Happy February


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    Happy February

    Good Morning all, am I surprised to be the first for a Feb thread.

    We let Rocky's gotcha day go by very quietly, I am sure Ron doesn't even remember what day it is. It was ground hog day in 2008 that we drove 100 miles to go check out that "Newfoundland Pup" that I fell in love with just seeing him on Pet Finder. As we all now know he was a Lab but still loved so much. I find that I miss him a lot and still think of him often.

    Garth is being a very good brother to Trisha, they have a little routine down now, which they have taught both of the humans, ha. I didn't think he would ever grow out of his "devil dog" stage but he has and he is a very good boy. Trisha is spoiled rotten by both Garth and Ron so by the time I get home from work each day, she is in charge :).

    It is going to be 70 in NWA today cant believe how warm it is for Feb. I hope all of you are well and not having to much bad weather.

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    Hello hello! Ive actually thot about getting here but thats as far as I got!

    We had a great time the last week of January. Because the 24th was the fifth anniversary of Mikes death Rob Asked if he could come down and be with us...and of course Isabella came too! Nothing like our adorable girl to make any day better!

    Not much of anything going on here. Same old same old weather wise. Dixie of course loves the cold and snow. Her people not so much. But we patiently wait while she sniffs every square inch of the yard for just the right place, squats, changes her mind, walks a few steps and squats again....rinse and repeat 4-5 times until the spot is the absolutely best ever spot before she finally pees! Then starts all over again to find the perfect place to poop! Meanwhile the two legged smuck slowly turns blue......but. Gotta say she is absolutely worth dang near freezing!

    I am so glad Ginger that your boy has outgrown the doggie version of the terrible twos! Pyrs are such a fantastic breed! Dix is worth her weight in gold....such a perfect fit for our family!

    We continue to have health scares with mom. Poor Sis is carrying a heavy load being the only one if us there. We are going up in June so she and her hubs can have a get away for their 50th anniversary. Hopefully it will be warm enough to camp by then!

    Hope everyone is doing well and surviving the cold!

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    I am sorry you guys and sounds like Doug too are having such cold temps.  We set a record High yesterday and looks like today will do the same.  Supposed to be 72.  

    I guess it is the time of years for Moms, mine has also been in the hospital 2x's in 2 weeks.  They finally came to the conclusion she has an ulcer.  She doesn't eat well and eats mostly fruit and raw veggies which has probably made the ulcer and irritation  worse.  I haven't gone to see her, not much anyone can do but make her eat right.  I  may have to go over the weekend and give my dad a break.