Tisha & Dijon's new web page

  • I know it's been quite a while but I have Tisha's & Dijon's website back up and running it is http://2poodles.org/ Tisha is now 11 years of age and Dijon is now 12 years of age. Poor old Dijon has slowed down a lot he has atherits real bad now he takes Adequan Canine & Glucosamine HCI 1500mg with MSM. Regular trips to see his doctor. He no longer likes getting in bed with me that bothers me a lot I miss that he no longer like getting on the Sophia as he has fallen off the bed and Sophia poor guy. He has to be helped in the car and back out of the car up and down the stairs. It really hurts to see him like this but he still has a quality life. I had to put throw rugs all over the house otherwise he cannot get up off the slick floor. I use his driving harness allot for helping him up and helping him up the stairs and down the stairs in and out of the car. As long as he can be mobile have a quality life he is going to remain with me. Just hoping he can hang in there a few more years. I am fortunate to be retired now to be home to take care of him. He is my best friend and I sure do love him and his sister Tisha. So far Tisha is doing well she is getting around great.