​In football betting at bookmakers, is extra time taken into account?

In football betting at bookmakers, is extra time taken into account?

Football betting is a popular and exciting form of entertainment for football enthusiasts. The number of players accessing bookmakers to participate in football betting is very high every day. However, not everyone is aware of the rules related to extra time in football betting. Let's explore these regulations with Wintips to play more actively.

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Regulations related to football betting and extra time
In general football betting rules, the result of a bet is usually determined within the official playing time of the match, including any added injury time, but it usually does not include extra time. However, depending on the bookmaker and the betting options they offer, there may be bets related to extra time. Here are some common bets related to the rules of including extra time or not:
Bets with extra time consideration:
In football, there are special cases that lead to matches going into extra time to determine the outcome. In such cases, bookmakers offer new betting options for players to bet on and calculate the results based on extra time. Some common extra time-related bets include:
Extra Time Yes/No Bet: This is a bet in which players predict whether the match will go into extra time or not.
Extra Time/Goals Bet: This is a bet where players predict whether the match will go into extra time and estimate the number of goals scored during extra time.
Home Team/Extra Time Bet: This bet allows players to predict that the home team will win, and the match will be decided in extra time.
Away Team/Extra Time Bet: Similar to the Home Team/Extra Time bet, players predict that the away team will win, and the match will be decided in extra time.
Therefore, football betting is not always limited to the 90 minutes of official match time but also depends on various situations and the diverse betting options set by bookmakers.

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Football betting options do not include extra time
According to the general regulations of most football betting companies, the betting results are calculated within the official match duration, including any added extra time, but excluding any penalty shootouts. Therefore, if there are no specific announcements or changes regarding betting options, the majority of the following bets are only applicable during the official 90-minute match duration, which includes:
Asian Handicap and European Handicap bets: These are the primary forms of football betting, and they apply only to the official 90 minutes of the two halves of the match.
First team to score.
Top goal scorer.
Half-time and Full-time bets: These include betting for the entire match and betting for each half (1st half and 2nd half).
Total goals (even/odd) for the entire match.
Total goals (even/odd) for the 1st half.
In-play betting on goal scorers.
Hattrick bets (betting on the player leading the goal scorer list in the match).
Therefore, for commonly placed bets related to halves, matches, and the first goal, the results are calculated based on the actual time of the relevant halves and the official match duration.
Note when playing extra time bets
Betting on whether the match will have extra time or not: Players participate in the bet to predict whether this match will take place in extra time or not. If you bet yes, you will receive a prize if the match actually goes to extra time.
Betting on the number of goals in extra time: This type of bet allows us to predict how many goals will be scored in extra time. However, not all bookmakers have this bet for players to participate in.
Choose the winning team in extra time: Players will choose whether the home or away team will win and score more goals in extra time.

General rules regarding the time in football betting to keep in mind
When participating in football betting, it's important to remember the general rules regarding the accepted betting time to avoid unnecessary mistakes:
In most general bets offered by bookmakers, players are allowed to place bets until the end of the 90th minute, including added injury time of the match.
Bets involving extra time will be announced separately and are only applicable once the extra time period begins.
For bets placed in the 1st half, the results are counted only within the 1st half. New bets are made for the 2nd half.
In the event of a match being abandoned during the 1st half, all 1st half and full match bets will be void.
If a match is abandoned in the 2nd half, 1st half bets are still valid.

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In conclusion, this information provided by Wintips is intended to give you a better understanding of the rules of football betting, helping you make more informed choices and be more confident when participating in online football betting at bookmakers. We wish you success in finding attractive odds when betting on football.