Sick Husky. . .NO vomiting, NO diarrhea, NO abnormal stools but anorexia and weight loss

Greetings All. This is my first post. And I am desperate to help my gal Blaze. She's been to our fabulous vet and a board certified internist. We are all stumped. I will keep this as concise as possible. She's an 11 1/2 year old husky. She was a normal acting and eating dog until recently. Her main symptoms are not wanting to eat and resulting weight loss. Symptoms: gradual and worsening anorexia over 3 months, weight loss (currently 48 pounds, prime was at 75, more recently 60), NO vomiting, NO diarrhea, normal looking BM's, Cushings for 2 years, recent constipation, low energy, body tremors or shaking after eating (will eat only small amounts of chicken and hot dogs, only small bites at a time and hand fed), one recent general seizure (maybe due to low glucose when we didn't hand feed her the night before?), loud gulping sound when swallowing, excessive thirst, incontinence when resting. Diagnostics: abdominal ultrasounds, physical exam, blood work, X-rays, stool analysis, urinalysis. Findings and interventions we have tried: enlarged adrenals, delayed gastric emptying, sludge in gallbladder (but nearly cleared after 2 months on urisol), stopped Trilostane only to start it up again when excessive thirst started up again within 3 days, stopped proin, initiated mirtzapine only to have to stop it due to side effects, initiated denamaren, initiated metoclopramide, many ACTH stimulation tests (recent one showed slight swing toward Addison's), initiated cyproheptadine, Nothing remarkable in blood work. NO improvement.

Any ideas? Thanks