How crazy are you about your dog?

Hi Everyone, my name is Valentina and I come from Italy. I have 4 dogs in total: a male french bulldog(Thai), a female frenchie pug (crossbreed between a pug and a french bulldog Maya) and two Cane Corso ( Russell and Araya).

I grew up with dogs and I can certainly say that is my most deep passion! What I would like to discuss with you is how crazy are you about your dog? Have you ever done something out of your mind for him? Did your friends or family ever tell you, you are a crazy dog lady? Have you ever renounced to something for your furry friends? Have you ever bought yourself gadgets or objects dedicated to your sweetie? I want to hear all crazy stories from you!!!! Show me pictures as well if you like.

Hugs and Kisses from Milan

Valentina Bonanno