Life Stages

Life Stages
A great app
I am a long time dog lover and I like games that both me and my dog can enjoy. I found a fun iPhone app called Speak Dog. This app allows you to enter a phrase and it translates the phrase to dog. It always makes me laugh and my dog enjoys hearing the barks coming from my phone.
Dog Becoming Very Nervous/Excited
Hi everyone, our girl Wheaten Terrier, Roxie, is 6 & 1/2. In the past couple months, she goes through stages where she acts very nervous and on edge. We can't make sudden moves around her or loud noises because she becomes very anxious. Sometimes if she is upstairs with us , all it takes is someone...
Senior Dog/Moving-How to prepare him
I used to lurk alll the time, but life got busy! Hoping some of the old experts can help me out! My boy, Yuki (husky/white shepherd) is 11. He has slowed down greatly over the past 2-3 years. He still loves walks and goes to a fantastic day care 1x a week. Most of the time, he is content to lay...
Need IDog vibes for my Mom - Shadowsgin- 10/11/13 update
I am giving ya'll a week head start :) My Mom has to have Hip Replacement on Monday Sept 30. Is this Deja Vu? No this time last year is when my Daughter found out that she was having Hip Replacement. Mom (Mary) is 77 and Dad is not quite as agile as he used to be so they will actually move her from...
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Dog Tags
Dog Tags
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New Dog Toy
There's a new dog toy out called Yollaball, has anyone tried it? My dog loves it! You can see it at
We miss you Mike
Two years ago today, we received the call that Michael had been killed in a horrid traffic accident. Everyone here was so loving and supportive. Today is a tough day for our family and we'd sure appreciate any good thoughts that you can spare.,
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Ate a Rabbit
I am asking this on be half of a friend, her dog killed and ate a rabbit. She took her to the vet because she did throw up from it, and had her checked out. Vet said not to worry, she will be fine. This same dog one week later, now is throwing up and has the runs. They took her back to the vet, the...
Just accepting my boy is getting older :(
My Yuki turned 9 this year and has been slowing down. We dealt with some pretty rough joint pain earlier in the year and he has done pretty well since. This weekend, he was climbing the walls, as were my 3 & 5 year old. We all went to the park, where the boys could play in the soccer field with...
Designer Dog Carry Bag | C’est La Vie
C’est La Vie Bag Our Dog carry bags were designed to give your best friend a nice and comfortable place to be when you take your pet out with you
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Sorry for not updating recently. All has been quiet, thank goodness! But I wanted to let you know on an upcoming milestone. In less than 12 days, Kito will be turning 16. In honor of her 16th birthday, I am having a sweet sixteen party for her! I will definitely be posting pictures!!
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Senior Moment?
With a senior dog, there are ays when you wonder just how much time you have left together. For the past couple of weeks I have been dwelling on the more often than not. Continually asking my fiancé "How do you think Kito looks?" "Does she look alright to you?" "I don't know...
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Experience with luxating patellas and ligament abnormalities
Last year I lost a hybrid dog at six and a half. He was a maltzu. Loved him dearly. Among his other issues, cancer, he had a luxating patella, grade 4 in the right leg and a 3 in the left leg. We spent approximately $6,000 to have both knees fixed. The grade four was never successfully repaired before...
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Chipmunks, Chipmunks, Chipmunks....
So it was a nice summer day, when I suddenly picked up the scent of a chipmunk. Even though I am 15 1/2 years old, my hearing isn't very good, but I sure can see and I sure can smell. This is how we wait.....
My dog is a loner
Hi everyone. I have four small adult dogs. One of my dogs, the youngest, at 7 years, is quite a loner. She seems to become more & more so as time goes by. She absolutely adores me!! That's not the problem. But she will spend most of her time outside away from the other dogs inside. They have...
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Patience Is a Virtue
Just had to share this picture of Harley! She is getting so big (although it is difficult to tell from this picture!) I snapped this the other night when we were playing with her Kong. I didn't realize that she had put it down next to me until she sat in a down patiently staring up at mean until...
What is my puppies breed!?
I cannot figure out what breed my newly adopted puppy is. I am thinking something mixed with a Corgi possibly? What do you guys think?
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Children's Benadryl for 10 week puppy shots
I have a 9 week old Cavachon (about 6-7 lbs) that needs to get routine puppy vaccines next week. The vet told me to give her 2.0 ml of Children's Benadryl prior to coming in for shots. I am concerned about giving her Benadryl due to her age. What is best - to forgo Benadryl and risk an allergic reaction...
It's Adopt Senior Dog Month
-Celebrate Senior Dog Month- Thinking of adopting a dog? Please consider a senior dog. Old doesn’t mean sick or broken, many senior dogs love daily walks, small hikes, they love to play and are still very youthful. They are great for many families whether you are active or mellow they make wonderful...
How long will a bottle of METACAM Oral Suspension last?
How long would 100mg bottle of Loxicon last if 40kg dosage a day?
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