House training regression after neuter?

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    House training regression after neuter?

     Hey guys,

    As many of you know, Lucky got neutered a few weeks ago. It was a very hard surgery on him, (he also had a hernia repair while he was under) and for the first week or so he was in constant pain. After he was put on the right pain meds and antibiotics though, he was fine.

    Before the neuter, he was good as gold, asked to go outside, and never had an accident in the house. Now, (it's been about 3 weeks) he refuses to go outside. We have a big backyard, and he is never unattended.When I try to get him to go outside (opening the door), he slinks away like he did something wrong, or like it's a bad thing. I have never seen him act this way- I'm not sure if something scared him out there or what. And it used to be that he didn't like anybody going outside with him- he wouldn't go if somebody was watching.

    He goes for a walk every evening as well- for excersie, but he never poops on these walks, he only pees (and the only pee he does is marking).

     So instead of pooping outside, he's been pooping in the house. (which is one thing my mother cannot stand), and it's always in the same room as the back door- close proximity. My mother loves him to death, but she's paid already amost $3,000 in carpet cleaning from our last 2 dogs messing in the house, and she said if I can't get this under control, we're going to have to find something else.
    I need help- fast!

    Thanks guys! 

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     Surgery is stressful and can throw the humans and pooch out of their normal routine.  I would go back to square one with Lucky.  Pretend he's never been housetrained before.  I would make the door you got out of the best door in the world.  Start by treating him for being next to the door (even if by next initial means a quite a distance away, start at the distance he's comfortable and then slowly with treating bring his comfort level closer and closer to the door).  Treat him for going out with you.  Get him used to going the bathroom with someone watching b/c it may not always be possible he can have 100% privacy. 

    If you see him heading in the direction of the door you go out of, snap on a leash, bring him outside and give him a few minutes to do his business - if he does make it a party.  If he doesn't bring him back in and treat it as a non-event.  The goal with this is to associate going to the door meaning you need to potty - w/o having him associate going to the door and just going out to have fun.  

    Have you treated the accident areas in the house with an enzymatic cleaner?  If not I highly suggest you do.  It'll break down the odor that may be attracting him to keep pottying in that same spot.  

    I hope Lucky feels better and remembers his housetraining soon!  Ari just had emergency exploratory surgery + a spay, AND 10 mandatory days of bed rest - it's not been pretty and we've regressed on her play biting issue unfortunately due to pent up energy.  Her system and normal daily rythyms are all out of whack - and that includes whining/crying/yowling in her crate at 4am due to boredom.  So I'm thinking Lucky just got thrown off everything and needs a reminder of what he is supposed to do/appropiate behavior in the house.