The behaviour interpretation thread

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    I just get a pretty picture, no video. Sad 

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    It's not a video. The purpose of it is to hear the audio. So you can hear the difference between how I normally call the dogs and how I sound when "I mean business". I just put the picture in so you'd have something to look at while listening to my demonstration. Smile

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    I had my sound turned right down as it was stupidly early in the morning.

    I like that. My means business tone is a bit more firm than that. And usually preceeded with "Oi!" Smile In fact, there are degrees of firmness.

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    I could hear the difference in inflection. You have the same timbre and volume each time but you change in inflection. Specifically you do something I read about in my communicating with dogs and cats book, which is a compilation of things from people such as McDonnell, Pryor, etc. When momma dog "meant business", she lowered pitch at the end. And that is what you did. "right now" are words descending in pitch from the previous tone. The gist of the explanation in the book was that the lowering of tone commanded attention. As a guy, I tend to lower pitch at the end of a sentence, anyway. But that was the main reason I experimented with different ways of talking. I guess I talk to mean business all the time.

    Such subtleties in pitch and/or timbre do have an effect. I just do it by habit, now.

    And Carla, I expected something much harsher than that. You're gonna have to try harder. Come on, belt it out like you got a pair. I want to hear you hollering like a DI in boot camp.

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