6 Reasons To Adopt A Mixed-Breed Dog

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    6 Reasons To Adopt A Mixed-Breed Dog

    At the height of the pandemic, when people were working from home or not working at all, the popularity of dog ownership rocketed. So-called designer mixed-breed dogs were especially popular.

    A mixed-breed dog is really just a fancy name for a mutt! So, what’s so good about a hybrid pup?

    Keep reading to learn why adopting a mixed-breed dog is the way to go!

    Save Lives!

    If you give a loving, forever home to a mixed-breed dog from a shelter or rescue, you could be saving a precious life!

    These days, most shelters have a no-kill policy. So, unless a dog has serious health issues or is considered to be dangerous and unsuitable for rehoming, the pup will not be euthanized. However, elderly dogs and those in the above two groups are sometimes put to sleep simply because the cost of keeping them in the shelter is too high.

    So, you could save an unwanted dog’s life by offering a safe, secure home to a senior pup or one that has medical conditions.

    You Keep the Shelter Open

    Rather than selling dogs for a price, shelters and rescue centers ask adopters to make a donation to the center when they take a dog home.

    You can also usually buy branded merchandise, dog food, collars, leashes, etc., for your new friend. You might even find a great present for Labradoodle parents that you know! All that money helps to fund the running costs of the shelter, potentially saving more doggy lives.

    You Make Space for Another Dog

    If you adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue center, you’re effectively freeing up space for another unwanted pup.

    Many stray dogs on the streets can’t have a place in a rescue or shelter simply because there’s no room for them. Adopting a dog frees up a valuable kennel that can be used for a stray. That stray will then be in the best place to find a new home.

    So, you’re really saving not one but two lives!

    Mixed-Breed Dogs Are Generally Healthier

    Mixed-breed dogs have a health advantage called “hybrid vigor,” which purebred canines don’t have. That means hybrid dogs usually have a longer life expectancy and enjoy better overall health than purebreds.

    But why?

    Well, many purebred dogs have genetic health issues and conformational deformities that are passed from generation to generation through inbreeding. Eventually, you end up with a strain of pup that is almost guaranteed to have congenital health issues.

    Some of the more common health problems that can afflict purebred dogs include:

    Hybrid vigor comes into play when two dogs of different breeds are crossbred.

    By crossbreeding two different breeds, you can often breed out many of the hereditary problems that purebred dogs suffer from, leaving you with a stronger, healthier dog. You can see that the more breeds feature in the mix, the healthier the puppies will be.

    Mixed-Breed Dogs Are One of A Kind!

    Look at the mutts in your local shelter, and you’ll notice that no two dogs are exactly the same!

    So, if you want to stand out from the usual crew at the dog park, choose a mutt! Mutts often come in a strange mix of patterns and markings that make them unique.

    Allergy-Friendly Furry Friends

    Lots of people have pet allergies or prefer a dog that doesn’t shed all over their home. Many of the dogs in shelters are very light shedders, making them the perfect choice.

    Of course, even hairless dog breeds can trigger pet allergies in sufferers.

    How so?

    So, it’s pet dander that causes allergies in people, not just the animal’s hair. Dander comprises dead skin flakes and dried saliva. The substance is super lightweight and drifts through the air every time your dog shakes or runs through your home. The allergy sufferer then inhales the dander, and the suffering begins!

    Mixed-breed dogs with very curly coats tend to shed far less than those with straighter hair. So, keep an eye out for a curly-coated mutt, and keep pet allergies to a minimum.

    Mixed-Breed Dogs Are Inexpensive

    If you have your heart set on a pedigree purebred dog, you’ll need to be prepared to pay top dollar. Even well-bred designer crossbreeds, such as Doodles, can sell for over $2,000!

    Those dogs are undoubtedly gorgeous, but an unwanted mixed-breed dog from a shelter will give you just as much love, loyalty, and companionship as a fancy pooch with a big price tag. Rescues generally ask for a donation of a few hundred dollars for their dogs. The money goes toward food, training, vet bills, vaccinations, and other sundries.

    Shut Down Puppy Farms!

    Unfortunately, the soaring upsurge in dog ownership has a major downside. Puppy mills.

    Puppy farms are basically unlicensed commercial dog breeding businesses. These operations are run by unscrupulous breeders who are looking to make a fast buck by producing as many puppies as they can as quickly as possible.

    The conditions in which puppy farm breeding dogs are kept are usually extremely poor. The dogs are usually not health-screened and often have congenital health conditions that they pass on to their puppies.

    If you adopt a mixed-breed dog from a shelter or rescue, you’re going a long way toward putting puppy mills out of business.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re thinking of welcoming a dog into your life, why not choose a mixed breed mutt from a shelter or rescue?

    Mixed-breed dogs are usually healthier and longer-lived than purebred animals, and they are much less expensive to purchase than fancy designer breeds and pedigrees. By adopting a mixed-breed dog from a shelter, you’re making space for another unwanted dog to find a forever home.

    Most important of all, by taking home a mixed-breed dog from a shelter, you could be saving a dog’s precious life.

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