October Chatting


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    October Chatting

    It is still cold, rainy and windy here. I'm off to our pet assisted therapy class in a bit. The lawn needs mowing, but it's not going to happen this weekend. [mention:undefined]

    My coffee pot is acting strange today, so I may have to invest in a new one if I can't fix this one.

    Happy October all!

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    I'd check out that junk festival barn if I were nearby, Ginger. Sounds like a great place to wander around looking for treasures.

    I'm usually the one reporting rain, but not a trace of it here. I hope you don't get too washed out, Kate. It sounds like some coastal states are going to have some major problems with flooding. I thought I heard one report saying some part of the Carolinas could get a foot of rain in a day. We're still dealing with the longest, warmest, Indian summer I've ever seen here. I keep thinking I've worn my capris and sandals for the last time, but then we have another day of high 70's, low 80's. I love the sun, but I wouldn't mind some cooler temps. I'd like to wear boots and leggings!

    I really enjoy the acapella group called "Straight No Chaser." I've seen them live a couple times, and they're excellent. Originally a group from Indiana University in the 1990's, but now they tour everywhere. They do everything from holiday music to pop and rock songs -- really great. Check them out on YouTube.

    I've finally had to turn the news off because all the coverage of the mass shooting in Roseburg is just so depressing. It's only 2 hours from here, but fortunately I don't know anyone who was personally affected. I have to go to a seminar at the community college in our area next week, and I admit I'll be on edge. It's getting so I feel nervous whenever I'm in a crowded place like that. It's so sad to think of what everyone is going through there.

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    Gosh, the insanity that our world has become. My heart goes out to all involved/affected.

    We had rain showers on and off all day, otherwise just big time gloomy and a whooping 48 degrees. Perfect day to make a big pot of chili and a pan of brownies. While texting with my neighbor I discovered that she's sicker than a dog, so ended up taking chili and brownies over for her and the kids. That gal works 3 jobs, is a single mom of 3 and majorly busts her butt. I got waited on all week while I was feeling crappy so I paid it forward. She deserves a little help every now and then.

    On the nose front......still doing fine. Am getting pressure headaches, but my poor snoz is so swollen and stuffy that I guess it's to be expected. I am soooo looking forward to being able to blow my nose again! At the moment everything just tends to sit on the soft palet. I can't blow, so if it can't get past the packing and splints, and it can't get down into the throat if just sits there and bugs me. Post op is Tuesday....counting the days!

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    One of my nephews just got married.  He just made corporal in the Marines and his girlfriend of several years visited him.  My brother is overseas on business and will  probably calm down by the time he gets back.  Hopefully there will be a family get to gather to celebrate.  Only two more of that generation to get married off and then we wait for the grandkids generation to start.  Nephew is a really fine young man, about 6'6" and about  3 ft across the shoulders.  A really athletic man and will be a really good marine.  He looks impressive in the uniform.

    Glenda- I had a nosebleed once that wouldn't stop, so the doctor packed it.  He pulled the strings into my mouth and up and out the nose to draw the packing in.  I know what you are talking about.  The only good thing is that it feels so good when it ends. And it does end.

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    Oh Doug! That sounds dreadful! Less than 48 hours left before all this stuff gets removed! Yippppppeeeee!

    With all my whining, I feel like a total heel. Friday, Sis (yep the same sister who was in an accident on July 5th and broke her neck) had an accident riding her bicycle. Mind you she had neck surgery in July at C5&6. I had neck surgery in 1999. She is allowed to ride her mountain bike with the biking group on 50 and 60 mile treks. I'm not allowed to ride a bike at all unless its a recumbent jobber. She broke her hip,(total hip replacement) shattered her elbow, (total reconstruction) and then broke her collarbone just for good measure....apparently that only required the "typical nuts and bolts". With elbow surgery, they want you to start moving it right away so the joint doesn't freeze, but the collarbone has to be immobilized to heal. They also want her up and moving with a walker, but with one arm, well, that's gonna be tricky. Heavens, my poor sister!

