National Take a Hike Day - TODAY!

Exercise is so important and there is nothing like a fun hike for you and your pooch. We encourage you to get out with them and hike as much as you can, today especially.

I am a huge advocate of exercising your dog, keeps the happy and healthy. I try to hike with my dogs at least 2 to 3 times a week and I get them out for a walk almost everyday! Even when it's cold some of these active pups need to run, so bundle up and get out there, once you get moving it's not so bad. Remember: a tired dog is a good dog.

Some parts of our country are not the having the best weather for a hike, so always be sure to check the weather and make sure it's safe out there.

We would love to see some selphies and pics of your and your dogs out on fun hikes!

This is Grux and Mason, we decided to hike yesterday as we knew the weather today in PA wasn't going to be very hike friendly.

We are really looking forward to seeing some fun pics and stories too!