Chemlawn killed my dog!

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    Chemlawn killed my dog!

    Hello fellow Dog Lovers,If you're like me, then you love your dog like a member of your immediate family.How would you feel if your fur child was murdered? Because, ours was... [size=3]Chemlawn killed our beloved yellow Lab, Moose!  He was 8 1/2 years old when he died 2 months ago.  My kids are devastated. [:(][/size] I allowed myself to believe Chemlawn's sales pitch lies for 7 years... that their products are "Practically NON-Toxic". It's NOT true, the chemicals they put on our lawns are deadly, especially when freshly applied.  Chemlawn came to my house without a scheduled appointment. It's been on file with them since 1999 that they MUST call before coming to my house. They didn't.  All doors and windows were open and Moose was outside and the idiot decided to spray anyway!     Furthermore: If these products can kill a 75 pound dog, they can certainly kill a 40 pound child! Protect your family, pets and children... [font=arial][size=2]and don't use Chemlawn or even self applied herbicides on your lawns. [/size][/font]These toxic chemicals cause cancer, immune system problems, neurological damage and contaminate ground water, kill wildlife.  It's unbelievable to me that the EPA allows these chemicals to be released onto an unsuspecting public. I have vowed to not let Moose die in vain, others need to be warned. Visit my Public Service Announcement website:[link>][/link][/size]Robin
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    Can you say, "Febreeze?" [8|]
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    Yes, those chemicals are toxic. And you are right, they are bad for barefoot children and any other animals.
    I'm so sorry for your loss! The following is for the benefit and education of the board and lurkers:

    At what point is it so important to have a lawn that you put chemicals on it?

    The stuff used in many, MANY lawn products is the same stuff that was used in Viet Nam, 2-4-5-T, to kill foliage in the jungle and expose the guerrilla fighters. Unfortunately it also poisoned many American soldiers too, who are still fighting for their rights to treatment from the US Government. You may remember it as Agent Orange.

    The same stuff was being oversprayed in Oregon farms and homes by the paper companies who were trying to kill off the brush and non-paper trees in their many acres. NUMEROUS birth defects were sustained by Oregon women until the women and their familes banded together to get this practice stopped.

    I was living in Oregon at that time and I'll see if I can come up with some links if people want to know.

    Chemical companies want to sell you their goods. They sell them to cities, and the homeowner and often with little or NO oversight on how they are used.

    Give the kids some small hand tools and pay them for dandelions and weeds brought in, a nickel a chemicals.
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    Years ago we had chem lawn servicing our lawn. One day the guy came and fertilized just the front yard, I was watching him, he never went out my back, he couldn't have without having me open the gates. I was charged for the full yard. I ended up cancelling my service after this dishonest practice. They insisted the back yard was done.
    I was always told to keep the pets and kids off for 48 hours though and if it didn't rain to make sure the grass was watered. I didn't have any pets at the time. They used to put yellow flags on the property to warn people it was treated.
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    I used to keep guinea pigs that were yard trained.  We didn't fertilize, but all of our neighbors did and I was always so terrible of runoff, I'd wait five days and/or two hard rains before letting my animals in the grass.
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    Brookcove, I don't understand. Are you implying that febreeze is equally toxic (eek) or that it eliminates the toxins from Chemlawn?
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    Chemlawn killed our beloved yellow Lab, Moose! He was 8 1/2 years old when he died 2 months ago. My kids are devastated.

    I am so sorry for your loss!  I hope the employee was fired and that you filed a report with the BBB and the EPA.  I think Chemlawn is a franchise and, if so, I would make an attempt to get the franchise revoked.  You probably wouldn't succeed at that, but you could perhaps get the main company to stress safety more.  Employees need to have at least a little bit of common sense.
    The fact that pets are considered "just" property and not family members does not say good things about our society.  I hope your kids wrote their own letters to the company to tell them how much they miss Moose!  I would even have been tempted to have them personally deliver and and read the letters.
    I hope the company at least paid for Moose's vet care (if any) and for a new puppy for the kids.  If not I would be tempted to follow one of their trucks for a week or so and take down addresses.  Each of the customers would then get a letter from me.  [sm=devil.gif]
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    SO SORRY for your loss. It stinks loosing any pet under any circumstance but it must be so frustrating when there is always that IF involved. If they only called before, if, if ,if. 
    Thank you for the information and nice site --> Moose was a handsome guy!!
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    ORIGINAL: Cita

    Brookcove, I don't understand. Are you implying that febreeze is equally toxic (eek) or that it eliminates the toxins from Chemlawn?