    I had a minor throat surgery in June, Sis breaks her neck and gawd knows what all. Then I get a nose repair done and Sis breaks a whole bunch of other stuff. Guess I'd best avoid surgery from now on to keep HER safe. My gosh. I have been the family klutz for 60+ years. I'm good at it. I damage stuff but I don't BREAK bones. Think my overachieving sister needs to pass the klutz mantel back to me!

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to talk to my sister, but my nephew in law filled me in fairly well today. Thursday she was posting on my facebook to see how I was doing and the next day she's in major pain? Gosh.

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    E-mail from my brother. announcing my nephews marriage .  From the general tenor, I think bro is frosted.  He wanted to be there, and he wanted the wedding to be here.

    House was at 62 F yesterday.  Sweaters, jackets, wool socks.  Wife thinks I should turn on the furnace.  But she was raised in Iowa, down south from here.  The mosquitos are flying slowly.

    Pheasant season starts Saturday, and Sky gets to go to work.  You can see his joy when we hit the deep grass or heavy brush.  What he was bred for.  But he has to stop hunting butterflies.  So embarrassing .

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    The Junk Ranch was awesome besides the great "junk"  I met a pug and a corgi both had  great personalities.  

    Then Ron and I went to the "Lincoln Apple Festival"  one of our favorites.  Small, local, in the town square.  Lots of apple things.  We go specifically for the home-made apple dumplins.  Wish I knew how they made them  or maybe it's best that I don't. :)   It was such a beautiful day.  We sat in front of the bandstand waiting for the music to start and when it finally did, I gave up my seat to an elderly lady that was no bigger than a minute.  We listened to a couple of songs and headed home.  While there we saw 4 different families with Great Danes, they were huge and beautiful.  We saw several small dogs, on leash and being carried.  We saw a young shepherd, a few labs, a baby Rottie (we saw him from across the square, Ron was hoping they would come closer to us so he could meet him )  There was a golden, a healer, and a I am not sure what but I was laughing at his antics....probably Garth's age.

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    Oops, I didn't mean to push the post button, lol.    This one is a great place to socialize pooches,  with people and pups.  Garth would have loved it, maybe next time.

    Hope everyone has a great week.  Ours has started with slew of calls from customers.   In fact I started this about 1/2 hour ago better get done .

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    The splints are gone!!! The suture removal was downright painful, the splint removal was a mixture of owie mixed with relief and the suctioning of the nasal passages left a bit to be desired comfort wise, but. I CAN BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY REMEMBERABLE LIFE!!!!! This is going to be a learning process. All my life my mouth has been slightly open in order to facilitate breathing. And now? THE NOSE WORKS!!! Woooooopppppiiiiiii!

    My sister is having a very rough time. They want her up and using and walker for the hip, however, with the broken collar bone and elbow, she can't put any weight on her arm. They've ordered her a special walker that she can use one handed. She can't move the upper part of her body because of the collar bone, but the rebuilt elbow has to be somewhat mobile to prevent a frozen joint.....I feel so very badly for her. This is two VERY major surgeries in less than 3 months. The neck surgery was July 6th and now the hip replacement AND elbow on October 3rd. Sharon will be 68 next month. My less than an hour surgery wore me out for several days. Hers was FIVE hours and she has incredible pain, which I didn't have to deal with. I'm worried about her.

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    Glenda congrats to breathing :)  I am so sorry to hear about your Sis, sending lots of healing vibes.

    Today is my daughter's 40th birthday, that makes me feel so old.  Today I also will be getting my "Locks of Love" haircut.  Every 2 years since 2006, I missed last year cause of my hip replacement but am back on track.  I will do before and after pics later.

