Remie - What a cutie!

Transitioning from high school to college was hard for me for a handful of reasons. My sophomore year I transferred back towards home to a community college in Louisville, KY. With only going to school two days a week I had a lot of spare time on my hands so I started volunteering at the Heart Humane Society. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I got to meet two amazing individuals who ran the animal shelter in their backyard with only help of volunteers. My cousin and I went there every Friday and split the duties. I cleaned the inside kennels of small dogs and cats while she cleaned the outside kennels of medium to large dogs. One day we pulled in and went our separate ways to begin cleaning and feeding when I spotted the curliest, furriest dog. I immediately was drawn to his spunk and happiness. I asked about him and they just said they didn’t have a reason but just dropped him off. I tried to get my entire family and some friends to adopt him. Everybody thought he was going to be a big dog because being so furry it looked like he was huge for only being nine months. After constantly begging for people to adopt him, I finally did. We quickly realized that his previous owners left him alone a lot and he developed severe levels of anxiety. Over the course of three years he has improved tremendously and has wrapped all of my family around his little paw! Remie has helped me through a lot in life and I don't know where I would be without his puppy love.

There is no love like the love of an adopted pet.

Peace. Love. Adopt.