Weekly Growl: 8.18- 8.22


Weekly Discussion: Dog’s First Night


No matter whether they are puppies or senior dogs, the first day you bring home your dog is always an experience. Weigh in this week’s discussion and let us know the story of your dog’s first night home!

You can find it here!



 SANDRA_SLAYTON’s Honey has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please share your warm wishes with her during the difficult time.  You can read more about Honey, here.



Learning A New Trick: Teaching fetch

 JFN is having an amazing time going through training with their dog! You have to watch this adorable video as they learn how to play fetch! It is such a special moment in a pet parent’s life to help their dog learn some skills that are not only stimulating to the brain, but also are very practical. Don’t miss it.




#Trending Video: We Love Them ( Even When They Snore) :

This Rottie is TOO MUCH! Every time it is time to say good night, the snoring begins.  Could you imagine having a dog that snores like this? DO you have a dog that snores like this? Either way, we cannot stop cracking  over how cute this is!  Watch it now!