over how well my truck is running since the dealership worked on it.

    Thinking about hibernation today.  Got eggs, bread, milk, popcorn and wine.  Pup will need some time out,but I will have to dress him warm.  A woman at the dog park had sweaters she had crocheted for her labby dogs.  Thick  and warm, full chest and neck coverage. I was surprised that there were so many dogs running.  Sky does better with fewer dogs and less confusion.  He is actually at his best with one other dog at a time.  he started out with only a Pit and they had a blast making long runs shoulder to shoulder, off through the woods.  Guy I was talking to had two dogs along-his rescue pit and his new rescue -a mini Pin type.  He got the little dog from a house where it had been abandoned with a bucket of water and a bag of food.  He was going to rehome it, but the Pit and the Pin play well together, and the Pin is really cute in the jacket he got for it.  I don't know how people can foster and rehome a dog.

    Time to walk Jr.  Uffda.  Ya sure, you betcha.

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    oh my! That's cold.. Beyond cold and beyond bitter cold. Maybe sub frigid? It is supposed to be 52 here again today and maybe it'll get there but its been pouring rain since I got up and the wind is enough to knock a person over.

    Dixie did her morning potty and not ten minutes later wanted to go out to poop.Thats a bit frustrating when you just gotten her and yourself dried off but that's our girl. No take her to the general area where she likes to go and then stand there like the center of a carresel while she goes round and around searching for the perfect spot. Now she's tired out from her search, getting dried off, playing tug with her towel and doing zoomies through the house.

    The skin continues to improve Still looks awful. A little less so now but still pretty gross. However it doesn't itch burn or hurt so that's huge at this point. Callie you would have enjoyed his comparing the barrier layer of skin cells to nice plump grapes. When they dry out and shrink down to raisins your storm door becomes a screen door and lets bacteria through. Very simplistic but also very easy to understand and much easier to follow what seem like bizarre instructions when you understand what's behind them. It is so nice not to spend the entire day trying NOT to scratch tormenting itches!

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    Took Sky to the dog park today.  It was above 0, but not much.  I chopped up a sweatshirt that I never wore and it works as a warm jacket.  His real coat is just for rain and a little wind.  Wife laughed when she saw it, but the dog can run and play in it and stays warm.  The price was right also.  Crowd thinned out a bit.  Met a golden that Sky likes while walking the path and two others at the end of the loop.  Sky seemed happy to go when I whistled.  I had him out about 50' and signaled him to sit.  Butt plunked down.  I waved him down, he went all the way down.  Then I signaled up and he launched to me.   Works good, unless another dog is near or a squirrel is moving.  I overdressed.  i was sweating after our walk in the woods.

    Thermostat in the basement was set at 50F.  Basically means the vents in the basement don't open. Changed that to 62F.  May be able to watch TV down there now.