    I think she is implying that the OP may not have actual evidence that it was the lawn chemicals that killed the dog, and/or that this sounds like an urban legend that may not be accurate.  Several years ago there was a pervasive internet rumor that Febreze was killing household pets and was toxic.  This turns out not to be true, but was widely circulated as fact:  [link][/link]
    I personally don't risk it with any chemicals in my backyard where the dog spends a lot of time.  But there's a big difference between suspecting that a chemical could be harmful, and telling everyone that "Chemlawn killed my dog." 
    To the OP -- I'm so very sorry for your loss.  And obviously they should not have treated your lawn without your permission to do so.  But other than the coincidence in timing that your dog passed away after the chemicals were applied, do you have any *evidence* that the chemicals were the cause of his death?  Did your vet do some kind of testing and tell you that?  And what evidence do you have that the chemicals could kill a 40-lb. child?  Those are very serious allegations. 
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    I just read your website. Not even offering condolences is unexcusable!  You have a lot of vet bills, so see what the maximum amount is that you can sue for in small claims court.
    The main company is ServiceMaster - [[/link]>][/link]
    The ServiceMaster Company
    3250 Lacey Road, Suite 600
    Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
    Phone: (630) 663-2000
    Phone: (866) SVCMSTR or (866) 782-6787
    Fax: (630) 663-2001

