Do you put dress up your dog?

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    I haven't really with Misty, I think she'd bite at it, since she's still a puppy.  Tabitha is so small she used to slip out of the sweater I had gotten her, because I couldn't find one small enough.  But I like the nails.  Do you have to use special polish for the dogs?  Curious.  I bought my daughter glow in the dark nail polish for halloween, and thought it would be cool to do it to Misty, but I wouldn't until I knew it would be safe.  :)

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    Hi Ladychef,

    I just wanted to say your Clara looks a little like my Zoe but she is only 35#.  She has one ear up and one ear down and very simialr coloring.

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     This is my little Buddy Boy. We didn't buy the hat, but he looks DARN cute in it!

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    Because Harley has no undercoat - I bought her some coats - especially since its getting to that time of year. She also has a raincoat for rainy days and a few bandanas handed down from me. Oh and one t-shirt for when she gets spayed - Those are all the clothes Harley has.

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    Maile Nei is a Chocolate Labbie who is very good natured and who doesn't mind being pretty as long as there is no tennis ball around!!


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    My dogs NEED clothes to stay warm! I make them cute but simple coats, some with snoods to cover their ears. Right now I'm working on some snowsuits with snoods attached and little boots for winter walks. I think their coats are stylish but I do it more for necessity than to be fashion forward. However they do have a lot of coats in different styles and made from different fabrics. I certainly do enjoy having a pair of smartly dressed hounds prancing at my feet but if they were a breed that didn't require coats I wouldn't make them wear them.
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    Every once and awhile. Big Smile

    Excuse the Messy house Embarrassed

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    the black dog in the hoodie looked like a sith lord!

    i dont usually agree to dressing dogs up.... it seems a bit weird to me.  and it seems mean to laugh at their expense, altho i'll admit to laughing anyway!

    i have done it once tho.... we were on an airfield and i felt bad for him cos of the noise, so we tried out the ear defenders on him... i swear he sat up and started laughing.  so we put the high viz jacket on him as well and he posed for the photo.  he looked like he was saying: "hey, look what a goof i am! haha!" and he loved the attention it got him.








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    I do put a coat and sweater on my toy poodle before she goes out in COLD NH winters... she was originally from FL, so she really does not like cold.  She also was a poodlefly for halloween with Splash, her brother being a splasherfly.  She is a therapy dog, and has a service vest.  When she goes on theraphy visits, I dress her up in her vest, or an outfit, do her nails and put bows in her ears...she does not wear them normally.  My mini actually took his CGC test in a butterfly outfit last halloween!  My mini and standard really do not mind the cold, so they do not get clothes.  My mini will actually try to tun himself white in the snow (he is a dark grey!).  My standard, born in GA, lies down in the snow...


    Do you count a dog as dressed up when they wear show dog boots to keep their hair clean?  or a Snood to keep their ears clean?  Because my Spoo wears those all the time to stay clean...he also is banded and kept in oil when not showing...


     There is a pic of him with bands...P1010115.JPG

    This was him in bands as a puppy...that is his full brother next to him--a neutered pet owned by a friend of mine. 



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    Teddie wears clothing, but only when it's to cold out or we're in super air conditioning and he needs it.  Other than that no. 

    I make and alter all of his clothing; hoodies, t-shirts, slip collar bandanas, costumes, harnesses etc. and he loves getting dressed up.  They're all made to fit the body of a dog so the arms are all in the right placement, aren't to tight, aren't to loose.

    A shirt made for a dog in my sisters car club.. So he matched them.

     Once I started making stuff I went a tad over board and he ended up with more than he'll ever wear. Geeked

    5 hoodies

    16 Shirts

    19 Bandanas

    4; soon to be 5 harnesses

    1 costume

     It's sad I know..

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    Guilty as charge :) I actually just bought Chance two new t-shirts today at Target. They were only 5 bucks a piece! Thats a total bargan, plus when I can find his size, I grab it! I don't have any pictures of him in any of his t-shirts but I do have some of him in some of his coats. My neighbors always laugh at me when I walk him down the street in these outfits but Chance doesn't seem to mind. He just loves the attention. ^^As you can see, he obviously doesn't mind if he's sleeping in it. lol ^^Striking a pose :) ^^ I absolutely hate this coat, but it was on sale. lol
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    YES I dress up my dog. Probably my #1 Pet Peeve about judgmental dog owners is criticizing clothing on animals. "Poor dogs" or "How cruel, dog's weren't meant to wear clothing, you are making them miserable." Says who... you?

    I don't know about you but my Pomeranian LOVES her clothes! Loves them! She gets so excited and happy when I say "Do you want your jacket? Do you want your sweater? Want to wear your shirt?" And the second I hold up the clothes she's hopping around or sitting and wagging her tail so fast her butts moving! Once I put on the clothes she'll walk around like she's on the runway with this big puppy panting smiling.

    Clothing for her = positive attention or = going outside. Yes I know she's got a fur coat but Kayla HATES the snow... I mean absolutely hates it. Buying booties and a jacket was the best thing I ever did. Once I put her booties on and jacket on she's like YES! LETS GO IM READY! :o)

    So to everyone who judges clothing; think again. Not all breeds are farm/working/earthy-crunchy dogs. Yes I don't think I'd put a jacket on a German Shepard either but why not on an Italian Greyhound? Chihuahua? Pomeranian? Yorkie? These dogs were bred down to size to become small domestic "toy" dogs. If you don't like it, then ignore the thread.

    Also, cute pictures everyone! I love the accessories! :o) Keep up the good fashion!

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    It's only humiliating if the dog thinks so - some like it, and some are horrified.  I guess my opinion is that if the dog likes it, it's fine, if not, it's probably abusive.

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    Absolutely! My Abbey loves her dresses!