November Meeting


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    November Meeting

    Sunny, warm, gentle breeze. Leaves falling, mostly gone. We have had one hard freeze and "snow", but really lousy snow. No accumulation. About 65F right now. Had Sky to the park yesterday, and he beat up a Pit Bull. A really pretty blue nose brindle and cream colored PB came up to greet us while I was petting Jr. Sky knocked him over. PB waved his feet in the air. Apparently the owner failed to teach her dog to be mean and aggressive. Sky had already played with the PB.

    Grandson wants to go hunting with me and Sky. GS loves dogs, and his dad does shoot, but doesn't have time for hunting now. I'll take him for a nice walk in a WMA and he can watch Sky at work. I have enough blaze orange clothing to cover the kid and the dog, and mid week is pretty quiet at the WMA.

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    I think that the honeymoon may be nearly over. Dicies was a total sp*t today! She's been really great in the not so much. Need to clean dog slobber off the Windows in the morning
    She's fine when I'm in the car car but....crate is already in there again.

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    Glenda -- is she ignoring you so she can't 'hear' "NO".  (she's deaf right??).  It can be tough to get their attention (and they ARE smart enough to NOT look at you when they don't want to KNOW you don't want them to do something.  Muffin was THE master at looking at the ceiling when he didn't want to receive "instruction".  

    You may want to train her with either a light (not a laser, but a small flashlight you can turn on/off fast), OR a sharp rap on something that will transmit vitbration (and that's tough in a car)..  

    email me if you want -- I had a lot of tricks I used with the deaf dogs I've had -- learning to "pop up" when they aren't expecting you to stand there with your feet apart, hands on your hips (with your hands 'fisted' -- radiate "tension" in your body stance) and give her an absolute "Don't even THINK about it" look).  

    In the house, vibration will travel really well if you keep a broomstick (yes literally a broomstick) in each room, so you can thump it on the floor a specific number of times -- and you can train that so something like TWO means come now ... 3 **fast** taps means STOP THAT ...  but thumping the floor (or a baseboard that is wood -- carpet will dampen the vibration).  

    But a light flashing and the "taps" -- coordinate those so if 3 'fast' taps means STOP THAT then 3 'fast' blinks of a flashlight means the same thing.  But you can "call" a deaf dog with a flashlight easier than anything.  It's easier when it's dark BUT you can definitely get their attention with light from a distance..

    But she'll try you ... and a lot of times a deaf dog will get ditched because no one has taken the time to really **Enforce** that THIS means ***THIS*** every single solitary time.  And no, you can't look at the ceiling and ignore me cos *I* know how to get your attention.

    Oh .. and Muffin would tell me I was TERRIBLY remiss if I didn't tell you that one of the 'toys' that a deaf dog often loves is a 'blinky ball'.  A ball that flashes upon impact??  It relates to them somehow .. Muffin had about 6,000 games he played with his .. and he always won because HE invented the rules!!  Dad could play along .. but ... mere human DON'T think you can win!!  You can't.  I made all the rules for this! LOL

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    No. She's been well trained and is very responsive to my "look at me" touch. Nope, I think the car was a matter of too much freedom too soon. Now the counter surfing which started just today, I was warned about by her foster family. Better management needed on my part.

    Almost 10 and still haven't heard from my better half...

    Will be going to VA this weekend with Ryan for his bio dads service. Honestly I want to be there for Ryan and the younger two boys, but I have no desire to have anything to do with that jerks "tribute". I may have no tongue left by the time its over, having bitten it too many times so as not to open my mouth......When Mike died, the youngest of the four, Jon, begged me to promise to be there for the boys when the jerk finally kicked off. I want to honor that promise. My sons at least grew up with a dad in Todd. Those two guys had nothing.

    On a brighter note, Indian summer is here. Hope like heck it sticks around!

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    I get it -- remember I have  a sawed-off short-arsed hound mix that will climb to the top of the fridge to steal milk thistle.  Counter-surfing is a disease (I-smell-it-I-get-it)

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    Glenda, I'll be thinking of you and the boys this weekend. I feel certain the boys will appreciate that you're sticking to your promise to them. (((hugs)))

    My gang rides in crates in the car/van--it seems to help them settle, and I hope it's safer for them. Rock has his next "test" for pet therapy on Saturday--if we do well, we get to move on to our first (of two) internships. We went into this with no pressure to test now, but he has done well, so we're going to give it a go.  Rock is going to start nosework in December--keep the boy busy--that's my new motto!

    I'm glad Mrs, Doug is on the mend and doing well--yeah! I've had the red streak/"blood poisoning" twice--good to pay attention and get it checked/treated. Didn't you take some of the grandkids hunting a couple years ago, Doug? I think I remember a picture--or maybe that was someone else? How fun that he gets to see Sky work!

    It was warm here today--high 60s! I guess I'll need to mow one more time, as the lawn is still growing.

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    Haven't checked in in a while -- I had to go back and read posts from the past several days.  Ginger, I'm sorry to hear about your neighbors.  I hope their families are doing okay.  If you live in the same neighborhood long enough with someone and spend lots of time together, neighbors can be like family.  In our case, we've been lucky enough in both houses we've lived in to have neighbors that were like adoptive parents to us.  We'd be heartbroken if something happened to them.

    Glenda, I can totally understand your reluctance to hear any tributes for your ex, but it's really nice you'll be there for Ryan and the other two boys.  I guess you'll just have to keep repeating to yourself, "I'm here for the boys, I'm here for the boys," and keep some bandages nearby for your damaged, bitten tongue!