    "Community Relations
    At ServiceMaster, giving back to the communities we serve is more than just a responsibility and a commitment — it's a privilege. In addition to financial resources, ServiceMaster employees routinely give their time and energy to community services and projects through volunteer programs. The strong, caring culture at ServiceMaster fosters such volunteer efforts.
    Our commitment to community starts at the top of the organizational chart and extends to every employee in the company. We believe that the result of our service will be seen in the changed lives of others.
    All volunteer efforts and community service activities are advocated and encouraged by ServiceMaster leadership, whether through official company-sponsored volunteer programs or informal grass-roots efforts. At ServiceMaster, we realize that our people want to make a difference on the job and off the job, too. Contributions are made through a corporate program, a foundation and through an employee giving program."
    ServiceMaster Brand Names:
    TruGreen Chemlawn
    Merry Maids
    ServiceMaster Clean
    InStar Services Group
    American Home Shield
    Furniture Medic
    If you can find any of these companies with a prominent location, you can picket (stay on public property!!) and call the news media.  Crying children is something the media can't resist.
    At the very, very least ChemLawn should be prepared to give out antidote information!!!
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    I am sorry for you loss Moose was a beautiful boy!!
    I am glad you are making the vet take some of the responsibility for this poising.  It seems they were neglectful in their treatment.  I hate it when vets will not work with the animals “parents”. Our pets are our children they are not some lab experiment.  I had a vet that left my cat suffering for an entire weekend (she had and intestinal blockage).  They wanted to do radiographs but I knew what it was (she was also 16 years old) and I told them.  Anyway…after a day of watching her suffer I called them and told them I was bringing her in that day and they wanted to make an appointment!! I could not believe it.  I was not going to leave my cat suffering for one more minute. 
    RIP Moose
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    Generally, these chemicals are safe when *properly applied* Unfortunately, its sounds as if you have a problem with the applicator. ChemLawn in s franchise, so you need to contact the main company if the franchisee willl not help you.
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    Robinsweb - I just wanted to say I am incredibly sorry about your loss.. from reading on your site, it sounded like Moose was an amazing dog, and he was also just so gorgeous. [sm=floating.gif]
    A lot of your little short stores were so funny, expecially like the one where he used to eat cat 'cookies' from the litter box, lol -- but my favorite one was how your FedEX man used to always bring him treats. That's just really sweet. [:)]
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    Suggested letter to ServiceMaster (include picture of Moose and the children):
    Dear Sir,
    My family and I are grieving over the death of our 8 1/2 year old yellow lab, Moose.  Please see the enclosed pictures.  We obtained Moose as a small puppy and he was a beloved member of the family.
    On October 3, 2006, ChemLawn sprayed our yard without an appointment.  A long standing (since 1999) order to call before spraying was ignored.  All the windows and doors were open and the dog was in the yard.
    Moose would have had a chance if I had been told at the time
    (1)  that the chemicals to which Moose was exposed were chlorophenoxy herbicides and
    (2)  that I could find the antidote on the EPA website
    As the EPA document explains, liver and kidney failure can result if the antidote is not promptly administered.  On October 3rd I had a healthy, energetic dog.  On October 5th Moose went into convulsions - the predicable result of chlorophenoxy herbicide poisoning. 
    Moose died a slow, painful death four months later from liver, kidney and neurological failure.  Three weeks later I found the antidote.
    Of course, I can't prove that Moose died of chlorophenoxy herbicide poisoning.  There are no tests that the vet can do to document that.  However, the fact that ChemLawn exposed my dog to those chemicals and the fact that my dog died with the symptoms of that exposure leave little doubt in my mind.
    To date the local ChemLawn manager has not even responded to my many phone calls.  I have no idea if the incompetent, careless employee is still killing family pets. 
    I am burdened with vet bills and I can't explain to myself - let alone my grieving kids - why ChemLawn would not even apologize for their error.  The ServiceMaster website says "At ServiceMaster, giving back to the communities we serve is more than just a responsibility and a commitment — it's a privilege." 
    All ServiceMaster has given my family is heartache.
    Robin ...
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    To the people who have viewed the site, Thank you.  The site is large and contains a lot of information and I am still updating it.  My battle is ongoing. Here are a few highlights. 1) Chemlawn had no business entering my property that day. Nothing was scheduled, they were trespassing.2) It's been in writing since 1999, that I must be called by phone before a spray.3) All my doors, windows open, Moose outside.4) The idiot sprayer sees this, acknowledges this in MDA report and sprays anyway. Chemlawn does not dispute that Moose had full contact with the herbicide, MCPA, MCPP and Dicamba, which are in the Chlorophenoxy family. (Like Agent Orange.)5) Moose starts feeling sick 3 hours after exposure, which was inhalation, dermal and then unbeknownst to me he ate a large clump of grass between 6 and 12 hours after spray. Vomited the grass during the night. Doesn't eat food until 57 hours later.6) At hour 48, he collapses into convulsions and I rush him to vet. In Doctors medical notes she write "bowels are empty", proving he had not eating for a long time.7) Vet refuses to acknowledge whatsoever what I am telling her and orders tests for doggie illnesses and diseases, ($1400.00)  All tests come back negative, so at least we proved that it wasn't some regular illness. His liver enzymes were way up and Vet acknowledges in notes that she is looking at a very sick dog. Just taking the blood sample with a needle creates football sized hematoma. (Chlorophenoxy herbicides interfere with the blood clotting process.) She did write down in the file that I said it was Chemlawn, but she never agreed to that and she simply said "I have no idea why Moose is so sick."Fast forward: Never the same dog again. Lost his voracious appetite forever, a battle to feed him. 10 pills a day until death. Aged from a 16 year old personality to 85 year old within 2 months.  He withered away.8) I called local Chemlawn several times, over weeks, could NEVER get a manager on the phone. No returned calls ever.9) I wrote to Chemlawn Corporate Customer Care, they NEVER responded either. I was an 7 year customer who had spent thousands of dollars with their company.  (One yard treatment costs $188.00, 2 acres)  They just hoped that I would GO AWAY, quietly.  They poisoned the wrong dog.10) In Oct. I called the EPA, was referred to Maryland Dept. of Agriculture to file report. Met w/ field rep at my house in early Dec. Two hour meeting. Informed on hour 1 of a 4 month investigation by the MDA field rep "that I would never get my Vet to agree to pesticide poisoning."  He says "he's never see it happen."   Apparently Vets don't want the liability of going against a large company like Chemlawn. So she let my dog die by not treating him properly, even though I was practically screaming at her that he was poisoned by Chemlawn and to treat him for that. I found out a few weeks after he died that he should have been put on diuresis for a minimum of 48 hours to cleanse his kidneys. Then he maybe would have had a chance for recovery.10) MDA investigation is now over.  They issued Chemlawn 2 "Warnings".  (A soft slap on the wrist.)a) For not calling me, when by law, they have to when its on file.  b) For not filling out the customer paperwork properly.    They easily could have slapped them for UNSAFE SPRAYING but inexplicably chose not to. I am in the middle of writing a rebuttal to be attached to my state file.  The MDA Vet states because my Vet wouldn't agree to pesticide poisoning, he wouldn't either. My Vet never even asked what the chemical was!  Under what circumstances WOULD a pet owner have a pesticide claim that was taken seriously by the State, when the Vet puts their hands over their ears and goes "LALALALA!!!   I can't hear you!!!... LALALALALA!!"  The EPA suggested to me that I sue my Vet for negligence. They said she should listened to me and treated Moose for pesticide exposure. So if I sue her for negligence, where does that leave the State of MD? They based their opinion on the word of my Vet!   Can you sue a state entity? I don't have toxicological tests to prove ;poisoning for sure, but I do have doctors notes, a timeline corroborated by the Vet and Chemlawn, a lot of blood work results, which I have put online.  You don't need to be a doctor to read the results and see that Moose died from massive liver and kidney failure. (Classic Phenoxy death.)   And of course all those expensive tests that prove what it wasn't, like Leptospirosis or Lyme disease causing the liver enzymes to shoot up to dangerous levels. What I've learned:1) The EPA registers chemicals they know are toxic to people and the environment. Known Carcinogens, known ground water contaminants. The herbicides used in my yard that day are banned in 3 countries and known to be ESPECIALLY deadly to dogs.  Somebody is being paid off. 
    2) Chemlawn lies about the safety of said chemicals. Go to their website and read the lies yourself.
    3) Chemlawn is allowed to be arrogant and misleading because they CAN. The EPA closes their eyes to cases like mine. Just last week I was on the phone w/ EPA and the woman stated that if my exact situation occurred but it had been a child "they'd be ALL OVER IT". I asked why she didn't care that they killed my dog?                                       a) It happens all the time. They are inundated with thousands of calls a year. They don't have the manpower ($$) to investigate all the dog claims.  She said there is no gov. entity tracking all the individual states pesticide claims and putting all it together.  Again, they don't have enough money to do that.                                      b) Pets have no value in a court of law. She suggested I contact my state representatives to campaign for "pet value laws" to be changed. Thanks a lot. Worth mentioning. Chemlawn was sold and has new ownership taking over this week.
    They claim they want to go green and they acknowledge their chemicals are toxic and dangerous to people, pets, the environment.
    [link>][/link][/size][link>][/link][/size][link>][/link][/size][link>][/link][/size] Too late for me. Let me say it again:CHEMLAWN KILLED MY DOG.