Choosing A Dog

Choosing A Dog
Types Of Dog Breeds
What is the Exact Number of Dog Breeds in the World? There is no single organization which decides the exact number of dog breeds that the world has today, although there is one which comes close. This is the FCI or Fédération Cynologique Internationale or in English, it is simply World Canine...
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Hey guys! I just started a new YouTube channel on Dog Training and was hoping some fellow dog lovers could leave me some feedback on it!! My channel is called JDog Dog Training, thanks so much!! I really appreciate it!
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First post - please help me figure out my stray's breed
Hi folks, I kept trying to google various mixes and always seemed pulled back to these boards looking at photos... So probably time for my first post :-) From what I can tell, I think he is part Malinois but 100% mystery. He weighs about 60 pounds, loves to sniff, never barks, is incredibly smart and...
First Post: What's Zoey?!?
Zoey is my 3 year old rescued mix. For all of her life, I've been trying to decide what exactly her breed is. She's an amazing dog that I would love to have another of. She's energetic, loving, a swimmer, a hunter, a sweetheart. She sheds something terrible, with a water resistant wavy coat...
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she looks so much like my puppy it's scary.
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Peke or Tibetan Spaniel?
I found this site by searching this very question, and spotting someone else asking the same thing. Y'all's answers were so helpful I figured I'd make an account to ask myself! I adopted Persephone as a Christmas present to myself this past year, and she is just a doll! She's still getting...
Help! What's my dog's breed?
Hi everyone! I'm trying to figure out what my dog's breed is without doing a DNA test and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. He's four months old and weighs around 18 pounds. Our only idea right now is that he might have some Australian Shepherd features, but we're not sure what...
Breed of the Week - Labrador Retriever
The Labrador Retriever is gentle, intelligent and the perfect family dog, for the right family of course. They require exercise and training, Labs are known for their great skills as retrievers in the hunting field, but also make excellent service dogs, seeing eye dogs and more. Retrievers will thrive...
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
Hi everyone! I love my Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.. Any other "Wheaten" owners out there? They seem to be a pretty uncommon breed, if you ask me. When people ask what kind of dogs I have, they always seem pretty confused after I tell them what I have! (And for those unaware, saying "Soft...
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Call me crazy, but I'm honestly thinking about adding a Chihuahua to my family. My best friend just got one and now it's reminding me why I love the breed so much! (For those of you that remember when I had Possum, I know that situation didn't work out as well as I wished. I re-homed her...
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New rescue
Hello, I am new to the site, so please correct me if I am posting in the wrong place. We recently (this past Monday) rescued a dog. We were told he is a mini border collie mix. Do you think this is correct? If so, what is his mix? Thank you! Here are some pictures:
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We adopted a rescue! Any breed ideas?
We recently adopted this beautiful girl Dutchess from a local rescue. She is 9 months old and weighs 55lbs already. We are thinking that she probably has some mastiff and boxer but wanted to see what you all might think! Thank you!(:
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Dog Breed?
Anyone know what kind of dog this is? A pit bull mix of some sort maybe?
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Newest foster is a beast ;) any idea of breed?
So we picked up our newest foster yesterday and he is a big boy. Very strong. But very well mannered (besides pulling on leash but all ready getting better) and very intelligent. His vet appointment isn't until next week but we estimate he's about 75 pounds. I know what the rescue organization...
Blanca's breed
Hey guys, well about a year ago for my birthday I reviewed my adorable dog, her name is Blanca but I need help with what kind of dog she is can anyone help please?
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No Doberman Rescue in Seaford NY
Yesterday a woman googled Doberman rescue and came up with my mothers name and address and dumped a dog at my house tied to a fence . 25-30 lbs sick , mange infested , starving dog . Only problem is my mom who was Roseanne Fierro died in 2007 . The Doberman rescue no longer exists . Please please - spread...
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My mysterious lil buddy
Ive had my dog for about a year and have came to the conclusion that he is a corgidor (corgi/lab mix) but to be honest im not to sure what he is. would some one help me out a bit to identify my buddy?
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What's your favorite breed? Why?
Everyone has a favorite breed. Tell me about yours.
Beagles, as companions.
What is your opinion of Beagles as companion dogs, pets. Obviously their suitability as a house dog/family pet would probably depend on how far down the line their ancestors were used for hunting. Do Beagle enthusiasts and competitive handlers view dogs not our of hunting stock, as inferior?