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    Starting to get cold out. Ran Sky at the WMA and the puddles had ice. Grass is still green. We are getting the house resided. The old steel has a lot of years on it and is peeling. Glad I don't have to work outside any more.

    Apparently my wife is getting old. Her AARP card arrived.

    Wife is trying a new craft-engraving rocks. Using a rotary tool and limestone blocks, she is attempting to make a welcome stone marker for my son featuring a moose. Could be neat, or i could be sleeping in the basement tonight.

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    We're supposed to get a bit of snow just in time for driving to work tomorrow morning. And, we know everyone will have forgotten how to drive in snow (all 1 inch we're supposed to get!). So, it will be exciting. The good news? The Patriots just won which means an 87 cent coffee at Dunkins.

    Doug, how is your wife's new craft going? Didn't you create a Moose object for your son last year (or maybe before that?)?

    I have an AARP card--they seem to be willing to give them out much earlier than ever--you don't even have to be retired! One of our local grocery stores gives "seniors" 10% off on Tuesdays--just show the card and you get the discount. I'll take it!  

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    We have had  a moose thing going for years now.  I have a full sized plywood cutout moose under my front yard pine trees right now, wearing Christmas tinsel.  Startles people turning the corner.  The rock carving is going well, but we need more grinder tips for the Dremel tool.  Her Christmas gifts will be the ones that thunk when they are set down. We have a stack of limestone accumulated from different projects, so finding the rock is no problem.

    Had a herd of pits at the dog park today.  One young one built for power and not speed, and a bunch of the high energy running types.  All friendly and beautiful dogs. # pups and their father in the group.  A little muddy, but that stops this week I think.  But no mosquitos.

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    My Christmas decorations are as done as they are going to get. decorating helpd keeps everyone's spirits up but my heart isnt really in it anymore.

    I decided that rather than having to tote multiple coolers of frozen homecooked meals every time we go to Maine I'm going to make a cookbook for the kids of easy to cook meals that they always ask for complete with money saving tips, shortcuts and pics to show hpw much a pinch of salt or a bit of fresh basil acyually is. of course I'll still take some things but I won't have to be afrid they'll starve if I dont tske enough! And of corse how to substitute dry herbs for fresh without overwhelming the dish. hopefully someone there will be inspired to actually cook!

    Could someone PLEASE make winter go away??? Mornings outside with my polar bear (Dixie) are pretty frigid!!! it takes her absolutely forever to find THE perfect place to pee and even longer to findTHE perfect place to poop!! of course she has a lovely fur coat to keep her warm.....sadly mom doesn't!! I really hate having my nose hair freeze! LOL!

    Callie I can soooo relate to seeing things that departed family members would like. I still find myself searching racks for something in Michaels size. on the plus side THIS year you and David can focus on each other....and the kids...for a change.

    Ryan has gotten us hooked on homemade Danish butter cookies. guess I'll be making a lot of those this year. they are amazing!!

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    Boy, it's been so long since I've logged in that I couldn't remember my password!  I've been off-track for the past month due to the crazy election and then some major work deadlines, then Thanksgiving, and now the pressure of preparing for Christmas.  It's no wonder I feel like I'm out of sorts.  The only Christmas decorations I've pulled out are the hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen, and the placemats with dogs wearing Santa hats on them.  I don't know if I'll get any more decorating done.  I'm not feeling totally festive this year.

    I have a lot to catch up on.  First, it sounds like everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Ours was quiet.  DH's mother is not well enough to leave her facility, or even go to the dining room there.  She sleeps most of the time now, and even prefers going back to sleep if anyone tries to visit or talk with her for more than a few minutes.  The neighbors we often spend holidays with were gone, so we went out to eat.  We had a lovely meal and were back home by 3pm.  It was nice to have a relaxing day when I had to work on Friday, but no leftovers to enjoy.

    I remember the moose "gift competition" you told us about, Doug.   I hope your wife's new project can join the ranks of Specialty Moose Gift!  

    Callie, the image of you spending all your time gaming is really funny.  We older folks injure our hands and wrists from good ol' fashioned TYPING, as in documents, not gaming.  I'm sorry about the splint.  I've worn one when my wrist gives me problems, but they do help.

    Kate, I had to laugh at your comment about the 87 cent coffee at DD.  My mother couldn't care less about football (or any sport), and it used to surprise me when she'd say, "So your Patriots won this weekend."  I assumed she knew from hearing it on the news (living in CT, that makes sense), but one day she said, "I know they win when I get my 87 cent coffee!"  :-)

    I had to go back and look for the photo of Ginger's new baby -- wow, is she adorable!  I love that Garth and Trisha are named in honor of a famous couple!  I can just imagine the fun they're having together.

    Glenda, your recipe/cookbook idea is a great one.  I know a few people who have recipes passed down from mothers and grandmothers, and I'm always envious of that.  Both my grandmothers died without documenting their favorite dishes.  DH has a few recipes his mother wrote down for him.  It's funny to cook them now and see how unhealthy many of them are -- loaded with butter and sugar -- but that's what makes them taste so darn good!

    We're getting our first freezing temperatures in over 300 days tomorrow.  And they're saying some nasty freezing rain/sleet/snow on Thursday.  It'll be a mess because they don't have the road care/prep other snowy areas have, and people don't drive appropriately in it.  It's best to stay off the roads entirely.  I love snow, but here it's usually a slushy, icy mess.

