3 Different CBD Products for Your Dog

3 Different CBD Products for Your Dog


CBD is a relatively new health supplement that can be used for humans and pets. It is becoming more popular for its low amount of risk for minor side effects, but has been found to help reduce pain and anxiety. Research into how CBD works is still sparse, and even more so for pets compared to for humans, but it can be worth trying if your pet has joint pain, separation anxiety, and other issues. Here's a quick guide to the three different kinds of CBD products for dogs that you can find:

CBD Treats

CBD treats for dogs is a good way to calm your anxious dog ahead of a moment you know they will be stressed. It can be a car ride, a trip to the vet or groomer, or a thunderstorm you see is coming. They are great tasting treats that your dog will eat eagerly, but has a good dose of CBD to calm them before the stress hits. You can get premium CBD treats with different levels of dose for different sized dogs, such as CBD dog treats from Joy Organics. They come in a variety of flavors too, so you can pick something you know your dog likes.

CBD Food and Food Supplement

A common issue that most dogs will have as they age is joint pain, and it can be difficult giving your aging pet a lot of medication to treat it. This is why it's easier to get special food or supplements to add to their food. As long as they will eat it like they would normally for their meals, they will consistently get the dose they need to get pain relief.

You can get dog food with CBD already infused into the food, or supplements mixed with other joint pain relief supplements to add to the food they already eat. It can be an easier way to continuously give them something for relief.

CBD Oil for Dogs

You can also just get regular CBD oil in its raw form for dogs. In oil form, CBD is at its most pure and potent, which can be better if you really want your pet to have it for medicinal purposes. The other good thing about CBD is that you can use it outside of food. You can put it in their water, you can squirt it directly in their mouth, and so on. You can also control the dose as needed.

When you or your dog take CBD oil orally, you will feel the effects sooner than if you eat it. When your dog eats a CBD treat or food with CBD in it, it takes time for the CBD to be released into the system as it is digested.

These are the three most common forms of CBD products you can find for your dog. They are good to help with pain and anxiety, but you may also want to consult a vet before using it. They may be able to recommend other supplements that will work better for your dog's issue, or at the very least they can give you recommendations for brands and the right dose to give them.