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Testing - Creating new threads


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    Testing - Creating new threads

    For those of you who are trying to create new threads.

    I clicked on "New Topic" and got this. I presume you do the same.
    Do you get as far as "Preview Post" and "Publish" buttons on the lower right hand side? Or no buttons appear at all?

    What internet browser are you using? I'm on Chrome in this window.

    I'm wondering if this happens in a specific Forum? I created this one in Home > Kennels > iDog, obviously. ;)

    I'm wondering if your failed attempts were in a different forum, and have you been able to post in that forum before?
    Maybe we have to get special rights added to different forums when they were created after the transition.

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    I just tried and it seems to be working now. (I work with Chrome here at work; Firefox at home.)

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    I just tried using Mozilla/Firefox and it is working now. You're welcome to delete my two "test threads." I can't do that.