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    We got snow!!!   Very pleasant so far, but cold out.  Ran into Walter, the Pyrenees cross at the dog park.  he loves the snow and was frolicking .  Impressive to watch a 130# dog frolick.  He was playing with some 30 and 40# dogs and having a great time.  Sky likes him.

    Wife and I are taking a swing dance class so we decided to use it last night.  Went to a fun center where a live band was playing.  Our instructors were there, and they can dance.  Had a good time, even dance a fair bit.  The trick is beer.  Not any young people were dancing, which surprised me.  We may have to do this again.

    When wife finishes the moose  head stone, I'll post a photo.  It is coming along nicely.

    Normally, all we have is grey squirrels.  The highway work apparently forced some fox squirrels to move and they seem to have chased out the greys.  Sky really wants to play with one.  A family group of apparently 3 has moved in and one has taken up residence in a hole in one of our maple trees.  We can almost look into the hole from our dining room.  The hole overlooks our bird feeders and heated water bowls, so it is squirrel heaven.

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    Snow blower is working well.  Started on third pull.  May have to adjust the runners.  We got about 6". and more coming this week.  Temp is going into the cellar this week along with the next snow storm.  Skys outdoor trips in the evening are getting really short.  But it is pretty out.  

    Getting in the annual doctors visits in time for their Christmas shopping.  The blood draw was almost painless, but she had 5 tubes to fill.

    Keep warm-drive slow.

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    The birds are going through sunflower seed and the suet like crazy! I think they know the really cold Arctic blast is on the way.

    Did a bit of decorating--the dogs' stockings (paw shaped) are up (Ronnie checks them daily to see if they there are any goodies yet!), and I got a wreath and a poinsettia.

    Vet day today for Mozey and Rock--hopefully, just the routine checks, though Mozey does seem to have some ear thing going on.

    Tracy, it's good to "see" you again!

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    Made it up to 4 degrees F today.  Now it's going to get cold.  Fortunately, we will have fresh snow  and some good winds to remind us that winter is on the way.  Going up to sons place Sunday for the extended family get together and may just spend the night.  He has an extra bedroom upstairs for his in laws and the basement is finished with a bedroom and full bath, bar, and pool table.  

    Wife is finishing her moose headstone tomorrow.  Now to wrap the 50# block of stone.  

    Minnesota river is freezing up.  Had one idiot make the news for trying to pull his fish house onto a lake with his pickup truck.  He is still alive, and you are required to remove your trucks from the lake bottom quickly.  That can get really pricy.  For fish!!

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    Tried to post moose headstone and two at the dog park in the gallery. The image is based on a Native American image on a rock wall.

    Snow is moving in again, and the temps are going to drop like a rock. Pulled my goose down parka out of the closet. It works well at the dog park. It's my "Jolly Green doughboy "suit, but it is warm.

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    Cold, cold, cold here yesterday and today--windchill was well below zero. Brrrr! Snow and rain tomorrow, and on Sunday, it's supposed to be in the 50s! And, then back down to freezing on Monday. It is some crazy weather, that's for sure.

    Doug, I love the moose headstone! Please tell your wife she did a great job. Is it really 50 lbs? It looks that heavy! The pictures of the park and Sky are great, too.

    Mozey and Rock did well that the vet's--Ronnie was mad he didn't get to go in. (I think he knew he was missing a treat!) Mozey has an ear infection, so we got some drops for that. Rock is maintaining his weight--71 lbs.--yeah! It is hard to keep weight on him, so I was thrilled to see that he was right where he should be. (Between the three of them, I have 200 lbs of dog!)

    Stay warm!

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    Mozey spent an hour and a half with "Grandma" (my mom) today at the nursing home. We were both amazed that she did so well. (My Mom had treats, which I am sure helped!) We'll be back there tomorrow, so she'll get some more practice.

    No white Christmas here--just rain, but that means no ice on the roads, so I'll take it.

    I hope you all get to enjoy some time with family, friends and pets. Merry Christmas to all!

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    It was -29F last week, with a win.  Today, it rained.  We had to take the F150 to get all the presents in, the dog and a days supplies, and our stuff.  Just wouldn't fit in the car.

    Kids are all healthy and well.  Son is almost complete in moving his store to a new front.  Much better location and facility.  Daughter had to turn down a really good job offer because it was too far from the house., so she will continue as a contract worker until something better turns up close.  She values her time with her kids more than a paycheck and her husband has a really good job.

    We are supposed to be getting new siding on the house soon.  Why do that when its warm if you can wait until january .

    Sky needs a really good run.  He had some fun yesterday with a neighbors dog.  They are pretty good buddies  and just jump into the bobbing and weaving play., but he needs to burn off more energy.


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    Happy New Year to everyone! I'm pretty sure I'll be in bed by 10, but maybe I'll make it to midnight. The dogs are already all curled up on their beds. The wind has picked up quite a bit so they aren't too excited about going outside.

    Mom is back in the hospital--more fluid on her lungs and who knows what else. Hopefully, they can figure out what is going on.

    Here's to 2017!

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    Kate I am so sorry your Mom is back in the hospital.  You have my good thots and prayers.  

    Our only "special" is to go to a movie tonight.  The idiots are all outside letting off firecrackers and poor Charlie HATES IT so much.  But at this point he's more "resigned" than actively freaked.