    Kate, I had to laugh at the "incident of the disappearing clicker."  I almost hate to ask, but did it "reappear" sometime later?!  :-)  I'll be interested to hear how you like the nose work classes/training.  I think Ruby would be good at that.  We've got such a Catch-22 with her:  she would benefit immensely from activities like that, but her dog reactivity makes taking her to group classes very stressful (for her, for us, and for other students).  By not taking her to such classes, she doesn't get enough activity or exposure, so her behavior doesn't improve.  I sometimes think I should just splurge and see if I could find a private teacher whom I could pay for a totally private group of lessons with no other dogs there!

    Old news, but Halloween night here was torrential rain -- we only had 34 trick-or-treaters, when we usually have closer to 80.  I felt so sorry for the kids -- they were drenched.  The cutest ones were the 2-year old triplet boys dressed as minions from "Despicable Me."  They were adorable, but clearly didn't understand what they were doing standing at this stranger's door!

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    Halloween turned into a great training experience for Sky.  Sit and wait, meet and greet, retire.  Every once in a while, I think both brain cells are working.  But it is nice to have the prettiest dog in town.  

    We had a couple of older kids in home made costumes that were so neat I called wife up to see them.  Witches, with makeup and glue on noses.

    I think we get a few kids in from Mankato because we are a small safe town for kids.

    Leaves are just about done now.  Strong winds and a little rain did the job.  Will have a big pile for the grand kids to jump in.

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    This has been a rough week.

    Little Miss Dixie has decided to remind us tjat yes she really is a dog. Last nite I left a bag of her home cooked in the sink and came out on the sun porch toindulge my bad habit. Dixie helped herself to the bag! Fortunately I heard her before she had the chance to eat it bag and all! What a stinker. My bad. Pass the rolled up newspaper please or just bop me upside the head with it.

    Soooo very glad that I have nothing outside of the house to do today until my PT this evening. I really need a non structured day to catch up with me.m

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    Well, gosh, the first part of my post isn't there.......

    The service has been changed to next weekend so I won't be traveling this weekend, thankfully. Too many cooks all trying to stir the same pot and you end up with three disgruntled cooks and nothing can be agreed on. I have been asked to be there however to keep two of the guys from giving the third the beatdown he so riches deserves. Geeze, the man is dead and is still causing upheaval in my life. Sigh.

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    Glenda I will check my outgoing email at home to make SURE Luna isn't sending Dixie lists of suggestions.    *rolling eyes*

    I let Luna drag a leash IN THE HOUSE for like 3 years til she decided "human in charge" was a motto she could live with.  It's just that everything at your house is GREAT and interesting and YUMMY.  I mean she's a pyr -- it's not like she has to step on 3 stools just to reach the sink (Luna I'm talking about YOU girl!)

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    LOL! I'm betting Luna IS sending her tips!

    I left it there, I forgot that she's not perfect and IS a dog. Like I said, my bad, but the stress and distractions of this whole memorial drama are getting to me and I just slipped. I picked an inopportune time to be alone with my thoughts for a few. Lesson learned.

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    Ok, so here is the simple situation , Luna.... your tips to Garth must stop also.  I do not ever remember having a more stubborn pooch in my life.  About the time you think you have had enough of his misbehavior he will come up and lay his head in your lap and look at you with those sweet innocent eyes.   His counter surfing is not really counter surfing its ..taking stuff outta the sink surfing and table hopping..


    None of  our techniques are working yet, our neighbor keeps telling us it will take some time cause his "pyr" side is going to do it his way.  We have always had big dogs but usually after a few times of "no" they will stop that thing and move on, but Garth just looks at you and does it one more time....just for good measure.  I have got to get this boy a job and obedience classes.

    Doug so glad your wife is better and it sounds like Sky had a great time treating all the kids on Halloween.

    Tracy the triplet story was adorable.   Another year with no trick or treaters for us but there is always hope for next year :)

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    Pyrs are NOT dogs first and foremost.  They are totally independent livestock guarders (and you two have simply been promoted to "the livestock I take care of) -- and if what YOU want is contrary to what the pyr wants ... well

    wait for it ... wait for it ...

    they're truly among those independent breeds very used to making their own decisions (even when they are wrong).

    no what the human wants is NOT necessarily top priority with these guys.  They are herders with a unique mentality and the brain and brawn to keep up with that.  (which is why Callie ain't gotta herder at this point -- I'm just plain not fast enough!)

    Glenda -- when you get done with that newspaper (you may need it for the humans next weekend) send it back to me cos obviously I'm giving    Luna way too much keyboard access.

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    hey guys. Go over to the idog kennel please and post in resonse to baddogs quesrions.

    Callie luckily we got a lot of experience with the gsd, also herders, extremely stubborn and smart. When Dixie does dig her heels in mine go even deeper!

    She truly is a gem. I just have to reprogram my brain to "still a pup. ...still a dog!"

    sooooo....I have been disowned, told never to contact my oldesr step son again (ummmmm to never have) and, oh yeah, unfriended. Really? All of this in response regarding structuring Pats memorial service to the nnnnnth degree. For 60 years this man scorned structure so you are going to honor his life with a super structured service? Shaking my head.....

    Dixie and I had a great walk this morning. She is such a joy to work with! She responds to the barest touch of her loose lead like an extremely well trained saddle horse! I am soooo very grateful to who ever did such a wonderful job training her and for her blessedly good and loving nature. I adore this girl!