Dogs have been tasked with protecting their masters since they were first domesticated. They act as a companion, friend and a protector who is ready to do anything necessary to protect the master and his family. Almost all dog species, when given proper training, are capable of protecting a home.

However, there are specific breeds of dogs that are recommended by expert dog trainers for family protection due to their muscular strength, loyalty, ability to withstand pain and courage. In this article I am going to share some of the best family protection dogs.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix: This is one of the most popular Husky Mix crossbreed dogs. It’s a cross breed of a purebred Husky and a purebred Australian shepherd.
The reason I find this dog best suited for family protection is because it’s a cross breed of two dog breeds that have been used in the search and rescue missions in the United States Army. This means that they are strong, smart, resistant to pain and loyal, a perfect combination for a family protection dog. Pet Blogish has some interesting information about popular different mix breeds.

Bullmastiff: This dog breed has some of the best instincts and protective nature which makes them best suited to protect a home. They are very friendly when at home but they know when to attack when they sense that their owner is in danger. They are also very strong and courageous.

Komondor: This dog breed has been used to protect herds of sheep. Being a loyal, courageous and protective dog, it makes a perfect fit for family protection. However, it has to be properly trained otherwise it won’t be of much benefit.

Rottweiler: Having been bred to protect cattle, these dogs are intelligent, protective, strong and loyal. Rottweiler is a dog with the strength to pull a cart and loyalty and resilience to be used in the military and as a police dog.

He stays away from strangers until proper introduction but he doesn’t how fear. These character traits make Rottweiler a perfect guard dog.

Puli: You might al expect all home protection dogs to be of a larger size but that’s not all the case. Though small, this Hungarian dog is energetic with an instinct to protect and herd. It has been used to herd for a very long time in Hungary.

One fascinating thing about this dog is that it can boss you around just to make sure it knows you’re safe. It’s a sensitive dog, intelligent and highly concerned with children and the elderly.

German shepherd: This dog breed is one of the most popular and for a good reason. The mixed dog has been used for many tasks including chasing down criminals, sniffing contraband, leading the blind.

This dog was originally trained to herd cattle. He is highly energetic but has a very good heart; he is protective, intelligent and is still perfect to play with the kids. His suspicious nature makes him a perfect dog to watch over your family.

Giant Schnauzer: The Giant Schnauzer is bold and energetic dog which is rather playful in nature than he looks. If well trained and given the attention he needs he can be very loyal and protective of the owner.

However, this dog likes to be independent has a different approach to life compared to other dogs. If you’re the patient type, this dog isn’t for you. You should consider getting this dog for his protective nature, he may be a handful sometimes, but he’s worth your attention and good training.

Staffordshire Terrier: This dog breed is known to be a people-oriented dog. He is friendly to almost everyone but very loyal to his owners. They are very muscular, strong and aggressive if not properly trained.

They are good for guarding homes though they base their tactics mainly on intimidating the intruder. Sometimes the intruder may need more than just scaring but the masculinity and tough face given by this dog should give them some chills.

Chow Chow: If you judged this dog by how he looks, you would think he’s very mean, which he’s not. The Chow chow is a friendly and calm dog when properly trained, otherwise he can be aggressive. This dog species is known for being protective and loyal to its owner and can live with kids, but of a certain age who know how to treat dogs.

Kuvasz: This Hungarian dog was trained to guard which makes him very suspicious of strangers and independent minded. He is also very loyal and patient to their owners and their families. His protective nature makes him a perfect home protection dog and he can move very fast in danger situations.

The dog breeds mentioned above are some of the best when it comes to protecting your home and your family. However, if you read carefully, some of these dogs need training and patience for them to serve you well.

Before acquiring a home protection dog, be sure to understand his character, how he was trained and the best way to keep him comfortable. All they need is attention and good training, and they can make very loyal and protective companions.
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