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    When you bring your dog home for the first time, you need to start thinking about training him; otherwise he will make a mess of your home. Dogs tend to be a little wild, depending on the functions they were bred for. Some are aggressive, stubborn, and even strong minded in the sense that they don’t take commands . It’s recommended that you take your dog to a professional trainer but there are some basic training tips that you can use when training your dog at home. Before we go to the tips, it’s important to note that spaying and neutering are good ways to make your dog easier to train. The training tips include;

    Start by listening- Just like we do when dealing with people, you have to listen to them to know when they want or don’t want something. The same case applies to dogs. They may not actually speak but they have their own way of showing their feelings. If they show that they are uncomfortable playing some games or meeting strangers, don’t insist, and give him time.

    Naming your dog- Everyone wants to name their dog a cool name but be careful, not all names you think of are appropriate dog names. Names that are too long may sound boring so keep the name short. You should also make the name appealing by making it sound like the fun things the dog likes. Even though you buy a dog that was already named, give him a different name to symbolize a new start.

    Be keen on what he actually likes- Just because a treat sounded too good o the commercial doesn’t mean your dog will like it. Some dogs tend to be very picky when I comes to food and treats. Be keen to observe the food that lights his eyes and those that he doesn’t like. Generally, dogs don’t love hard treats; most prefer the crunchy chewable food.

    House rules- The most common source of misunderstanding between a dog and the owner are the house rules. Maybe you didn’t teach the dog early enough about the rules and when he breaks them you lash out. Introduce he rules on the first day of his arrival so that he gets used to them.

    Give him his own room- It doesn’t have to be an actual room. It’s actually a small dog house, mostly a crate that you will also use for training. Situations can be overwhelming and your dog may need a place to retire to for a while. It’s good to give him his den early enough and let him familiarize with it.

    “No” is not enough- When your dog acts in an unexpected way don’t just say “No”, go on and tell him what he is supposed to do and how to do it. Even people misunderstand this sometimes. The clearer you are with a certain code of conduct for your dog, the faster he will fall in line.

    Be affectionate- Dogs have emotions too and if you don’t give them enough attention, they can withdraw. It’s good to show when you are not pleased with his actions. Also, if he does according to the instructions, show him that you noticed, don’t just assume that it’s what he’s supposed to do anyway.

    Consistency and practice- The old saying that, practice practice makes perfect still applies in dog training. Keep practicing certain commands until you are sure he understands them. If the dog is being trained by different people, you should agree on what you want him to learn. Also, use the same words when referring to the same commands to ensure harmony and easier leaning.

    Diet- Just like when training for a game, athletes feed on foods appropriate for their training. When training your dog, watch his diet and make sure he eats according to his daily activities. This will in turn save you a lot of money in vet bills later on.

    Reward after training- You may consider using treats as bribes but if that’s what works, go ahead and do it. It’s not about bribing him; it’s about congratulating him for being good and obedient throughout the training. Lack of motivation is disastrous; we all know it from our workplaces.

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    Understanding your dog's experience can help keep your dog healthy. Not that you just go out to the store to choose a child to hurry and feed a lot, take a shower and be clean.


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