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    Ginger --email me at -- I'll send you my arthritis stuff.  There's actually a lot you can do that works well.  But I can tell you this - whatever you are using for an NSAID  --  always give it with a valerian capsule!!!!  Your instincts are good.  When you hurt you tense up ... so the valerian relaxes the muscles and the NSAID does more actually.  Even *I* do that.

    The good/bad about the     estate stuff is I"m the ONLY heir..  So I don't have to argue with nobuddy ... but *grin* there's no one else to do any of it either.  

    My folks were more than a tad odd ... and I've lived far away for 35 years.  But I talked to both of them every day (often in two phone calls so I could check on both of them).  They ahd long lives and didn't have to go to a nursing home ... but 62 year old habits are tough to break.  NOT making those calls every day ... it's more than weird.  I miss them.  They drove me nuts but I miss them.  But I could not have asked either of them to stay even one more day.  90 and 91 -- that's lives well lived and how can it be any better?  But habits are a bear. ....

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    gosh. Callie I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Way to go Ginger! Pyrs are an awesome breed but. Easyfor me to say when mine came after 9 months in a fabulous pyr rescue with an absolutely incredible woman who knew specifically how to work with deaf pyrs. All the really hard work was already done for us! Have yet to teach her not to look up at the ceiling qhen ahe doesn't want to hear what I'm saying!

    Doug the apples sound incredible!

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    oppps. Forgot to mention that we stopped for a weighin today. Dixie is 104.5 lbs. She turned two in June so I'm pretty sure ahe won't get any bigger.

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    Oh, my goodness, it is so good to see all of you again! I don't use the notification system and I couldn't figure out why everyone disappeared!

    Callie, I am so sorry to hear the news about your folks. To say it's hard is such an understatement--I miss Dad and was worried I'd mess up the garden without his oversight.  I was thinking of you lately, because it's 'mater season and I have a bumper crop this year. A tomato and mayo sandwich--yummmmmmmy!

    Garth, you're growing up! I can't believe it. Dixie, you're all grown up!

    Rock graduated from the pet therapy program through our community college--he is doing well--he's a goofy hound and just a huge love. Ronnie and Mozey are well, too.

    Doug, the apples sound great. I don't need any goldfish---sorry!

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    Glenda - don't hold your breath about training her NOT to look at the ceiling when she doesn't want to know you're talking to her.  Muffin was deaf about 15 seconds and figured THAT one out right quick.  If he knew we were trying to get his attention all of a sudden the sky/ceiling became SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO interesting!!

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    Glenda did Dixie come with instructions ?  I would like to teach Garth more hand signals, Shadow was very good at that .

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    I wish she had!  I spoke very briefly with Martha on the phone....she was deciding if I was ok or not to have Dixie....and things were crazy when we went to pick her up.  Five pyrs were transported from NC the day before and all five were being picked up, so we got a few quick basics and out the door.  Basically I've just used with Dixie the same kind of signs I used with the shepherds.

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    I've always been amazed at the the hand signals dogs and people use unintentionally .  You tell a dog to sit, and point at the dogs nose, and sit  and the pointing become separate signals to sit.  Human will use them without even realizing it.  Sky picked up my unintentional signals to ride in the truck-putting on socks and shoes, a hat, picking up the keys.  Dogs watch us and really know our body language.

    Used a different WMA last night to run Sky.  Grass land and swamp, backing up to a big swamp.  As we have become a tropical rain forest, the black soil was wet and sticky, and smelled a little funky.  Had a big rabbit greet us in the parking area.  Sky tried to find it in really deep grass.  He had a great time splashing in deep reeds and mud.

    It's raining again.  My grass is really green and really growing.  Thinking about hitting the new dandelions again.  I try to not use chemicals more than needed, so I usually have some weeds mixed in, but the weeds are green, so I don't care.  Now, the broadleaf seem to be taking over.

    I mentioned that Lowes is donating agility type equipment to our dog parks.  The one I use now has a 4' high by 20' long concrete culvert, a raised table with ramp and stairs, a "v" ramp, an adjustable jump, and a version of weave poles.  They apparently also donated 3 cans of mosquito repellant.   Sky has no problem with any of the toys, but you have to give a clear command.  I pointed at the culvert, and he wound up sitting on the top of it.  He also discovered that the top of the table is slippery when hit from the side at full speed.  He slid across and off.  He seems to like that.

    He has to stop knocking down pittys for fun.  He likes rough play, and Pits and Alaskans are his favorites to play with.

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    Sky needs to come play with Ronnie--he loves ruff and tumble play; the more noise he can make, the better!

    I am very intrigued by Lowe's donations. I've taken Rock to our local Lowe's for "practice" (training) a lot; it's a great way to see/try a lot of different things. It's good for him, because he can get bored quickly. There's enough noise and stuff to see.

    I use a lot of voice and hand cues with Rock--he gets it. I haven't used hand cues for things like sit, but instead a lot of directional cues. I'm also using different collars/harnesses for his different tasks (therapy work, regular walks, or--in his world, the best of them all--his harness for going on sniff walks to look for tress with raccoon scent!).

    Doug, send some of the rain this way--I had to do a major watering of the garden today and will do the tomatoes tomorrow. We've gotten some rain, but not even close to enough.

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    With rain comes mosquitos.  I fed mine this morning.  Deet is apparently an attractant to gnats.  Sent a thank you note to the local Lowes store for the dog park equipment.  It looks like they are adding a weave pole set up.  Sky comes off the equipment all wound up and ready to run.  Also, thanks to the rain, ready for a bath.  The sand that catches up in his hairs all has a funky dog smell, wonderful to experience in a standard cab pickup.

