Welcome & Announcements

Welcome & Announcements
Weekly Growl Week of 10/20
Contest Alert!: This week DOG.com launched their #CoverDog Photo Contest! Several entries from the rescue world and beyond trying to win a $1000 shopping spree and a spot in the DOG.com! Check out the entries, vote, and enter your dog here! BERNESEMOUNTAIN – One BIG factor on which type of...
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Improvements to DOG.community
Hello Community! You will notice many changes in the look and feel of the DOG.community. We want to make your experience a little bit better! Here is what's new. New Suggested Videos Widget : This new feature pulls our most popular videos through from our DOG.com video blog. This will make it easier...
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Grid vs Forum View: Which Do You Prefer?
At DOG.community, we always try to provide the best possible experience for everyone. However, this does not guarantee that we will avoid all missteps along the way. And this is where our loyal users can continue to help us! We’d like to improve the community experience with your help by defining...
Pet Fire Safety Day - July 15th, 2014
BE ONE OF THE FIRST 25 members to comment with their dogs name will get a free Pet Finder Sticker! Check out this great article on Dogpedia about Pet Fire Safety. http://community.dog.com/w/dogpedia/819.fire-safety-tips.aspx
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Happy Birthday, Grux!
Just want to take a moment and wish my beautiful boy a happy birthday! I can't believe he is already 3 years old. I'm so proud of him, he got his therapy dog title just a few months ago and has been doing dog safety talks at schools and other children's groups. Love you buddy!
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DOG.community - Latest Improvements (May 13 2014)
In the most recent release: - Sticky login now works on all supported platforms. - Video now plays on mobile/iOS devices and previews correctly in the feed thanks to new video player. - Search has been improved to ensure all options are captured. - Text prompts added to Quick Post feature. - Top Shots...
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Bye Bye 2006 - we will remember you!
Post edited to reflect current considerations - May 1, 2014. Hi, As part of the latest version, we are considering removing redundant/old content on the site going back to 2006 and up to 2012. We would be sensitive to long-running conversations and sticky topics, but clearly, we need to ask ourselves...
Sticky Login - Should be fixed!
Hi everyone - I know this has been bugging y'all. It's been bugging me. But the issue with you being logged out SHOULD have gone away now. So I hope that we can expect many more contributions now that you don't get bounced out any more. We've also made a number of other fixes to the...
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Do not ask members for money - we will be forced to remove your post...
We get it and on a personal level, we're all pet owners. We understand that the costs of veterinary care can be hard to bear. But, we do not tolerate solicitation for money under any circumstances. Our Terms and Conditions documents are being updated and will be published shortly, but be in no...
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Are you the next top dog blogger?
We’re offering you the opportunity to become a DOG.com official blogger commenting on the world of dogs and doggie owners. Whether you’re a vet, a trainer, a behavioral expert, a dog costume maker, a doggie wedding snapper or something we haven’t even thought of, we want you to write...
A brief note about the Heartbleed web issue
We at DOG.community just want to re-assure you that we do not use the Open SSL software that has been mentioned in all the press around the 'Heartbleed' vulnerability. You can continue to use the site as normal and you do not need to change your password. Of course, it is good practice to change...
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We want to hear from you...
Now that this version of the community has been live for a couple of months, we wanted to find out what you think. We're keen to make further improvements to help with usability and your overall experience. So please send us your ideas by posting in this thread or alternatively, you can direct...
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Please read: Two distinct ways of posting to a forum
Hi everyone, nice short message from me for a change. There are two main ways to post to a forum. One is Quick Post, which I am using right now. This is like an extended status update that you get typically on sites like Facebook and other social networks. But if you want full on forum goodness, visit...
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How do I?
Here at dog.com, we're working on text and video tutorials to help you make the most of the new site, but these take time to produce. So while we develop these, please feel free to share your questions and we'll help you get the most out of the site. All the best, Jonathan
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Using this community - Some of the things you may not have noticed
Hi everyone While we continue to update the site, I wanted to just share a few key things that you need to know that are unfortunately not obvious right now with this pre-launch or 'beta' version of the site. Hopefully, knowing this will help you get the most out of this site: 1) If you left...
Do you want to talk? We do...
All of you are really important to us and as we continue to develop this new social platform, we're keen to hear from the horse's mouth (or should that be dog's). Ultimately, our hope is that you folks will become the core of an exciting new community and many of you have earned your stripes...
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Bring your dogs to work!
Here at dog.com we can bring our pups to work. Here is a pic of my 2 boys, Hurley and Grux chilling while I work away. They get lots of treats and tons of love from the dog.com family.
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Although we all share one common passion – dogs – we are otherwise a diverse group, with different cultural backgrounds, ages, experience levels, morals and more. In light of this assortment of people, we at the Dog. Community have adopted these forum behavior guidelines: 1.) Each member is allowed only...
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Soft Sided Crates!
Hello Forum Members! Dog.com is currently running a sale on all soft sided crates! Get FREE SHIPPING today when you order! http://tinyurl.com/6aglt3l Happy Shopping!
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Forum Rules
Although we all share one common passion – dogs – we are otherwise a diverse group, with different cultural backgrounds, ages, experience levels, morals and more. In light of this assortment of people, we at the Dog. Community have adopted these forum behavior guidelines: 1.) Each member...
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