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    Sky looks to be really improving.  he ate the bland food, without turkey broth, looks to play, and enjoyed a nice walk last night.  He seems to enjoy the new retrieving game.  I put him at sit-stay and walk the dummy out and place it.  Then I walk back past him, turn, and tell him to get it while making an appropriate gesture.  He gets it and brings it to me.  Now to see if he can hold at stay when he feels better..  My brother was quite proud of Remys performance at this (Sky's sister) but Sky did it right the first time, and the second and third..

    He really doesn't like the canned food he is getting.  Last night, to get something into him, I gave him some cooked potatoes and broth.  But this morning, just the canned food in a bowl.  His urine no longer glows and he is interested in everything again.

    My wife wants help in her garden.  It is too much for one person.  This, from the woman selected me to enlarge the garden, against my better judgement..  The things we do for our women.

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    "The things we do for our women. "

    Ok Sir Doug, lol, you might be in the minority here....

    So happy to hear that Sky is feeling better.

    I am sure he thinks cooked potatoes and broth are way better.

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    I am glad Sky is feeling better!  

    Rock a Doodle (as I call him) can now open the screen slider door by himself when he wants to come in. I think this is good?!? Ronnie got picky about his kibble, so I switched to another kind and he's a happy boy again.

    It rained this week, so the weeds are doing great, as is the lawn. I need to weed and mow. Glenda, you're right. I  sure can't do as much as I used to be able to do either--and the heat/humidity just takes all my energy. It's time to harvest the onions--we have a decent crop this year. I pulled the garlic and it's curing. Yeah! The peppers, tomatoes and beans are all doing well. We should have ripe tomatoes by the weekend, I hope!  And our local farm has fresh corn--life is good :-)

    The shingles are healing--what a pain (literally!).

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    Finish the month off with a really highbrow discussion.  Sky is healthy again.  I know this because 1) he ate a full can of food, and 2) his droppings were solid and tootsie roll shaped.  Once upon a time, I read Shakespeare, Voltaire, History and Philosophy,  Now I read labels on dog food cans.

    Brother in law had shingles once.  I get the shot and pray.  

    Beans, garden fresh, sweet corn, picked locally, home grown tomatoes with flavor sliced and served with fresh picked leaf lettuce and locally processes bacon on really good bread.  A bottle of ice cold beer. (are you drooling yet?)

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    I was drooling until you mentioned the beer.  Yuck!  Just not my thing.

    Yes, shingles is a pain.  Luckily for me mine is very limited in where it attacks and quite short lived.  And the shot landed me up in the emergency room with an allergic reaction.

    I'm not happy that anyone else is getting old too, but, so happy I'm not the only one who has had to slow down a bit.

    We had yet another shooting in town around 1 today.  This one left two dead.  The one on July 4th killed one and put four more in the hospital.  It's sad, but this seems to be happening all over.  Be nice to go back to the peace love and rock and roll days.......

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    Be nice to go back to the peace love and rock and roll days....... "Let the sunshine...let the sunshine in...lalalalala"

    Doug what time is dinner, I think we can make it!

    Sky I am so glad you are feeling better

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    I am so glad you are healing, I hope you never have to deal with that again, to me that is the most painful thing ever...worse than hip replacement or labor or anything else I have ever had . Rock a Doodle, :) Ron and I said the same about Garth aka Tazmanian Devil Dog, when he learn to open the bifold doors to the bedroom. Now he just opens them cause he can whether he wants in there or not.

    Have a great weekend.

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    I had a tomato from the garden for supper today--yum! It is summer! And, I put up some dilly beans. I had green and yellow beans, so I made some of each. I also picked some more zucchini. I'm thinking I'll need to make some zucchini pickles. Doug, pass me a beer--that would go well with anything from the garden!

    The humidity dropped so I got a bit of mowing done. Every weekend, we seem to have fireworks, so poor Mozey is a mess. She hates the noise. I don't blame her.

    Garth, silly boy--I think Rock a Doodle is taking your lead--he is very proud of himself when he opens the door, even if he doesn't go in.

    I've been working with Ronnie on some obedience work, and he is doing well. He's practicing finishes after recalls and is pretty decent (for a beginner).

    OK, time for the dogs' bedtime potty breaks..

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    I am a little slow on new things.

    Click on the box labeled "The Kennels", then on "IDOG".   Brings you to our monthly chat line.  I am sure Baddog explained it and I just missed what it meant.