Lapphund or English Coonhound folks WANTED

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    Lapphund or English Coonhound folks WANTED

    CROSSPOSTED, from the WKC FB Page: 


    I am looking for contacts for Lapphunds and American English Coonhounds, two of the new breeds eligible for Westminster in February. If you know or if you are a breeder, club member, or knowledgable dog person for these two breeds, please contact me directly. Looking for photos, too. OK to forward and cross post. Thanks.
    David Frei
    The Westminster Kennel Club

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    SO! I took everyone's advice and decided to do some more proofing. Since I lack access to the many different sizes in dogs, I decided to head to the pet store and work there. They have a resident chinchilla and a few hamsters which make great distractions. Specially Trey the Chin since he LOVES to torment the dogs. Well when we got there it was fairly quiet so I did some downs, sits, finishes and heeling through the aisles. Then it started to get a bit busy (mostly small dogs but there was a greyhound and a basset that Maze had never seen before). We did some meet and greets with the easy walk harness on, She did GREAT! No growling, kinda calm walk in (lol), fur was down thou she was quite attentive. She play bowed to the greyhound, thou she did bark at the basset when he barked and Maze realized that he has a big dog bark. LOL. I started on her long distance/outta sight sit stays thou I'm pretty sure those aren't required in Rally O. It never hurts to have them. Her stays are very solid to begin with so it was just a matter of increasing what I want out of them. I sat her in the aisle with the loose treats with a Leave it, Stay command, walked down to the end, stepped outta sight for 15 seconds (I had the cashier watching Maze outta the corner of her eye just in case) then returned to her. She didn't budge! Needless to say, all the staff members threw her a huge party and we ended on that note.