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    Kate I went to the store to find corned beef....they apparently had it prior to my going because the sign was there but the slot were the meat goes was empty.  

    Doug my hubby just saw a cooking show this weekend with tomato basil bisque.  We have never prepared that and neither of us is a big tomato soup fan  (ate it a lot as a child)  but I think we will have to try it.    BTW: the addiction to Self help books made me laugh out loud :)

    Tracy  I love that your friends taught their pooch to wash his feets off.  Both Garth and Hot  and all the others before them will stay at the door if I have a towel in my hand and they love getting dried off after the rain but none of them wash their feet .  Only problem right now is that Garth thinks that once you are dry you have to eat the towel.

    I got Garth a new toy at Tractor supply it is Frisbee like but made of a heavy duty cloth and  had a rubber or some kind of squishy tube all around the outside.  He is really enjoying it.  Shadow loved to play Frisbee , looks like Garth is also a fan.

    Happy Spring everyone, have a great week.

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    It's not nice out.  Spring time in Minnesota, and the Highway Dept recommends no travel in southern MN.  Took Sky for a walk about 11Am, and it was just moving in.  Snow pellets with a  strong wind.  Kind of like somebody throwing rocks in your face.  It's been getting heavier all afternoon.  The roads are wet, but only a few degrees from being ice.  Have to see where my wife stored my parka.  She's been starting veggie seeds this week..

    Trimmed Skys nails today.  He doesn't like it, but doesn't fight like Piper did.  Now to trim up some hair.  His body hair is thick, but not really long like most ESS.  I want him looking spiffy for his date.  

    Found a lathe at Harbor Freight that I like.  87 miles to the nearest HF, but I want to touch it before buying it.   They have a 20% off any purchase coupon that I like.  Now to talk myself into justifying the purchase.  I have a long history of saving money by talking myself out of things.

    The city streets are getting white now.  Temp must be dropping.  I just bumped the house thermostat up 2 degrees..

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    Happy Easter to all who celebrate this holiday! We'll have a quiet Easter dinner here--four in total. I am making the Southern tomato pie recipe an "old" iDogger posted several years ago--I've made it before and it is yummy! That, ham, asparagus, Swedish potatoes and treats for dessert will round out our dinner. I've already had jelly beans for breakfast. The rains have stayed away for the sunrise service and the "regular" morning service; it's supposed to clear later on.

    Doug, have the snows melted? That storm looked fierce on TV!  My Dad had a big lathe and I have a "baby" lathe--it's a small one that I can actually move. (It sits on the work table and isn't too heavy.) It's perfect for small bowls, pens, etc. I bought it second-hand--a school was upgrading and got rid of a couple of these smaller ones. Perfect size for me--the big one is too big!

    Ginger, the corned beef goes quickly here, too. I looked at the store this week, and it was gone.

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    Storm went around us.  we got about an inch.  Didn't even have to shovel, let alone start up the snow blower.

    Almost stole a puppy at the dog park.  Girl came in with her 10 wk old English Setter.  Snow while, with black eye patches and some black freckles.  Cute doesn't even start to describe her.

    Had the kids and grand kids down for the traditional Easter dinner and egg hunt.  To fit the jewish tradition, we had ham.  Minister didn't seem to recognize me at church, and I saw him last Christmas.

    Sky was so polite today.  he greeted the kids, smelled them and played a bit, then retired from the scene.  Every once in a while, he would curl up at my feet, but was completely non-intrusive.  And the sun came out.  Kind of like a flash build, but it was sunny for a bit.

    Harbor Freight has a 10 inch capable floor lathe at a reasonable price.  I will check in at there Southern Minneapolis store in a couple of weeks.  DIL says if I get one, she expects a set of bowls, but not6 every Christmas.

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    Normally, when my wife brings home the mail I ask if there are any checks for me.  Every once in a while, we get a dividend payment, usually under $50.  Today, she  opens one dividend envelop and it's $35.  I see the other envelop and open it.  $900.  Running to the bank to cash it before they find and fix the mistake.

    Had out taxes worked up today.  We get a "refund".  What is that?  I've seen the word before, but don't understand the concept, especially regarding taxes.

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    Took Sky to the ponds for a run.  Wife was hunting *** willows.  Got a large bouquet .  Dog was trying to chase geese, who were not really worried.  Dog was starting to swim when the big birds would swim in closer.  Sky had a great time splashing through the weeds, then got a warm shower with soap.  Swamp smell.  And we found the first wood tick of the season.  Sky is always protected, but now I will start using the repellant spray on myself and on his legs.

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    Hope everyone had a nice Easter, for those who celebrate.  Our was quiet -- quick visit with MIL, then some long-distance calls to family/friends in New England, and delicious dinner at the neighbors' house.  DH did a stuffed leg of lamb on the Big Green Egg (kind of a smoker), and neighbor did fantastic side dishes, including a potato au gratin with a tasty twist:  layered in there were caramelized onions.  Fabulous (and fattening)!

    Boy, we're having some gorgeous weather this week.  Blue, sunny skies, temps nearing 70.  Ruby heads straight for the back door when I get home from work.  She knows it's sunny enough out there to lounge on the patio.  In bad weather, she NEVER goes to the door when I first get home.  She wants dinner first.  Not on days like today.  She hung outside and ate a good hour later than normal.  She loves the sun.

    Sky is such a good dog to be so calm and tolerant around the kids.  Ruby would be crated because she'd knock them all over like bowling pins.  I don't envy your tick season, Doug.  I truly hate those things, and it's one of the rare things I do NOT miss about New England.  Thank doG they're not much of a problem in this area of the valley.

    I can't believe Friday is April 1st.  The first quarter of 2016 is over already?!  Yikes!

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    hi all. Haven't been on in ages but for some reason I haven't been getting notifications. And the broken wrist was rather distracting. The cast came off on Monday and what a scaley dried up swollen mess was under it. Through Wednesday the swelling was awful. The hand and the wrist are still a bit swollen....lumpy and bumpy but looks a bit better each day. Doc says a month or so for all the swelling to go down.

    Dixie is happy to see my hand and arm again. She did not like the cast one bit.

    Wierd weather here. Upper 60s the past few days but Sunday the high is only supposed to be 30! Snow in the forecast for monday!