    Doug, I cant believe you would be embarrassed by that adorable butterfly chasing Sky :)

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    Glenda, I can only imagine what it feels like for you to breathe fully through your nose.  I know how thankful I am after a headcold clears up and my nose works correctly again!  I wonder if you'll notice a change in how your voice sounds?   It seems it would have been more "nasally" all these years (like how I sound when I have a head cold).  

    What a terrible thing for your sister to have to go through after the major health issues and surgery she had from the auto accident.  She is one tough cookie, but she might want to look into some alternative recreational activities that don't involve mountain bikes and rough terrain.  Maybe gardening or  needlepoint?  :-)  Sending more healing vibes to both of you -- with extra ones for her!

    Ginger, I'll be eager to see the before/after pics.  The Locks of Love is a neat program.  Good for you!  This morning my boss came in with a shaved head -- took me by surprise.  He normally wears his hair VERY short, so it wasn't a big change, but the "tan line" where his hair was is fairly visible.  :-)  His friend's son is going through chemo, so a whole bunch of people shaved their heads in solidarity.  A local haircut shop did all the buzzing for free.  Fortunately, the boy's prognosis is excellent..    

    Doug, I think the image of Sky chasing the butterfly is sweet.  Sounds like a greeting card photo to me.  In fact, isn't there an old song by Heart called "Dog and Butterfly?"  One of their prettiest ballads.

    Rain here today -- much needed, but nothing like the poor people in SC and other eastern areas are dealing with.  The news footage of the floods is just incredible.  What a scary thing to be experiencing.

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    Glenda, I am so glad you are through the "taking out the sutures and splints" stage--yeah! So glad the surgery is already working. Many good thoughts coming to your sister--what a scary situation.

    Doug, I think Sky flushing/chasing a butterfly is adorable. You have a multi-talented pup!

    Today was a gorgeous day--got the tulips replanted (a little bed that runs along the stair case)--and my dear, sweet Mozey immediately played in the dirt and dug up some of them. Silly girl! She loves to play/dig in fresh dirt. So, I'll make sure everything is OK and will put some sort of fencing over the dirt. I got about 1/2 the yard mowed--will finish tomorrow, and hopefully, that's it for the season.

    Ginger, I've never done the Locks of Love program (and I have short hair now), but I've heard of it. What a great way to provide much needed support.

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    I was trying to send a pic of my Locks before and after, cant seem to make it work. May have to try from home later.

    Have a good day all!

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    Every now and then life throws one of those weird, funny coincidence things my way, and I always get a kick out of them.  So, in my post yesterday, I mentioned the song, "Dog and Butterfly" by Heart (in reference to Sky's chasing butterflies).  A few hours later, I'm listening to one of my favorite radio programs, and the DJ started reading "This Day in History," a list of notable things that happened in the music world on that date.  Halfway through the list he says, "And on this date in 1978, Heart released their fourth studio album "Dog and Butterfly," which went double platinum."  How funny is that? ! I've not heard that song or mentioned the title in ages, but the day I mention it in a forum post happens to be the anniversary of the release date.  And I happened to be listening to the radio right when someone states that (I'd have never known otherwise).  Weird!

    Kate, Ruby does the same thing in the garden.  Everytime we try to plant bulbs or tubers, she immediately goes over and digs them up, tossing them in the air like she found the best treasure in the world.  We're always saying, "Ruby, if only we could teach you to dig where we WANT you to dig in the garden.  You could earn your keep around here!"  

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    That's pretty cool Tracey. Butterflies always remind me of our Rusty.

    We have a home visit from the Pyr rescue tomorrow afternoon. Hope that goes well.

    Sis has been released from the hospital and allowed to go home. Not all the way, but at least to their condo in Holland. Unknown when she'll be able to return to TC, but she's very worried about being away so long from my Mom. She has a very long road to recovery in front of her and I do wish she'd cut herself some slack.

    The nose continues to function as it was meant to. Feels rather odd to actually be able to breathe through it, but in such a GOOD way!

    Off to spit polish everything for tomorrows visit!