Dog bakery name

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    Dog bakery name

    Friend of mine is looking to start a treat baking business.  She is struggling with names so I thought maybe you all would have some ideas.  My brain is so fried with everything else going on I can't think of a single idea.

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    Hungry Hounds Hearth


    Deb W.

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    MMMMMMM.......  I will have to think on that one!  

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     My heart dogs name is Beaux so... Beaux's Barkery. Think that might work for most names?

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    Nom Nom

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    Biscuits n' Barks or reverse that. Either way sounds good.

    Pawsatively Sweet

    Canine Cupcakes (or use a K wherever to make it unique)

    Houndstooth Barkery (one could stick "Ye Olde" if one wanted to use an old British theme with a hanging pub style sign etc, houndstooth is also a nice pattern to use in the decor)

    The Barking Biscuit

    The Baker's Tail

    4 Legs & a Biscuit

    Whiskers & Wags Barkery

    A La' Bark

    Cakes & Critters (reverse and sub in K if you want)

    The Decadent Dog (Dawg)

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    Wow!  These are great.  Keep them coming!!!

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    None come to mind right now, but I was talking with a friend who said a 7 yr old came up with the name for her husband's business. Kids seem to create the most unique names so maybe give that a try?
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     We actually get B's food from a little shop called Gourmutts

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    'The Barkery'.


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     The Barkers' Peel

    Canine Cupcakes & More

    The Canine Confectioner

    Bark Bistro

    Patisserie de Paws


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     The Peckish Pooch

    K9 Kitchen

    The Dog's Dinner

    Canine Cakes / Canine Cookies

    BaRking Mad (you have to Imagine that it's written Baking Mad, with a ^ + an R, if that makes sense!)

     Hungry Hounds

    Oooo this is fun!  I'm no good at it, but I'm enjoying it!

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