    I was turning a piece of cedar yesterday, making a nice little bowl, and touched the rim with a straight knife.  The rim blew up.  I am not going to use that old cedar any more.  Too fragile.  Very pretty, but not that nice to work.  Try a piece of home grown birch next.  It's spalted, but  a very pretty pattern in the wood.  Leaving a piece of the bark around the rim, at least until it blows up on me.

    Couple of kids at the dog park with a boxer/lab cross puppy.  Sky played gently with him for quite a while.  Mud everywhere.

    Newspaper is advertising a tricolor lab litter,  $1200/pup.  Breeders really tried to eliminate tris from the gene pool.  Now, they want premium prices for the designer lab cross.

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    I think my legs have decided to go on strike after two solid days in the kitchen.  Groan!  Got a very belated freezer wish list from "the kids" yesterday morning so have been cooking up a storm and my legs are not really on speaking terms with me right now.....unless you count the curses they are tossing at me.  The kids, and my gorgeous grand daughter will be here Saturday!  I can't wait!

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    Oh  Gramma Glenda WOW!!  I just know that will be totally wonderful for you!   I just got done with my nightly shower and BLAM ... one of the pipes blew in the bathroom and everything got drowneded.  ugh ... one more "fix it"  that just became urgent.  yay!

    Charlie is NOT looking forward to the coming Floor-da weather for the next few days.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and spare him that but at least he's got his "Angels" to cuddle up to LOL

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    Wow!  I have not checked the forum in ages, and I don't use the notifications feature, either.  You all cross my mind often, and this morning while I put on my sneakers to walk Ruby, I suddenly thought to myself, "I wonder how all the iDoggers are -- I miss the old days when the forum was so active."  Fast forward several hours later, and I was just taking a mental break here at my desk -- I decided to log onto the forum -- lo and behold, all of you are here, conversing the past couple days.  It's like your conversation vibes came through to my mind to give me a subliminal message today.  Fantastic!

    It's wonderful to "see" and "hear" all of you and to catch up on what's been happening the past couple months.  Callie, I am so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing; I remember you said she was faring okay after your Dad's death, but I know it had to be hard for her living independently and for you feeling unable to help much from afar.  And to be the sole person having to handle all their affairs -- I understand how stressful that can be, and I hope for your sake that everything can be wrapped up as soon as possible.  I'm also sorry to hear that you've had more health setbacks this year -- the added stress of your role as executor surely doesn't help.  Sending lots of strong, healing vibes your way!

    Sounds like everyone's dogs are doing well, despite some showing signs of age and slowing down.  The important thing is they're all getting all the TLC possible in the wonderful homes they have with all of you.  As for Ruby, she is the same ball of energy when she's "on," and the same cuddly jello blob when she's "off."  We still struggle with reactivity issues while waking her, but we manage with walking as often as we can where we don't run into other dogs.

    Our summer has been rather stressful -- you may remember that my MIL has dementia and last summer we were focused on her move to assisted living, and her continued refusal to get up or stay engaged in any way.  At the start of July, she called DH in complete delirium, unable to get up on her own, hallucinating, etc.  We thought she had a UTI, which caused similar symptoms a few months before, but after an ER visit, nothing definitive was found.  The hospital kept her 5 days, and all signs pointed to the end being near (kidneys not working well, breathing difficult, etc.).  Both SILs are 1500 miles away, and DH is the sole legal rep, so he moved forward with necessary arrangements, including hospice care, etc.  But, within a week she rallied, and although she's at a new low (i.e., sleeping 24/7 except for meals and bathing), she's been relatively stable.  SILs have visited, including a month stay for one of them, and a couple grandchildren have been able to come from out-of-state.  MIL doesn't seem to react much whether she has visitors or not, but she's also not expressing fear, agitation, or pain, so that's good.  DH, on the other hand, has aged considerably, and I worry about his own physical and mental health.  He's worn out.  The only break he's had this summer was a 3 day fishing trip in early June.  The poor guy needs to go to a warm, deserted island for a month to just chill out and relax.  His job is even more stressful, so he's at his wit's end.

    On a lighter note, I wish we could gather together somewhere and share in Glenda's culinary offerings, as well as Kate's garden surplus, and Doug's honey crisp apples.  It would be fun to catch up in person, but reading your posts from the past few days has been a nice visit, too!

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    Tracy -- dang I'm sorry.  And watching the toll stuff like this takes on a spouse is just horrific and your DH is really getting saddled with a lot.  *hugs*

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    Wife is going to take a tour with a group next month, during pheasant season.  Dog and I will be home, with a car that gets great milage.  Financial advisor sent us a letter about required withdrawals from 401Ks.  A plan is coming together.  Dog needs more exercise to get into condition for extended hunting trip.  

    Being rich is having what you need, most of what you want, a few extras just for fun, and money left at the end of the month.   Grandkids also help.  We are apparently there.  Note-the new car is an 09, my truck is a 97.   Buy quality, use it up, fix it up, use it  again till it breaks completely.

    Looking at the apples.  Lots of them, lots of  them bruised from hail.  May have to try making cider this year .  Squirrels and birds have done some damage, but we like the squirrels and birds also.  It's a trade off.

    I turned a nice little bowl from a piece of old birch tree.  Pretty wood, with a fantastic pattern, but the old wood gets fragile and hard to smooth.  But it does look good..  Need to drive around town and see if there are any birch trees in out of the way places.