Miss Molly...Parvo Survivor :)

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    Miss Molly...Parvo Survivor :)


    My puppy Molly was adopted at a local Humane Society at the end of Feb. 2014 at the young age of 8 weeks old.  A few days after bringing her home, she got sick.  The vet was closed so we had to wait to get her in to see the doctor. When she stopped eating her food, I cooked her some white rice to eat.  When she stopped wanting to drink her water, my husband and I used a syringe in the mouth to give her water. 

    Finally we were able to get her into the vet's office where she was diagnosed with parvo.  I know a lot of puppies die from parvo but we weren't going to give up on her.  She was given IV fluids and antibiotics at her stay at the vet's. They knew she was going to make it when she barked the whole time and chewed through her IV tubing twice.

    After a few days she was able to come back home.  She is all healthy now and cute as can be.  She is smart, loveable, and a total clutz who loves dirt. So glad we didn't give up on her.

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    Hi thanks for posting! That's amazing, parvo is a very scary thing usually pups don't make it. You have a  tough little dog, who didn't give up. So glad you hung in there. Looking forward to seeing more of Molly.