9 week old - mucus in soft stool in crate at night

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    9 week old - mucus in soft stool in crate at night

    my 9 week old pup is crate trained, and sleeps in her crate at night. The last 3 nights, she has defecated in her crate twice a night. I put her on brown rice and boiled chicken for 48 hours, but the problem continues. Help please

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    With a puppy that young please have a vet see her, puppies can dehydrate quickly. Just to be safe. Has she been wormed? Keep me posted.

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    Agreed, take her to the vet soon. They will take a fecal sample, rule out anything serious (such as parvo) and maybe give meds and a prescription diet. You want to stop the runs quick, not only to avoid dehydration but also because you don’t want her to get accustomed to going potty in her crate. Until her stool becomes normal, can you confine her in a small bathroom or area with her crate door open and the floor covered with piddle pads or newspaper, so that she has another option in case she is unable to control herself? And finally, the recipe for stopping the runs is WHITE rice and cooked chicken. The rice should be overcooked, almost to the consistency of library paste. Feed until her stools are firm for 24 hrs. You can also add a little canned unsweetened pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix) to help normalize her stools - how much would depend on her size. Good luck!