Paws Bazaar

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    Paws Bazaar

    Last weekend I went to a bazaar that raises money for an animal shelter called "ADPA" which is an Institution of Defense and Protection of Animals, it was a beautiful event, a lot of people went with their dogs and it was pretty funny, I had my camera with me and Itook a lot of pictures of those cute puppies. 

    There were a few dogs from the shelter too, and they were so cute. Some of the dogs from the shelter were abandoned or suffer animal abuse, that made me sad and I think that sometimes people need to remember that dogs are so loyal that they will forgive every single thing that you can do to them, they will protect you forever and all they'll want from you is love.

    All around the world, not only in my city, there are hopeless dogs that starve to death or worse because of the human, that's why we need to be informed of how a pet need to be treated. They are not only pets, but living beings, they have feelings, necessities, and that's why we must help and take care of them. We all should support that kind of organizations, and create awareness in the society so they can learn how to take care of an animal, how to train them, how to feed them and all that kind of stuff and remember that every dog is different and need a different treatment

    That's my opinion, I would like to know yours

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    I agree. . Before the Navy base closed down here in our small town, there were so many dogs and cats being left behind. They would be renting and would know the landlord would come by and find the abandoned pets. We had a Navy family across from us that ha an adopted greyhound who was taken in by a rescue because she didn't run as fast as needed for the track, so was "retired". the family also had a mutt and a black lab, also adopted. They loved and cared for those dogs as well as they did their two kids. But others, well, to much trouble to move from Texas to Florida or California with a dog and cat, so just left them behind..

    The blind Great Pyrenees we adopted had been so abused his first 6 years, but was the sweetest boy. He loved everyone. The Golden Retriever we lost in Aug. last year--we adopted her fully grown and heart worm positive. She had been one hour from being gassed at the county pound. Had her 12 years and she was the most loving,s sweetest dog. I just don't understand folks dumping dogs, abusing dogs, etc.

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    Sorry to hear that, i bet you took care of that loving dog, and i know i just don´t understand how people can be so heartless. I've heard a lot of sad stories but some of the stories turn into a happy ending for the dogs and that gives me a little hope, that maybe people can change.

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